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Scott Walker, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party, Glenn Beck’s 9/12ers reshaped Wisconsin into what it is today and will be tomorrow!!!

RNC Chair Reince Priebus:

“How did we do it in Wisconsin? The simplest way I can tell you is we had total and complete unity between the state party, quite frankly, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party groups, the Grandsons of Liberty. The (Glenn Beck-instigated) 9/12ers were involved. It was a total and complete agreement that nobody cared who got the credit, that everyone was go

Wisconsin's Congressmen vote to Fast Track Big Construction Projects affecting the environmental...even Nuke Plants in Earthquake Fault Zones.

The way they vote counts.

Republicans hated how fast ObamaCare became law. Any Democratic law really. Remember how the GOP attempted to slow Democratic bills down in congress? From requiring their bills to be posted them on the internet for public review, to constitutional tests.

Not when it comes to their agenda. A quick Google search turned up this example from December 2011 that slowed the Democratic agenda, while speeding up the decline of scenic America and human life.
GOP Lawmakers Slow Down Bills With Anti-Environmental Attacks: The House of Representatives passed a payroll tax bill but … used a bill Congress feels it must pass to jam through two riders that would weaken protections against polluters. One rider would allow industrial facilities to release more mercury, lead, and other toxins into the air we breathe. The other would enable the Keystone XL pipeline to go through the American Heartland without the environmental and safety review the White House deemed necessary.
We've seen “fast track” environmental review for mining pass in Wisconsin, so it should come as no surprise that our congressmen tried the same thing in D.C..
From Roll Call, the GOP vote on trashing America continues:
FAST-TRACK ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS: The House on Thursday passed a bill (HR 2641) to scale back the National Environmental Policy Act as a regulator of large construction projects in America. The 1969 NEPA requires federal agencies to assess the environmental consequences of projects they are building, authorizing by permit or helping to fund ... these detailed reviews must receive EPA clearance before the project can proceed. In part, this bill sets a fast-track schedule for completing reviews; limits the number of reviews per project; authorizes states to prepare certain environmental assessments and allows agencies to accept secondary rather than original analyses of environmental impacts under certain circumstances. Voting yes: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, Ribble
Democrats tried to introduce at least one common sense exception for HR 2641:
ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKS ON NUCLEAR PLANTS: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, Ribble refused to exempt from HR 2641 (above) projects that involve building nuclear-power plants in earthquake fault zones.
Ah, the purity of GOP principles remain intact.

GOP touts Tax Free Corporate, Rich, Sugar Daddy Agenda.

Refreshingly honest fascism:

Hey, what about us homeowners and employees?  

Walker "pushes back"…against the truth? Nice try Journal Sentinel and PolitiFact!

Walker is stumped and confused! He’s outraged by the clever truth in Mary Burke's first ad.

Scott Walker is playing dumb, along with the media (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/PolitiFact). How else can you explain this embarrassing headline: “Scott Walker pushes back…!!!”  

Is Mary Burke is lying? No, but she's being very clever. PolitiFact naively joined in this this: 
Only if you think we're that dumb...
“…the ad claims unemployment is higher under Walker and provides figures indicating an increase from 4.8 percent to 6.2 percent. But the rate was much higher than 4.8 percent when Walker took office and it has gone down, not up, during his tenure … But the ad gives no indication that that is the comparison she is making.”
Funny, I knew what she was saying. I also thought it was a great jab at the Republican Governors Associations play on words blaming Doyle and Burke for the Great Recessions job losses (Politifact rated this MOSTLY FALSE). It's the same false message Walker's been using for years. Two could play that game, but in Burke's case, she didn't have to lie about it.

Burke Fact: Unemployment under Walker is UP from the time Mary Burke served:
“Burke served as state commerce secretary from 2005 to 2007, and during that time the average annual unemployment rate was never higher than 4.8% … ‘The Walker camp cannot dispute that there were more jobs, and unemployment was lower, when she was commerce secretary than during Walker's time as governor.’”
Then the Walker campaign again used the "mostly false" Great Recession lie to "push back:"
"With a job creation record as abysmal as Burke's, it comes as no surprise she would mislead voters," said Stephan Thompson, Walker's campaign manager.
Typical of the Right Wing Authoritarian movement: Walker tries to Censor the Ad: 
Walker's campaign filed complaints Friday with television stations urging them to remove the ads for inaccuracies about the unemployment rate.

Friday, March 7, 2014

WMC gets Restaurant/Hotel PR Firm to manufacture outrageous phony job loss numbers to scare public over hike in minimum wage.

Wisconsin will not move forward with a minimum wage hike. That was made perfectly clear when Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce released the most ridiculous prediction of job losses the media has ever seen:
Channel3000: Some of Wisconsin's largest business associations say a nearly $3 increase in the state's minimum wage would cost the economy 27,000 jobs, citing recent polls and a study by a conservative Washington think tank.
The only story pointing out where these skewed numbers came from was Wisconsin Public Radio, who wrote:
The assertion that 27,000 jobs will be lost comes from a study out of the Employment Policies Institute. Scot Ross, with the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, says the source of the numbers is significant. The Employment Policies Institute is run by the same PR firm that represents the restaurant and hotel industries, which oppose minimum wage hikes.
Big surprise? No one else mention it. I inserted One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross' comments in the Channel3000 news clip below:

Scott Walker's Rosy Jobs Numbers from the Keystone XL and out of Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is making some very wild claims about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and I’m wondering where he’s getting his information (the Koch's?). He’s even under the impression the pipeline is part of a strategy that will satisfy all of America’s liquid fuel needs. The oil is going to the Gulf for export.

Even stranger, Walker is committing to fossil fuels for decades to come, saying the Keystone pipeline will mean 1,000 jobs in Wisconsin initially, and grow to 9,000 jobs over 20 years. That would exclude 20 years of fuel saving progress. We already have electric and hydrogen fueled 20 years, maybe dilithium crystals or "space energy coming from Sugar Smacks."

This is what we know so far:
The pipeline project would strengthen relations with Canada, and it would create nearly 2,000 construction jobs in Kansas, Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota. It also creates about 50 full-time jobs in the U.S. once in operation.
Compare that to this Alice in Wonderland scenario painted by Walker below, in a letter to Sec. John Kerry. Remember; we're not even near. 2,000 constructions jobs initially, and up to a whole 50 full-time jobs after that:
The Keystone XL Pipeline will support over 42,000 jobs and $2 billion in wages for American workers in just two years.  According to a recent study, in Wisconsin the project will provide more than 1,000 jobs over five years and nearly 9,000 jobs over 20 years.  America’s Gross Domestic Product will grow by $20 billion as a result of the project. In fact, the Keystone XL Pipeline could be part of a larger strategy that could result in the U.S. and Canada providing 100 percent of America’s liquid fuel needs by 2030.  Our days of relying on unstable and at times hostile nations for our energy needs should be drawing to a close.
Walker sighted no sources.  Just by coincidence, Ed Schultz noticed this same surreal letter to Kerry:

Will we see Candy e-Cigarettes this time around too?

After seeing the graphic of the Sen. Glenn Grothman e-cigarette bill (bottom of page) at Paul's Newsline, I wondered how long it would be before we see a resurgence of candy cigarettes...I mean candy e-cigarettes.

What Grothman doesn't get is how similar e-cigarettes are to the more deadly real ones. Making it "cool" again to hold and puff on a cigarette was one of the big problems and attractions to smoking.

Despite doing away with tar, nicotine is still a toxic substance, and a part of most e-cigarette "filters."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ryan thinks feeding school kids empties their soul, and other mindless cruelties.

Paul Ryan is running on empty "false premises." He's got nothing else, so instead of trying to defend his agenda, he created straw man targets to shoot at.

Ryan's sparsely attended CPAC speech had 3 false premises. Red meat to stir up the small crowd, who by the way didn't applaud or appear to believe him. Can we say it? Ryan is over the top.

False Premise #1: Freedom not to Work! Ryan is still using the already debunked "people don't have to work" lie. People might pursue their own business plans, work parttime or take care of their kids...but not working? Is Ryan clueless? Of course not. He's lying.

False Premise #2: The Left Offers a Full Stomach but an Empty Soul: We're talking about free hot lunch for kids at school, living at or under the poverty line. Two years ago, my elementary and middle school sons had empty souls. Funny thing, we didn't guilt trip them about lunch. We can thank Ryan for telling us about the kind of people that still work under Scott Walker. Just a ridiculous story when you think about it. It starts off with "Once..."
RYAN: The Left is making a big mistake here. What they're offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul ... You know, this reminds me of a story I heard from Eloise Anderson. She serves in the cabinet of my buddy Gov. Scott Walker. She once met a young boy from a very poor family. And every day at school, he would get a free lunch from a government program. He told Eloise he didn't want a free lunch. He wanted his own lunch. One in a brown paper bag, just like the other kids. He wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown paper bag had someone who cared for him. This is what the Left does not understand.
Ryan might want to give the kids parents a hike in the minimum wage.

UPDATE: The story above is even another Ryan lie, as reported by Daily Kos:
It turns out, that touching story is actually from a book about a kid in New York City in the 1980s, and the lunches he was getting for free were not from the government, they were from an ad sales rep who befriended him ... the Miss Laura and now-adult Maurice of the story are advocates on child hunger, and let's just say they are not out campaigning against free school lunches. No, they're partnering with No Kid Hungry on a mission that includes "connect[ing] kids in need to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals."
Ryan posted a notice on Facebook saying, “I regret failing to verify the original source of the story.” But this comment nailed Ryan: Sherry Edwardson“You feel that way yourself Ryan or you wouldn't have repeated it. Quit passing the buck!”

False Premise #3: People just want a life of Comfort: No one ever said that. Sadly, he sincerely believes this. He's obsessed with keeping the poor from hammocks and comfort.
National Review Online praised his argument with the headline, "Paul Ryan's Moving Story That Explains the Difference Between Hard Work and Dependency." On Fox's Happening Now, correspondent Carl Cameron characterized Ryan's speech as taking a "middle-of-the-road tone." Ryan's comments fit in well with conservative media's history of shaming the poor, and in particular, free school lunch programs for children of low-income families. In the past, Fox has even suggested children be forced to work for their meals.
Media Matters put this together, comparing Ryan to...Rush? Yes:

These Two Charts say Ryan is Wrong Again:

Educator Support for Common Core fills State Capitol.

I’m posting this to show what real Common Core support looks like, and how our go-it-alone Republican majority doesn't seem to care what people think in this state anymore.

Of all the stories I've read about Common Core, from one shoreline to the other, I've never seen stronger support for it than right here in Wisconsin. 

We can believe the paranoid ranting’s of tea party opponents who see a European conspiracy to dumb down America, or put our faith in the educators pictured here who made the trek to the Capitol to defend public education.  
jsonline: As the Senate hearing began, at least 110 Wisconsin school superintendents piled into the room — representing more than a quarter of the state's 425 school districts.

Educators launched a vigorous defense Thursday of the Common Core State Standards, with superintendents, a teacher, parent, university mathematics professor and a school board president telling a packed Capitol parlor that the new academic standards should stay.

The superintendent of the Pewaukee School District said her district's average ACT college entrance exam score has risen faster since the implementation of Common Core than any time in recent history.

Kettle Moraine teacher Terry Kaldhusdal, who was named a Wisconsin teacher of the year in 2007, said his kids were thinking more critically as a result of the new standards for English.
Another failed “accountant” and tea party alarmist State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) used the same meaningless reference to freedom they all do: 
“Our schools exist for many reasons," he said, "but the primary reason is to pass the keys of freedom to the next generation.”

Walker’s Big Government takeover replaces local building codes with one-size-fits-all regulations, puts council of contractors and industry in charge.

Sure this is the very definition of fascism; “the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and allying with industrial businesses and attacking workers and peasants in the name of preserving order and internal peace,” but Republicans just roll their eyes at the mere mention of the word.

This shocking ideological purification of government leaves little doubt about the existence of the rightwing authoritarian movement. 

This bill, mentioned in previous posts, is only the beginning of what will be a great unwinding of regulation and safety standards. The question is; why do we need to change anything?
Daily Reporter: An Assembly committee is scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill that would adopt a uniform commercial building code for Wisconsin. The legislation, put forward by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin and similar groups, would take away local governments’ ability to set commercial-building standards that are stricter than the state’s. The one exception to the uniform code would be for fire-safety ordinances that cities, villages and towns adopted before May 1, 2013.

AB 782 would also place the responsibility of making revisions to the commercial code in the hands of a building code council made up of building inspectors, contractors, architects and those belonging to similar trades and professions. The council members would be appointed by the governor and would serve three-year terms. 

Grothman pushing e-cigarettes in public, and the steamy scent of Camel, Marlboro, Coffee, Juicy Peach from a table near you.

Like everything else, Wisconsin Republicans are taking the state in exactly the opposite direction. E-cigarette smoking in public? Why not?

Add e-cigarettes to the growing list; medical marijuana, gay marriage, wind and solar energy, sex-Ed, women’s health, work hours, minimum wage, Common Core, Medicaid expansion…etc.
Returning to our restaurant countertops and coffee tables...
jsonline: Even as the nation's second-largest city is moving to ban electronic cigarettes where tobacco smoking is prohibited, Wisconsin lawmakers are considering doing just the opposite. A Republican-sponsored bill to clarify that using e-cigarettes indoors is legal, despite a statewide ban on indoor smoking, drew opposition Wednesday from doctors, scientists and others who cited concerns over the product's safety.

"If this bill passes, Wisconsin's children with their young brains so sensitive to nicotine may be put at risk. Why would we do that?" said Dr. Michael Fiore, a University of Wisconsin professor who also founded the UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention … five states and dozens of cities — including the nation's three largest — have moved to treat the newly popular e-cigarettes nearly the same as conventional cigarettes. The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces and public areas.
Media whore and policy troglodyte Sen. Glenn Grothman hatched another bill in the hopes of reeling in another campaign donor industry:
USB rechargeable...
Sen. Glenn Grothman's bill would do the opposite, explicitly allowing e-cigarette users to inhale the nicotine-laced vapors indoors despite the state's 2009 law that prohibits indoor smoking.

"Why should we compare e-cigarettes to cigarettes when we should be comparing them to clean air?" said Murray Katcher, a Madison pediatrician. Katcher said studies have shown the vapors can contain heavy metals and other toxicants.
So what are e-cigarette smokers pumping into their lungs now, that they don’t mind sharing with the rest of the public?

Don Muehlbauer, owner of DuraSmoke, the largest e-liquid company in the country, said his products are safer than conventional cigarettes. He said the flavored liquid, which is heated by a coil in the devices and turned into a vapor, contains four ingredients: nicotine, flavoring, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
What's next? E-cigarette innovation....

Incidental Governor Walker hangs back, let's Legislature take heat over his own plan to Kill Common Core.

Killing Common Core gets the low information tea party vote at the expense of our kids. And isn't that worth the price of winning reelection? Scott Walker thinks so, to the point he had his staff write a new set of standards that puts public education in the hands its enemy, Republican legislators.

Unless Republican parents of kids in public schools are so repulsed by Walker’s actions that they vote Democratic, we’re setting ourselves up for decades of possible decline, partisan debates and the loss of taxpayer accountability.

This is all so unnecessary.
The Incidental Governor: Without publically pushing it, Walker isn't about to say anything controversial or divisive. As usual, he’s hiding his position from the public so his rubber stamp legislature takes the heat while still doing his bidding. It’s his MO.

And true to form, Walker will again ignore pubic opposition under the guise of “leadership,” where his decisions may not be popular, but he's doing it for our own good.
jsonline: District superintendents, university education professors, school board members and representatives of groups such as the Wisconsin State Reading Association are scheduled to hold a news conference in the Capitol to oppose Senate Bill 619 before it gets a hearing in the Senate Education Committee … Lawmakers could accept and amend standards the committee recommended, even if the state superintendent didn't agree.

The School Administrators Alliance organized the news conference, saying the proposal would throw out the expertise and expense the state has put into investing in new college and career-ready standards, which are tied to new state tests coming out this year.

Vukmir and Farrow say … Wisconsin can do better than the "one size fits all" expectations.
But isn't a statewide “one size fits all” Wisconsin standard, dictated by Madison Republicans, the same thing? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Incidental Governor Walker not pushing "lobbyists to hand off their clients' campaign checks to lawmakers during the legislative session."

Avoiding the appearance that he approves of lobbyist donations to lawmakers on taxpayer time, our incidental governor Scott Walker is irked he's being distracted from creating jobs, just to appease his legislative pirates:
Other inconvenient bill signings...
AP: Walker says campaign bills not on his radar: Gov. Scott Walker says he is not pushing a pair of Republican-sponsored bills affecting campaign donations and spending regulations. Walker says he has not been engaged on the bills and instead has been focused on issues related to tax relief, economic development and worker training.
 The inconvenient adventures of our incidental governor include thisthisthisthisthis.

Burke Campaign, Politifact Demolishes Republican Governors Association Lies,

The Mary Burke ad response to the Republicans Governors Association media blitz is a wonderful slap at the GOP style of selective truths. There's only a few, like Burke's claim that unemployment numbers under Walker are up. True, compared to Burke's numbers before the Great Recession. Artfully sarcastic, you'll be encouraged by this gutsy comeback that highlights job losses due to a struggling middle class and lower wages:

As for the Republican Governors Association ad, Politifact ripped that apart today, reminding everyone that Walker is lying when he blames the GOP's Great Recession job losses on Gov. Doyle/Burke:
Did Burke, as state Commerce secretary under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, throw Wisconsin for a six-digit jobs loss?

As backup for the jobs claim, the RGA spot cites a very familiar source: A September 2013 item from PolitiFact Wisconsin. But in that item, we rated Mostly False a Walker claim that Doyle’s policies cost the state 133,000 jobs in his second term, from 2007 through 2010. Walker, we noted, got the number right. But experts said the national economic crash had far more to do with Wisconsin’s job losses during that period than any state policies. Indeed, Wisconsin actually fared somewhat better than the rest of the country.
Here are the numbers Burke should get out right-away:
We ran the numbers using US Bureau of Labor Statistics quarterly census of employment and wages data, considered the most accurate measurement: Burke’s state tenure: Gain of more than 55,000 jobs. Start of Doyle’s tenure to end of Burke’s: gain of at least 94,000.
The Walker campaign responded with even more lies and deceptions, claiming Burke "misstates" the record. Not only did they not address any misstatements, they're taking credit for the national economic recovery and surplus seen in every other state.  Very sad:
jsonline: Walker campaign spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said Burke's ad misstates Walker's record on the economy .
"Wisconsin's unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 2008, we've seen over 100,000 new jobs created since he took office, and our $3.6 billion deficit has been turned into a nearly billion dollar surplus," Marre said in a statement. "While Mary Burke has resorted to distorting the truth, the facts are clear that Wisconsin is moving forward under Governor Walker's leadership."
I think Politifact above clearly shows Walker "distorting the truth" by blaming Gov. Doyle/Burke for the jobs lost during the Great Recession.

Free at last, Republican Voters to let Lobbyists Pick their Leaders.

Watch out when Republicans or their lobbyists say “they’re only ‘clarifying’ existing law.”
Mike Wittenwyler, a lawyer who advises lobbyists and campaign groups, said the bills simply clarify existing law or make it more fair.
That’s called changing law…rewriting it so to speak.
The leader of the state Senate Scott Fitzgerald and Sen. Mary Lazich wants to rewrite campaign finance law to allow lobbyists to hand off their clients' campaign checks to lawmakers and other elected officials during the legislative session.
What could wrong under a system like that? Rugged freedom loving individuals, you know…conservative voters, see nothing wrong with turning their elections over to corporate lobbyists. This fiercely independent group of citizens will vote for whoever their party chooses to “lead” them.
Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign wrote: “A sudden, surprise attack on the ability of Wisconsin citizens to know who is trying to influence their vote at election time was launched without notice yesterday. Senate Bill 654 would take Wisconsin in exactly the opposite direction that the rest of the nation is headed in the wake of the 2010 Citizens United vs. F.E.C. decision. 

All other states are headed toward more disclosure of outside money. Eight of nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices in the Citizens United decision urged Congress and the States to enact stronger disclosure laws. Senate Bill 654 would cause less disclosure … and much more dark money in Wisconsin.

Is there a single Wisconsin citizen outside of the Capitol who has ever said we need more campaign contributions from lobbyists in our elections? Does anyone seriously believe we need lobbyists influencing public policy with campaign contributions more than they already do? With this secretive, sudden maneuver, Senators Lazich and Fitzgerald are hoping not many Wisconsinites will notice…” 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

State GOP try to hide War on Women black eye with Kramer Ouster.

The state GOP is going so far over the top removing Rep. Bill Kramer as majority leader, that they can't be really serious. Have you ever seen such a fiasco? They even replaced him with a woman, Rep. Pat Strachota. Remember when Republicans tried to replace Obama with Herman Cain? Or Hillary with Sarah Palin? Kramer with Strachota?

This is an oh so transparent attempt to look like the great defenders of victimized women everywhere, to counter their war on women persona and apparent loss of women voters.

Watch this Channel3000 coverage and see for yourself. It was an embarrassing excessive outpouring of damage control:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Scott Walker hates Poor People!!! He Proved it in Milwaukee.

This is a story that barely got mentioned during Scott Walker's first run for governor, and apparently, still isn't that important despite the racist email that finally tells the rest of the story. Thank god MSNBC's Chris Hayes picked on Joan Walsh's Salon story about Walker's total disregard for Milwaukee's poor. Why aren't these stories even more important today in our local news casts? 

Salon's Joan Walsh tells the whole story too:
Scott Walker’s little-known scandal. When he treated welfare recipients like dogs:
When Scott Walker was county executive, how he handled programs for Milwaukee’s poor will shock and amaze you. A “joke” about a woman trying to sign up her dogs for welfare, because “my Dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r Daddys are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty.” The punchline: “My Dogs get their first checks Friday.” Walker’s deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch replied: “That is hilarious. And so true.”

It’s also worth noting: back when Walker was Milwaukee county executive, and Rindfleisch was a top aide, he managed the county’s welfare programs so abysmally that after lawsuits by local clients, the state was forced to take them over. “They didn't just call people dogs, they treated them like dogs,” one Milwaukee elected official recalled angrily.

“Milwaukee County has demonstrated a sustained inability to successfully provide services to its (poor) customers,” state health services director director Karen Timberlake wrote in a February 2009 letter to Walker announcing the state takeover. Milwaukee became the only one of 72 Wisconsin counties to wind up with its programs for poor people under state control ... to many in Milwaukee, his staff’s racist jokes aren't funny.

Roughly 95 percent of calls to the county’s client-intake call center went unanswered in 2008, a state probe later found. The social services department budget funded 25 positions at the intake center, but a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter found only seven staffers working among empty cubicles ... Walker began arguing for privatizing the social services intake unit. “He was managing it to fail,” charges AFSCME contract administrator Dave Eisner. But the problems weren’t just at the call center. In 2008, one out of five food stamp recipients dropped for ineligibility were in fact eligible, and wrongly cut from the program. In 2007, 60 percent of county decisions to cut food or other aid were overturned on appeal within two months. 

Florida Rationing Medicaid Services, deny mandated coverage to save money.

Well what do you know, Florida Republicans have decide to ration health care and renege on the Medicaid promise to provide coverage.

Funny thing, in justifying his reason for denying the expansion of Medicaid, Scott Walker warned us how the federal government will someday renege on its Medicaid obligations. Projection? 

It appears Florida state Republicans beat the federal government to the punch. They've decided to ration treatment. But aren't the Republicans the ones screaming about rationing and Medicaid funding wariness?
Miami Herald: Florida has been limiting Medicaid patients to six emergency room visits a year even though federal officials consider such a cap illegal. As a result, the federal government intends to penalize the state by withholding a portion of Medicaid funding.

“We hope the state will realign their Medicaid program with federal standards to avoid this penalty,” said Emma Sandoe, a spokeswoman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Rationing, pure and simple: The GOP has even rationalized their limits as "a cost saving measure." Rationing.
Limiting the number of ER visits is intended to be a cost-saving measure. Republican lawmakers in 2012 said it would encourage patients to rely on primary care doctors instead of hospital ERs.

Such limits on ER visits, the federal agency says, violate the Social Security Act by “arbitrarily” denying coverage of a mandatory benefit and would not be in patients’ best interest.
This is the kind of policy we'll see from Republicans once they convert to block grants for Medicaid dollars, with no strings attached, leaving the federal government powerless to help.  

GOP Health Care Reform? It’s a bankrupt vision that seeks to profit from human misery and death.

Republican health care reform sounds almost surreal. It doesn't reform as much as it lives out an ideological dream that has no connection to reality. 

The failed old system saw high insurance costs, profits, excluded pre-existing conditions and inflated drug prices. That's the “free market.” What happens when you expand our “freedoms?” The Wall Street Cheat Sheet described it this way and it ain't pretty:
Among House Republicans, there is little unity on a strategy, even though just a month ago lawmakers had rallied around a proposal made by Republican Senators Burr, Coburn, and Hatch. The Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment Act is strongly reliant on market competition, with notable differences from Obamacare; it would likely cover fewer uninsured Americans, increase premiums for many older adults, shrink Medicaid, decrease subsidies for middle class Americans, scale back protections for people with preexisting conditions, and allow private insurers to escape many of the consumer-friendly requirements imposed on them by Obamacare ... it would not maintain Obamacare’s individual mandate. The bill’s authors noted: our proposal is roughly budget neutral over a decade,” ... it seeks to modestly reduce the amount of federal spending and taxation.
Wow, what great alternative?

But like I've been saying all along, if the GOP does gain control in 2016, they will repeal ObamaCare regardless of the dropped policies etc. They're even saying so...:
Representative Tom Price of Georgia, a physician, wants the Affordable Care Act repealed and replaced with he has called a “soup-to-nuts reform of healthcare.”

Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana has proposed a comprehensive bill that would first repeal Obamacare and replace it with regulations placing new limits on medical malpractice suits and expand access to health savings accounts.

Republican Representative Michael Burgess of Texas, an obstetrician, (says) Larger issues, like a repeal, should be postponed until after this year’s midterm elections, when the Republican party may hold a stronger position in Congress.

Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma … did admit that passing an Obamacare replacement would be “tricky” in the House, given the complexities of the American healthcare system and the dividing views in the Republican Party. But repeal and reform is not out of the realm of possibility. In general, market-oriented reforms have been among the most popular for GOP lawmakers.
Again, the free market approach to health care has no connection to reality. It’s a bankrupt vision that seeks to profit from human misery and death. That's the Republican Party in a nutshell. 

Wisconsin Reporter Kittle goes partisan crazy over John Doe Investigations.

Despite its blatant right wing lean, Wisconsin Reporter’s M.D. Kittle has written a few decent pieces from time to time. Curious, I went to WR to see what Kittle had done lately. Below is one of Kittle's most recent hallucinations (part 27 of his 29 part series. Yikes!), and one of the most ridiculous stories yet on the John Doe investigation. 

Kittle’s and Bits: Here are some mind-bending examples of Kittle's right wing spin...uh, I mean reporting, that minimizes actual corruption under Scott Walker:
“…news headlines nationwide screamed of Gov. Scott Walker’s “apparent” knowledge of illegal campaigning…”

“…the Democrat-led Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office … quest for convictions fizzled out. Democrat DA John Chisholm and his prosecution squad … compiled six convictions, only two of them related to the original scope of the John Doe.”

“’I use this private account quite a bit to communicate with SKW,” Cynthia Archer, Walker’s administration director wrote … nothing contained  led to charges of illegal activity against Walker.”

Left-bending  American Bridge, a super political action committee … giddily announced it was launching a new website on Wisconsin’s not-so-secret John Doe probes.”
Leaking Double Standard: Wisconsin Reporter’s outrage over the first John Doe’s “leaks” is a bit disingenuous:
“…the judge of the nearly three-year “secret” investigation … Wisconsin’s not-so-secret John Doe probes … the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the recipient of so much leaked information from that probe.”
Almost laughable is Kittle’s mind blowing switcheroo and constitutional defense of right wing leaks: 
But unlike the previous John Doe, when so many conservatives seemed paralyzed by the investigation’s gag ordersome on the right are speaking up and speaking out about what they see as an assault on their First Amendment rights. And they sound like they do not intend to go down quietly without a fight.
So much for what passes as "reporting" in conservative media. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vukmir admits Republicans will get their way on education in the end!!!

Under questioning by Upfront's Mike Gousha, National Treasurer for ALEC State Sen. Leah Vukmir reveals how in the end, Republicans will have their way with education in Wisconsin. Sure it's partisan politics, but heck, Vukmir doesn't anticipate any problems unless Democratic State Superintendent Tony Evers steps out of line.

First, she can't imagine Evers  and tea party Republicans ever disagreeing about a set of standards acceptable to both.

Second, she can't imagine Evers ever making changes that she and her fellow Republicans wouldn't agree with. Never happen!

Holding that ace up her sleeve, Vukmir couldn't exude more confidence and ALEC opposition glee:

Here's Tony Evers admitting as much. Very sad news for parents in Wisconsin, who will soon come to realize the tea party now has control of education:

Dumb Ron Johnson on Fixing Obamacare: Replace it with the Old System...but worse!!

In describing the Affordable Care Acts supposed problems, Dumb Ron Johnson actually used the same list of horrors we saw under the old system. He really didn't know?

Where was Johnson when Americans were dropped from their plans, insurance rated went through the roof, others subsidized the under/uninsured, some groups rates were higher to cover others, and oh yea, the high risk pools supported by taxpayers paid for preexisting conditions so insurers could make a profit. Where was the concern back then Dumb Ron Johnson?

Even worse is Johnson's new bill, "Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care," that takes away all mandated coverage. You get to choose as few or as many illnesses as you can afford to cover, with small print legalese that essentially turns everyone's coverage into worthless junk policies. That means you'll still have to pay a monthly premium whether you get coverage or not. We should sleep easier under Johnson's plan?

This guy is a panicky train wreck that never stops embarrassing Wisconsin voters. What in gods name were they thinking? From Capitol City Sunday: