Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wisconsinites take the simple act of voting for granted (until it will be too late to do anything about it), new poll number says.

Despite the media coverage of voter suppression and disenfranchisement with restrictive voter ID laws, the public doesn't seem to think it's something they need to bother with, like it could never affect them now or in the future.

In the new Marquette University Poll, this stunning result stood out. jsonline:
Sixty-three percent favored photo ID as a requirement to vote, 32% disapproved.
That's scary. Maybe it's been too easy to vote. After all, most of us just walk up to a table, sign a book, get a number and vote. No big deal right? Until they ask you for a photo ID.
You don't need any of this anymore!!!

Before voter ID, people were simply asked to bring any number of ways to prove who they were. With the new law, a photo ID is required, making every other form completely useless.

Oh, but there's more:
NY Times: Just how many voters will be frozen out of local and state elections is unclear. For some, the requirements can be cumbersome: Women who married and changed their names, for example, must show not only a birth certificate but also a marriage certificate. An older resident who moved here after decades of voting in another state may have trouble obtaining a birth certificate, or strain to pay the fee to obtain it.  
It's even worse in some states where student ID's aren't accepted, but gun permits are. Anything goes. And none of this includes poll locations, reduced hours and days to vote...the list is only going to lengthen with time.

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