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Rep. Reid Ribble's extreme voting Record easy Target for Challenger Ron Gruett.

Rep. Reid Ribble's voting record is as extreme as it gets. And his challenger Ron Gruett should have no trouble passing along Ribble's votes if he has the money to get the message out before November. 

But the following list of votes isn't just about Ribble either, because the entire Wisconsin GOP House delegation has the same record. So I hope Gruett and Ryan's challenger Rob Zerban take note. From the Wisconsin State Journal's Roll Call column:
Post Crescent: Ron Gruett, 64, of Chilton, told Post-Crescent Media he grew frustrated with Ribble’s votes to repeal Obamacare and other votes that could hurt the middle class. “I think Mr. Ribble is a great representative for the top 1 percent, but the way he votes he’s got it in the for the middle class. He comes off as a nice guy, but he’s doing despicable things like trying to take health care away from 14 million people. I certainly hope we get some national attention.” Gruett favors a strong defense of the Second Amendment … legalizing medical marijuana nationwide, addressing income inequality and legalizing same-sex marriage. 
Ribble’s response?
Ribble said Friday that he has represented all residents in his district during his time in office. “I have a record of fighting for job creation."
But Ribble doesn't really represent “all residents,” Here's his voting record:
Voting against the repeal tax breaks for the five largest oil companies and use the savings to soften cuts (he) would make in Medicare, Medicaid and the State Children's Health insurance (SCHIP) program.

Voted to remove inflation from calculations that determine the all-important “baseline” figure in congressional budget deliberations … triggering spending cuts in programs for student loans, food and aviation safety, veterans’ benefits, nursing-home safety and the education of disabled children.
 Voted to strip the Internal Revenue Service of its authority to enforce the 2010 health law’s individual mandate. 

Voted to bar federal regulation on federal and tribal lands of the underground energy-extraction process- fracking, and barring the identity of chemicals used in the ‘fracking’ process.

Voted to set statutory deadlines for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to act on applications for building natural gas pipelines but against a bid by Democrats to delay HR 1900 until federal regulators have certified it would not result in the building of unsafe pipelines or deny communities a voice in the siting of new pipelines within their boundaries.

Voted to implement a Gulf of Mexico deepwater-drilling treaty in a way that would exempt U.S. oil companies from transparency rules … and defeated a bid to ensure that safety lessons from the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 are applied to deepwater drilling in the western gulf and to require companies responsible for spills to pay all cleanup costs. 

He voted to defeated a Democratic attempt to bar a broadly written bill that expanded offshore drilling from authorizing oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes. 

Voted to bar new federal regulations having an impact of $100 million or more on the economy from taking effect until the U.S. jobless rate drops below 6 percent.  He voted to defeat an amendment to prevent interruptions in regulations protecting the public from "extreme weather, including drought, flooding and catastrophic wildfire" exempt rules ensuring safe drinking water from the freeze.

Voted to bar the Securities and Exchange Commission from issuing guidance on when companies should make disclosures to shareholders and investors on the effect of climate-change developments on their businesses.
 Ribble voted to allow companies to obtain worker passwords as a condition of employment.

When it comes to campaign advertising disclosures,  Ribble refused “to require it to all who give $10,000 or more to fund political ads on broadcast, cable, satellite or radio outlets.” 

Voted for a bill (HR 761) to ease environmental rules and limit lawsuits in order to quicken agency reviews of applications to mine critical and non-critical minerals on federal lands in the West … sand and gravel mining too. The bill would designate mining activities as “infrastructure projects” to make them eligible for fast-tracked government reviews. Ribble defeated a Democratic bid to prohibit strategic and critical minerals mined as a result of HR 761 from being exported to China, Iran or any country that has violated U.S. economic sanctions against Iran.

Ribble voted to cut spending on food stamps by nearly $4 billion annually over 10 years, allowing states to further reduce their rolls by subjecting food-stamps applicants to drug testing. Ribble defeated a Democratic bid to prohibit food stamp cuts from denying food stamps to veterans, pregnant women, seniors, the disabled or minor children in the event of a U.S. government shutdown or default on its debt.

Ribble voted to give payment priority to bondholders, such as domestic pension funds and foreign governments, if the Treasury were unable to meet all of its debt obligations. Social Security trust funds would be next in line. He defeated a bid by Democrats to ensure that obligations to federal deposit insurance, Social Security and Medicare trust funds, veterans’ benefits and recovery from natural disasters be paid ahead of debt service to foreign bondholders such as China and Iran under the terms of HR 807.

Ribble voted to authorize employers in the private sector to offer “compensatory time off” in place of extra cash for working overtime. Employers have discretion to schedule the time off under the bill, and state agencies, not the U.S. Department of Labor, would enforce comp-time agreements. Ribble voted against a Democratic bid to shifted control to workers for time off if they need to schedule medical appointments, care for a family member or, if they are veterans, schedule appointments related to combat injuries.

Ribble voted to raise from 30 to 40 the number of hours worked each week, on average, to meet the Affordable Care Act’s definition of “full-time employee.” The non-partisan CBO said the bill would cause about one million people to lose employer-provided health coverage each year while increasing budget deficits by $73.7 billion over 10 years as a result.

Ribble voted to passed a payroll tax bill using it to jam through two riders that would allow industrial facilities to release more mercury, lead, and other toxins into the air we breathe. The other would enable the Keystone XL pipeline to go through the American Heartland without the environmental and safety review the White House deemed necessary.

Voted to pass a bill that sets a fast-track schedule for completing reviews of large construction projects in America. He voted to refused exemption from projects that involve building nuclear-power plants in earthquake fault zones.

Voted to impose additional paperwork and public-reporting obligations on federal agencies as they go about drafting and implementing rules to carry out laws passed by Congress. Ribble voted against a bid to prevent the from interfering with regulations that expedite veterans’ benefits; protect the health and safety of seniors, children and consumers; ensure pay equity for women; provide refunds and rebates to taxpayers; aid small businesses; prevent discrimination; safeguard drinking water and protect food supplies from food-borne diseases.

Ribble voted to defeat a bid by Democrats to require the Department of Agriculture to conduct annual food-safety inspections in countries that export egg products, meat and poultry to the U.S. A yes vote was to increase food inspections overseas.

Wisconsin GOP can't stop slide into Tea Party's race to Dystopian Future.

Now we're supposed to believe tea party Republicans aren't as wacky as they appear, or that their dramatic move to the extreme right isn't a result of their general paranoid and authoritarian philosophy.

Suddenly, they're now the victims of their own party leaders, the same leaders they blindly followed using the same repeated talking points that replaced curiosity and information. Their own principled dictatorial conservative leaders are now coming after them.
"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist … Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me."-Pastor Martin Niemöller
Oddly, the media always compares these right wing teabillies with "the left," who they say are just as extreme, pushing for higher minimum wages, pay equity, hedging our bets on climate change, health care for all and support for public education. Ouch, they nailed us. The next thing you know "lefties" will demand more open and free elections.

Here's what's playing out in Wisconsin against the poor radicalized neo-confederate tea party:
WSJ: Party activists are pushing a more conservative agenda, particularly opposition to the new Common Core standards and an attempt to censure party moderates.

Adams County GOP chairman Richard Church said "There are some that believe that the right path is to be more moderate and get more of the middle. There’s others that believe the right path is really to stay strong with conservative principles and get back to the party’s roots.

Dan Krueger, a Columbia County Republican (said) "What (Republican officials) are trying to do is marginalize the grass roots activists. They’re trying to make the constitutionalists look like fringe lunatics."
That would be hard to do. But one Republican State Senator pointed out a few other examples:
"They’re just upset with people who don’t agree with them on everything," State Sen. Luther Olsen said, ticking off several other issues where he disagrees with his party's right wing, such as repealing a law requiring DNA be taken from those charged with a felony, eliminating 4-year-old kindergarten, arresting government employees who implement Obamacare and retaining the right to secede.

Paul Ryan Compared to Cliven Bundy!!! All that's different is the accent.

At the end of a fairly long "Final look at Cliven Bundy" video I pieced together the other day was the clip featured below.

Conservative "liberal media bias" watchdog Newsbusters wrote this:
On the Thursday, April 24, All In with Chris Hayes, during a discussion of racist comments about black Americans by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson compared those words to a recent statement by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan about the work ethic in the inner cities.
Here's Dyson's comment:

Since it's now gotten the attention of the conservative wackos at Newsbusters, I thought we could review Micheal Eric Dyson's on the money comparison between Paul Ryan's recent comment...
"...tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work." Cliven Bundy's comments...
"I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro … and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids - and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch - they didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for their kids to do. They didn't have nothing for their young girls to do.

And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom."

Coffee Flour feeds the addiction...

Well, it doesn't taste like coffee, but it does have a little caffeine and lots of nutrients, gluten free. From their website, a few interesting images:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Scott Walker's Business friends agree, we're headed in the "Right Direction." Surprised?

With the millions of dollars of right wing cash washing over the banks of the Wisconsin border, Scott Walker countered that image with this cute graph. Brown bag lunches anyone? Don't forget your colored pencils.

Big surprise business is upbeat electing their corporate Santa Claus. Like I've said before, they pranked the governor with promises of certainty and job creation. He still doesn't get it.

Gogebic Taconite's Bill Williams says mining opponents are intimidating him and other at public one on ones with cameras. And that compares with Camo Armed Guards?

Remember when tea party crazies showed up holding stacks of papers instructing them on how to disrupt town hall meetings protesting health care reform? Nothing weird about that. 

But when mining opponents show up for similar meetings with Gogebic Taconite officials, well that's a different story.  
WPR: The head of the company that wants to build an open pit iron ore mine in Ashland and Iron counties says people opposed to the mine are getting more aggressive.

Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams told a mining industry group in Duluth a lot of them have now become bananas: ‘Build absolutely nothing anytime near anyone’. That is a problem we’re all facing and the mining industry has gotten a bad name for this. (Protesters) started following us to these things and setting up gauntlets and cameras to film and interview people afterwards. It became intimidating and people didn’t really want this and so they would start backing out.” 
Bananas? That is Audio....

TeaBilly Nation Coming Mid-May!!! Stock up on Ammo.

The article below posted at Politicus USA is in reference to what is now secretive plan to overthrow Obama and Senate Democrats. Talk of a governmental takeover is an integral part of the tea party dialogue that assumes they have the patriotic high ground and purpose. Ever wonder why they've never complained about voter suppression tactics that directly effects them? They don't believe in elections, despite reminding us constantly that we live in a republic. It's all detailed below. 

The geniuses at Patriots4America apparently stirred up a few too many crazies, and decided to pull the actual story from their site. How that helps them organize is anyone's guess.

Check out the details of their plan and find out what the founding fathers really meant when they pieced together our constitution:
The latest expression of the right’s delusion is a planned march on Washington by 30-million Americans to oust the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress, convene a right wing tribunal, and appoint a new government consisting of a permanent Republican majority.

The march, occupation, and seizure of the nation’s capital is set for May 16 according to right wing extremists, Tea Party Nation, and various militia groups who named it “Operation American Spring;” a take-off of Egypt’s Arab Spring.

According to Operation American Spring’s organizers, “Our only hope is … to stop the White House from total destruction of the United States and bring to a conclusion the out of control government, one way or the other. It’s now or never. God help us.” The whole plot reeks of the Koch brothers’ John Birch agenda to reshape America into a fascist plutocracy and evangelical theocracy.

The American Spring organizers … delusion is only matched by their publicly announced unconstitutionally seditious tactics to overthrow the government and install a permanent Republican-teabagger authority over the people. Organizers have broken down the government overthrow into three phases:

Phase One: “ten million patriots assembled in a display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent leadership with the mission to oust the existing leadership.”  

Phase two: requires one million or more patriots to stay in D.C. to see Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, and Attorney General Holder removed from office, and replace Boehner by the senior Republican in the House as Speaker.

Phase three: these unswerving Constitutional loyalists will end Constitutional elections and task the House with electing a Republican president and vice president, and to deal with Democrats forcibly removed from office, “a tribunal comprised of Allen West, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Paul Sessions, and Darrell Issa will assume authority to recommend charges against ousted Democrats and government employees.” In a suspension of the judiciary, they will all be tried and convicted by “the new attorney general appointed by the new president” elected by the Republican House. 
These whiny crybabies produced their own video tantrum as well, which I shorten. What's stunning to me is their belief in the "power of the individual," all the while seeking "leaders." Confused?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Obama's Commuting Power Riles up "Tough on Crime" Republicans

King Obama just decreed new clemency standards that effect those caught up in the draconian mandatory sentencing laws to fight drug crime. It was the Republican tough on crime campaign that again, proved to be not just unfair, but outrageously expensive.

Tea party Republicans are now outraged again over Obama's presidential overreach, despite his constitutional power make such changes.
VoxConservative commentators and House Judiciary Committee chair Bob Goodlatte attacked the Obama administration for using executive power to solicit applications for commutation from inmates. They argued that Congress has the power to set punishments for federal crimes, and the executive branch doesn't have the power to change those punishments for particular criminals. Goodlatte accused Obama of "blatant disregard for our nation's laws and our system of checks and balances embedded in the U.S. Constitution."

The problem is that the Constitution does give the president broad power to issue pardons and commutations — there's no constitutional requirement that the office of the pardon attorney even exist, or that the president use it. The Heritage Foundation refers to the pardon power as "one of the least limited powers granted to the President in the Constitution."
Here's a great explanation from Rachel Maddow that details how Reagan gave us overcrowded prisons with tough on crime mandatory sentencing.

A Final look at Cliven Bundy...

This is the Cliven Bundy so many tea party Republicans and Fox News hitched their wagon too:
"I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro," he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, "and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids - and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch - they didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for their kids to do. They didn't have nothing for their young girls to do.

"And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom."
I put together this compilation that should be the final chapter to this ugly story. Thanks to the Ed Show and All In with Chris Hayes:

And if you were wondering, here's how the gun came out against the federal government, thanks to Vox:
On Saturday, April 5, the Bureau of Land Management began confiscating the cattle Cliven Bundy had grazing on federal land. The BLM did so under authority given by a Nevada federal district court judge, and it planned to auction off the cattle later on. To carry out the operation, the BLM brought in armed federal agents and private contractors, and closed down much of the federal land in the area, restricting entry: Over a hundred cattle were confiscated that first weekend, and Bundy's son Dave was arrested for refusing to leave the temporarily closed federal lands. 

So Sunday night, Bundy posted a message on the Bundy Ranch website: "They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow." Protesters assembled over the next few days, and confrontations between Bundy's supporters and the BLM began to grow more heated.

GOP's brilliant idea to get an extension of old insurance policies will raise rates in the exchanges in 2015.

It looks like another Democratic surrender might just come back to haunt them.

But it also looks like Republicans will have themselves to blame for the Affordable Care Act exchange increases in 2015, for pushing the dumb idea that old insurance policies should be extended. 

That cuts into new enrollment and insurer projections. Yes. Republicans will have caused the increase in premiums, but Obama helped their cause by folding under the GOP pressure.
WaPo: Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini says premium increases in those 17 states …  will range from "the very low single digits" to "some that will be over double digits." Bertolini said about half of the company's premium increases … will be attributable to "on the fly" regulatory changes … cited as an example the administration's policy of allowing old health plans that were supposed to expire in 2014 to be extended another three years if states and insurers wanted to.
See, thank you Republicans for pushing that really desperate dumb idea that will now raise rates, just like you predicted.
Bertolini also said the company withdrew from some markets in 2014 where the company would have to compete with new co-ops funded by the ACA. The nonprofit health plans were included in the law to drive down competitors’ prices, so it’s interesting that Aetna decided to stay away.
Nonprofit? Who knew. These new plans are a substitute for the public option:
The National Alliance of State Health Co-Ops, a group of 22 health insurance plans that will launch alongside Obamacare's state marketplaces. The Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans, or Co-Ops, are a small part of the health care law that could have big implications for its success. Nonprofits in 24 states have received over $2 billion in federal loans to essentially start new health insurance products from scratch. And the health care observers I talk to think that these plans have the potential to upend the health insurance market -- or end up as the next Solyndra.  

They were meant to offer something of a replacement for the public option. Twenty-five co-ops received grants from the federal government before Congress cut off funding for the program as part of a larger deal to avert the fiscal cliff in January. 22 of those plans in the marketplaces. 

Sean Hannity's support of Freeloader and Racist Cliven Bundy gets Skewered.

If you missed this take down of Sean Hannity, here it is from John Fugelsang:
“Sean Hannity’s standing up for a lawless, socialist welfare queen,” Fugelsang said. “Sean Hannity has one job: to keep people who were wrong about everything for the last 20 years thinking they’ve been right about everything. His show is like an IV drip for denial for the ‘get off my lawn’ demographic.”

Here's Jon Stewart's bit:

Scott Walker okay with Outside Group electioneering on his Behalf, but Outside Groups Protesting Act 10?

Scott Walker is now a big fan of outside groups having a say in governmental matters. That wasn't true when Walker falsely blamed what he described as a massive number of outside groups protesting outside the Capitol trying to effect Wisconsin policy.

And it looks like a California media group will be helping Wisconsinites make up their minds about our best choice for governor, and it won’t be Mary Burke.

For some reason this is okay for Republican “stand with Walker” voters, who will do anything to win, even ignore Walker’s jobs and business failures. They’ll show us!
jsonline: An out-of-state firm Target Enterprises is already reserving millions of dollars of TV air time for the final nine weeks of this year's general election.

Target Enterprises -- which buys media for Republican candidates and groups -- has indicated that it wants to book more than $1.9 million worth of time on TV stations in four Wisconsin media markets between Sept. 1 and Nov. 3 … nearly $800,000 in Milwaukee on behalf of its client during this short span and more than $600,000 in La Crosse, with lesser sums being reserved in Green Bay and Wausau, according to multiple sources. One good guess would be the Right Direction Wisconsin Political Action Committee, the local arm of the Republican Governors Association.

MSNBC's Josh Barro defends Koch Brothers as "Imagined Cartoon villans." Says they're acting in a principled way!!!

Send corporate apologist Josh Barro to Fox News, please anyone? 

The media, through relativism, allowed the right wing to go bat shit crazy. Spewing destructive nonsense should have been challenged by the media. Well, that didn't happen.

MSNBC's Josh Barro would happily allow the Koch brothers to turn the U.S. into their own dystopian playground because they sincerely believe in their cause. They're not bad people really, despite encouraging people to not have health care. It's just a difference of opinion.

This is one of the most blatant examples of media relativism I've seen in a long time. It's painful to watch this drivel. Wonder no more how we got this point. The Cliven Bundy's of the world aren't a part of the debate, they're a part of the problem. Really.  

Barro's hat tip to Humpty Dumpty:
Barro: "You're going to mispredict their actions if you assume that they're behaving in a completely self dealing way rather in a principled way that happens to be to their benefit." 
What would explain the lunacy of Greg Brannon, a Constitutional Conservative Republican candidate for Senate in North Carolina, who believes a nuclear weapon falls under the protection of the Second Amendment:

TIME Magazine includes Walker on 2014's 100 Most Influential People List! "So this is how liberty dies... With thunderous applause."-Padme

It goes without saying who TIME chose to write about Scott Walker's manufactured story of success-Chris Christie. I guess ignoring public sentiment and dictatorially plowing ahead anyway with a purely ideological fantasy about supply side economics is a trait to be admired now worldwide. And right wing collective called Neville Chamberlain an appeaser?
The Harley He-Man
Christie: "Leadership takes many forms in public office. One of the most difficult challenges is standing up for what you believe in when faced with relentless public attacks. Scott Walker faced that test and passed it with flying colors."
Scott Walker's mind numbing response can now be recited verbatim by almost anyone in the state who's ever heard him speak, because it's always the same no matter what the topic. Even in his "humble" statement of gratitude he can't stop selling his snake oil. How about a list of top 100 hucksters?
Walker“I am certainly humbled by this honor. But being named to this list is not about me, this is about our bold reforms and what they have accomplished. Together, we turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a nearly $1 billion surplus, cut taxes by $2 billion, and helped the private sector create more than 100,000 jobs and nearly 17,000 new businesses. We are turning things around, and we are moving Wisconsin forward!"

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Remember the Ovens of Brittany Morning Buns?

While watching one of my favorite cooking shows, Cook's County, a little bit of Madison turned up. The host, Christopher Kimball, didn't just reveal he was once a Dead Head freak and hung with Wavy Gravy, but he also knew all about Madison's legendary Ovens of Brittany morning buns. Sorry, I did not include the recipe which streamlined the old more laborious process. But it's still cool:

Scott Walker's Jobs Promise Sounds Vaguely Familiar to Gov. Rick Scott's Failed Plan.

The party of ideas; of fiercely rugged individuals; of state sovereignty; freedom and liberty; and local control are shockingly the same in every red state. When one state passes a law, they follow suit in Borg like synchronization.

Running for governor? Better check the Republican manual's section on ridiculously empty promises. Both Scott Walker and Rick Scott are running on similar jobs promises. Gov. Rick Scott out did Walker with a promise of 700,000 jobs, but in 7 years. With business tax cuts and handouts, how'd that go. Florida is adding 12,000 jobs a month, not what he needs. PolitiFact:
For Scott to deliver, Florida needs to create 26,000 jobs a month, every month, for 50 straight months. That happened only five times in Scott's first 34 months in office.

Warning, Common Core not for Parents...

The title is true, in a way. Having gone through a pre-Common Core curriculum with my two boys, I never did understand what appeared to be a better way of doing math, but that's understandable- I wasn't in their classroom.

Bashing Common Core is easy, like the picture here posted by a frustrated father. Thanks to, a great new service that explains these things, you'll see why parents don't have to be afraid. Check out all the links at Vox too, and send them to your idiot Republican legislator.

Remember, Common Core is all about understanding the how and why things work. Like the math problem below. You'll also see why we need teachers, and how important they really are:

One goal of the Common Core math standards is to make American students better at applying math in real life — a skill that's crucial for science and technology jobs, but one at which American students are particularly weak compared with peers around the world. The theory is that if students understand why they do math the way they do, they'll be able to apply their skills more flexibly.

The underlying lesson: "Numbers aren't these brittle, fragile things that break," Dan Meyer, a former high school math teacher. "They can play with them in fun, flexible ways."

Students will still learn what's known as the standard algorithm, the way that their parents learned to multiply, divide, add, and subtract. But they'll also learn other methods that try to make the underpinnings of the standard method more obvious.

"What we want to tell parents to do is they don't need to teach the math," says Briars, the president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. "What they need to help their children do is figure out, what is the problem asking you?"

Still stumped? Watch the video:

Conservative Small Business Owners Next Big Threat in privatizing Government.

If you thought we had problems with big business buying influence and control, just wait till all of the not so sharp local business guys get involved. The next almost invisible wave of freaks clamoring to downsize and privatize government is coming from an avalanche of Republican small business owners. While billionaire CEO's fund campaigns and hire big time lobbyists, their smaller local versions are forcing their crude free market laws into the system bypassing voter concerns.

Rep. Duey "Lord Voldemort" Stroebel is another unhappy American, whining about "things," like the "encroachment upon our liberties," "things that just aren't good," "things aren't the American way," "I'm a citizen legislature," "I think we need more representation in Washington D.C. from people from the private sector," and "again, not the career politicians."

Stroebel bashed career politicians, like you know, 20 year career politician Scott Walker. Thank you Dewey.

ObamaCare Stupid: Stroebel also follows in the clueless footsteps of Dumb Ron Johnson, when he gets everything he's saying about ObamaCare wrong, like: "ObamaCare is a disaster," "its increasing their premiums," "and it's all costing the government a trillion dollars to accomplish this," "it's not the American way, it's not who we are," ALL WRONG. ObamaCare is paid for, and will save the government money. But Stroebel isn't the curious type. And since when is it the American way to have over 40 million people going without health care coverage? A fine tradition?

Secession: Stroebel is okay with the idea, saying "it's really a reaction to where the federal government is right now." Well then, it was silly to ask.

From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

Take no Prisoners GOP seek one-party Government through Vilification of Left and Impeachment!!!

The GOP's quest for a one-party, authoritarian government is starting to become more obvious...

Republicans are very serious about “leading,” that is, taking control of everything despite public opinion or the existence of the Democratic Party.

Gov. Scott Walker ignored hundreds of thousands of protesters and will only run for president if the U.S. Senate flips Republican. He doesn't want a dissenting party getting in the way of his agenda. Ideological purity and principles must be maintained.

The same goes for impeaching Obama for doing what presidents do, basically. Now state GOP politicians want to try impeaching their Democratic governors. While Democrats long for a multiparty government, Republicans see only one party:
MSNBC: Missouri GOP lawmakers’ recent efforts: voting restrictions, nullification efforts, anti-union schemes, anti-evolution measures, an anti-health care push, and on and on … these efforts have fallen short, thanks in part to Missouri’s Democratic governor, Jay Nixon. 
Missouri’s GOP lawmakers have responded to the governor’s objections to their agenda by raising the specter of impeachment … Republicans say (Nixon) has committed offenses worthy of being removed from office. The rationale … Reid Wilson’s report highlights the case against Nixon:
One legislator has lodged a complaint over Nixon’s executive order last year that directed state tax officials to accept joint tax returns from same-sex couples who were legally married in other states. 
 Another legislator said Nixon hadn’t moved fast enough to call special elections in three state House districts and a Senate district left vacant by resignations.

And a third legislator says Nixon deserves the boot for insufficiently punishing officials at the state Department of Public Safety for releasing a database of Missourians with permits to carry concealed weapons.
Meanwhile, Democrats are trapped in their own fantasy world, where they continue to miss the GOP's clear one-party message. Liberals cling to the hope Republicans will work with them and come to their senses...blah, blah, blah.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Government Coercion! State Rep. Tyler August threatens Shared Revenue cut if Madison enforces a Law he doesn't like.

Seriously, are we living in a Republican dictatorship in Wisconsin or what.
Here’s another in a long list of examples where our dominating and coercive big government Republican majority knows what’s best for all of us. You’ll find this listed under the heading, “small government.”
Lake Geneva State Rep. Tyler August apparently doesn't respect enforcement of local laws if it conflicts with "what should be a free market system." It should? Tyler August is either unaware of or is spearheading a movement to cleanse the system of all rules and regulations, local or otherwise:
“It is disappointing to see the City of Madison using the power of government to punish individuals operating under what should be a free market system. If the City of Madison has enough resources available to waste on undercover enforcement of taxi ordinances, perhaps it is time to revisit the millions of dollars given to the city in shared revenue as the next budget process begins.”
Our current GOP leaders like to force change with an iron fist backed by threats, just like the founding fathers intended. 

Big Government Tyler August can’t wait to write another law:

My office has already started looking into a legislative remedy to this situation.
Tyler August also helped author a bill and constitutional amendment that once gave California crushing deficits with the help of their own “no tax” Republicans; a bill requiring 2/3rds super majority for sales and income tax increases. To August, that was a success?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Walker's Campaign Fund Raising Delay on Casino okay, Obama's XL Keystone Pipeline Delay due to Court Decision...Political?

Funny thing, Wisconsin media didn't even bring up the possibility that Scott Walker’s decision to delay the Kenosha casino until after the election was a ploy to raise campaign funds. Media bias?

Delaying a decision guarantees he doesn't blow anybody off when it comes to raking in huge amounts of tea party cash.   

The Journal Sentinel article even mentioned how the casino has been researched and talked about for the last 10 years, yet Walker said he still needed another super duper study done.

Walker’s Casino Delay vs Obama’s XL Pipeline Delay: Talk about media bias! Let’s compare coverage:
Gov. Scott Walker can wait until after the November gubernatorial election to decide whether the Menominee tribe should be allowed to open a casino in Kenosha, as the federal government Friday gave him an additional six months to decide the controversial issue. Last August, the $800 million casino complex was approved by the U.S. Department of Interior. As a result, Walker — who has unilateral authority to approve or kill the proposal. 

Originally, Walker said he would decide the issue last year but repeatedly broke his self-imposed deadlines.
Looks guilty to me. But stand with Walker voters didn't give the delay a second thought. But Obama’s decision to delay the XL Pipeline? In this case, Obama’s reason for the delay coincided with a real reason:
LA Times: Keystone Delay Caused By Nebraska Court Decision That Invalidates Pipeline Route. On April 18 the Los Angeles Times reported that, according to the State Department, a delay in the Keystone pipeline decision was "necessary" until ongoing litigation over the pipeline's route is resolved. A recent court case in Nebraska "invalidated part of the project's route"
Maybe Obama should act like a king and approve it anyway? For right wing pundits, Obama’s got no way out:
Fox Contributor Karl Rove: "Of Course It Was About Politics. It's All About Politics." During the April 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, contributor Karl Rove claimed that the Obama administration's decision was based on a political calculation designed to boost campaign donations for Democrats, saying "of course it was about politics. It's all about politics."

Wall Street Journal: "The Real Reason For The Delay Is Democratic Politics."

Fox's Stuart Varney: Delay On Pipeline Is "All Political And It's All About Cash."

Walker's delay gets a pass, and Obama’s delay is for political cash. Got it. 

Charles Koch beating Harry Reid in Iowa? Moyers on our Slide into Oligarchy.

Bill Moyers' recent focus has been on income inequality and the rise of the oligarchs. Marriam Webster defines oligarch this way: "a person who belongs to a small group of people who govern or control a country, business, etc. "

Just more whining and needless fear mongering from losing liberal Democrats shut out by billionaire contributors? Well, if the picture to the right doesn't worry you in the least, than we've got a real problem.

The conservative Washington Free Beacon found Charles Koch's had an impressive lead over Sen. Reid in their imaginative matchup:
Iowa voters would back libertarian philanthropist Charles Koch by a hefty margin over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) in a hypothetical 2016 presidential race, according to a new Washington Free Beacon poll. The results are in keeping with earlier polls showing that Charles and his brother David Koch are more popular than Reid, despite the majority leader’s breathless campaign to portray the libertarian philanthropy barons as “un-American” and “against everything that’s good for America.” Voters may have tired of Reid’s deranged bluster about the Koch brothers trying to “buy our democracy” while his Super PAC raises money from a handful of liberal billionaires.

The Oligarchic point:
study, to appear in the Fall 2014 issue of the academic journal Perspectives on Politics, finds that the U.S. is no democracy, but instead an oligarchy, meaning profoundly corrupt, so that the answer to the study’s opening question: "Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that … the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." To put it short: The United States is no democracy, but actually an oligarchy.  
But then we kind of had bad feeling about the money pouring into campaigns, didn't we? Here's a much shortened, highlight version of Bill Moyers, with Paul Krugman. See the whole thing here:

RNC's Reince Priebus fund raising off the strength of Bush's Socks?

No words can describe this:

Walker deflects, makes excuses for, changes parameters, and yet holds to his failed 250,000 Jobs Promise. Which is it?

Democrats never get any credit.

When Scott Walker proposed his campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs, Democrats knew that was ridiculous. Who would promise that? But Walker didn’t hesitate to repeat it over and over, telling voters to hold him to that promise. The media played it up because Republicans “know” business, even the career politician kind. WKOW:

The promise fell apart: Was it just a goal? Aiming high? Not a chance, it was a promise. Here’s the Journal Sentinel Editorial making the case as well as anyone could, except for maybe Mary Burke. The Burke campaign still hasn't found away to drive many of the points below home in any of her media interviews. It's not negative campaigning, it's just the truth (note: I highlighted what Burke should be talking about):
Gov. Scott Walker was testing an idea last week — that the state may have until the end of 2015 to meet his pledge that Wisconsin companies add 250,000 private-sector jobs. Of course, that's not what Walker promised during his 2010 campaign. He said it would happen during his first term, which ends in January. The state has added about 101,500 jobs since Walker took office.

Walker should be held to his pledge. He made it. But in some ways, too much is made of this promise. Whether the state reaches the goal or not by the end of Walker's term, the fact remains that job growth remains sluggish in Wisconsin. And big, global forces are mostly the reason.

Yes, Walker's record on economic development is uneven. The inept rollout of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. didn't help. And Walker gave up an opportunity to support transportation in the state when he turned down $800 million in money for high-speed rail. He's sometimes focused too much on poaching companies from Illinois, which is hardly ever effective. He didn't do enough to encourage entrepreneurship, where Wisconsin historically lags, or to create a large enough venture capital fund.

But is it all Walker's fault that Wisconsin trails other states in economic growth? No. Wisconsin's performance is more a function of long-term trends in the state's core industries. Voters have to realize that there is only so much that any governor can do.
Which is what Democrats have been saying from the start. But heck, why believe us, we just "hate Walker."

Vicki McKenna Compares conservative victimhood to threats of racial lynchings.

Just so we all understand the point radio cancer stick Vicki McKenna was making on her recent Facebook post, here's a little background:
WKOW: Harry and Hester Hale have lived in Stoughton for six years. Harry opened an envelope, with no return address written on it, to find a picture depicting the lynching of two African Americans. His 18-year old son's face had been superimposed onto one of the bodies. "This is something we've honestly never dealt with," Harry said. 
The horror this family must be feeling, after receiving this overt racist letter, goes without saying...except in conservative world. Seeing an opportunity where no one with an ounce of common decency would normally think look, McKenna posted this tasteless comment:

Wow. The poor oppressed conservative majority, as seen in the map below, who dominate radio, television and print media everywhere, can't catch a break. How will they ever find the courage and leadership to speak out in public without an Americans for Prosperity bus tour?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walker's Weak Reelection Campaign....

Republicans are very clear about how they're going to attack Democratic challengers in the midterms; blame the former governor. After 3 and half years, they still don't own the anemic results of their last two state budgets?

Unfortunately, Democrats just aren't listening. The response not only would basically dismantle the GOP's entire argument for reelection, but could win over voters.

The media still won't dispute Scott Walker's biggest lie.

Demand that Walker stop blaming the Great Recession and job losses on Doyle/Burke!!! Now or in the very first gubernatorial debate, demand, demand, demand Walker drop the false premise Doyle or Burke had anything to do with the states job losses or controlled the drop in revenues resulting from the Great Recession. Stop it now. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility. 

It's not their $1 billion surplus: What have they really done? That surplus is still less than all the cuts to education and budgeting statewide. Even worse, that surplus they like taking credit for came from the general U.S. economy turning around, and that includes Wisconsin's. And yet they're still saying Obama's stimulus and spending cuts were a failure. Amazing.

And with another projected budget deficit staring us in the face, something tells me the Walker tax cuts exceeded our ability to pay our bills. True to form, borrowing and tax cut spending is their idea of a solid economic foundation. How'd that go after the 2000 presidential election when we had projected budget surpluses?

Lousy job creation that goes hand in hand with being near last in business starts doesn't sound like we're headed in the right direction to me, but that's supply side for you.

Walker's Republicans continue to depend on legacy business interests and bygone business models. Again, not only did the Great Recession change business models, but the Affordable Care Act changed the health care model as well. Not noticing both events is a blind spot that will have dangerous consequences in the future. We'll being moving in forward, but in the wrong direction.

All he's got right now is a low unemployment number, but even that requires a behind numbers analysis.