Saturday, August 9, 2014

N.Y. Teachers Union President's "Fighting" comments spur rightwing outrage, similar statements by Gov. Chris Christie qualifies him as Presidential hopeful.

Republicans have a problem; they can't stop using the same old talking points. For example:
1. The free market experiment on Wall Street failed, giving us the Great Recession, but conservatives still talking about deregulation and turning everything over to the free market.

2. In Wisconsin teachers and their unions no longer have say in our schools, and yet they're still blamed for everything. 
Which leads me into the following passionate speech by Michael Mulgrew, president of New York’s United Federation of Teachers. He supports Common Core but wants teachers and schools to implement the standards and devise the tests. And being a New Yorker, he was quite blunt.

Blunt-just like New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie, when he's attacking teachers and their unions. Yet the right wing media rag The Daily Caller is outraged at the union presidents language. They never complained about a similar comment by Christie. In fact, they want to elect him president for his threats. See the picture.

First Mulgrew's comment. It made a whole lot of sense, and by the way, didn't have anything to do with getting people to "like" Common Core, as the misleading title suggests:

Check out the nasty personal attacks by Chris Christie, and his comment on "fighting" the school yard union bully's. "You punch me, I punch you." What, no outrage Daily Caller? This is such petty stuff.

The Horror of "Social Justice" indoctrination.

Any reasonable person wouldn't think twice about an honest look at both sides of an issue, analyzing and synthesizing information and having empathy.

But in the following hideous world vision of conservative despotism, those free thinkers, trying to solve world hunger, bring about racial equality and wipe out child labor must be vilified and expunged from society. In this nasty screed by super villain "Hate Monger" (aka Michelle Malkin), it's easy to see where the conservative tea party movement is headed. Oh, and could liberals please be more concise, like Malkin's 664 word column on this topic...:

"The ultimate goal of these social-justice prep schools: creating left-wing political advocates."
If only the right wing had fundamentalist religious schools funded by taxpayers to rely on. Oh, and more conservative colleges and those valuable think tank fellowships. It's a dangerous world filled with armed enemies encouraged by a radical political party hell bend on tearing this country down. We're of course talking about Malkin and her tea party Republican home grown terrorists.

Krauthammer: Obama tricking GOP into impeaching him for humanitarian effort to save immigrant children.

Conservatives are so removed from reality that they're now blaming Obama for their inside the bubble hysterics. Sue then impeach? Who said that?

The latest surreal Charles Krauthammer column said it all for me:

That's right, Obama is using the GOP lawsuit against him to eventually make Republicans try and impeach him for an executive order John Boehner told him to make to help those homeless immigrant children. What a devious plan. After all, no ones talking impeachment....

...or pushing impeachment talk as described here by Chris Hayes....

But Krauthammer doesn't just suggest Obama is manipulating tea party Republicans into foolishly impeaching him, that scoundrel, but he also implying the president is lying about GOP inaction. Republican's were on it:
Last week, the House of Representatives passed legislation that deals reasonably with this immigrant wave.
Reasonable? In this short 30 second summation by Al Sharpton, I guess the mass deportation of children back to their violent oppressive countries, where they'll starve to death... is reasonable:

Can they really limit the presidents powers? We're seeing  the results of our trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, which destroyed the economic base those countries depended on. For Republicans, it's a big surprise those displaced workers are now seeking refuge in the U.S..

The New Standard in Journalism?

Maybe I didn't notice this before at (V) icki's Facebook site, but my god how the right wing keeps lowering our standards...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bush policies took about $3200 a year out of every tax payer pocket.

In a long overdue look at how the Bush administration took "surpluses as far as the eyes could see" and squandered it, David Cay Johnston shows us all how much better off we'd be today if we had just stayed on the Clinton policy track:
TRILLIONS LOST TO BUSH TAX CUTS COULD PAY ALL CAR, CREDIT, AND STUDENT DEBT: The Bush tax cuts, which were supposed to help lead to a more prosperous economy, have actually cost Americans as much as $6.6 trillion in personal income. 

David Cay Johnston wrote: "I calculated that enormous figure by comparing the average income Americans reported on their 2000 tax returns with what they reported each year for 2001 through 2012, adjusting for inflation and the growing population. Add up the income for 12 years and it turns out to be $6.6 trillion less than if we had maintained the prosperity of 2000 for a growing population. Total those 12 years and the net shortfall per taxpayer comes to $48,010 ($39,500 after taxes). It is the equivalent of $11 appearing in your wallet every morning from the start of 2001 through the end of 2012.”
“Had that $6.6 trillion shortfall been realized as income, it would have been enough to pay off all the student loans in the United States ($1.26 trillion), all the automobile loans ($892 billion) and all the credit card debt ($827 billion). After paying all that debt off and taking taxes into account, American still would have more than $2.4 trillion left in their pockets and bank accounts.”

Johnston went on to point out that Bush sold the tax cuts as ensuring the future prosperity of America.

“In a December 1999, speech to Iowa voters, the future President Bush vowed, if elected, to put into law a ‘tax cut designed to sustain our nation’s prosperity – and reflect our nations decency … The entrepreneurs of America create jobs, take risks and make their profits with honor. My tax cut plan will expand their ranks by encouraging American enterprise … Low tax rates are a powerful economic tool to promote a higher standard of living for all Americans.”

Well, now we see how that worked out. Are we going to change course or just continue with the same failed policies?

Walker's stand on low wages and cuts in state spending is killing consumer demand in Wisconsin.

Democrats were right again about Act 10, and the harmful effects of reducing public employee take home pay due to increases in health and pension contributions.

Add to that the massive job losses during the Great Recession, the cost of back to tech school retraining, the stagnant statewide it any wonder this is the hole we're finding ourselves in:
Bloomberg/AP: Wisconsin's sluggish recovery from the Great Recession was reflected Thursday in new figures that show growth in consumer spending has lagged behind neighboring states and the nation as a whole.

Consumer spending also is growing slower than personal income, which economists said could be signs that consumers feel less than optimistic about the future and may be trying to pay down debt.
Who cares, right? CEO’s are feeling outrageously optimistic according to a recent survey mentioned often by Governor Scott Walker. Consumer driven demand, which is 70% of our economy, is nothing compared to our supply side corporate bosses profit margins.
Wisconsin consumers spent $34,721 per person in 2012, a 2.5 percent increase from the year before, the U.S. Commerce Department said. Nationally … 3.3% … and in the Great Lakes region, it rose 3.5%.

Kundan Kishor, an economist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (said), "Consumer spending is determined by the current income and what you expect income to be in the future, and if you are not optimistic about what's going to happen in the future, it will affect your consumption decisions."

Wisconsin residents' personal income grew 3.9 percent from 2011 to 2012, while it increased by 4.2 percent nationally and 4.6 percent in Minnesota.

Consumer spending also likely was affected by cuts in state spending and government jobs under Walker, along with a stagnant housing market, Kishor said. Lower government spending reduces demand for goods and services and can add to unemployment, said Steven Durlauf, a University of Wisconsin-Madison economist. 
So what, says the governor, whose economic agenda is decided by what everyday people tell him:
Walker spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said spending cuts enacted under the governor were needed to address a $3.6 billion deficit. "People across the state tell him one of the best ways to fuel the economic recovery is to reduce their tax burden."

Walker is focused on bringing back our now offshored manufacturing base and laughing at the idea of mass transit alternatives favored by young adults...
Wisconsin's slower recovery also reflects long-term issues in the state economy, including a loss of manufacturing jobs and a significant portion of college graduates who leave to seek work in other states, the economists said.
Check out Jake's Economic TA Funhouse for an in-depth analysis of this report.

Walker didn't add to Student Financial Assistance Program for Job Retraining, so now it's empty.

Preface to a Problem: You’d have to be an idiot not to see the connection between education and our state's future economic growth. And yet that’s just what Scott Walker missed at a time when a massive influx of displaced workers needed financial aid to get retraining at our technical colleges and universities.    

Spending Cut Mantra: Walker was so focused on spending cuts that when a program wasn't cut, Democrats and Wisconsinites celebrated. So no one thought to demand an increase to the state's financial aid program:
jsonline: Dan Clancy, president of the Wisconsin Technical College System (said), "Thousands of displaced Wisconsin workers need retraining to succeed in the jobs being created in emerging and rapidly changing industries." Walker recommends preserving the existing level of financial aid funding for technical college students.  That move recognizes technical college graduates "are critical to building a strong future for our state," Clancy said.
Today: The following story is breathtaking and shows how little Walker’s austerity agenda is tethered to reality. It’s pure ideology. Nearly 42,000 Wisconsin students were denied financial help, with a majority of those seeking out our technical colleges:
WPR: The state's nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau; about 3,581 UW students and 37,844 technical college applicants were denied financial assistance during the past year. That's because the $58-million program ran out of money.
Despite warnings from Democratic legislators, Republicans went ahead and cut the state’s economic throat by not providing additional funding to the student assistance program. The media still won't take Democratic warnings seriously until a Republican jumps on board:
State Sen. Jennifer Schilling is the ranking Senate Democrat on the Legislature's committee on universities and technical colleges. She said the Walker administration and state Republicans are to blame. "We have not kept pace," she said. "We've made the choice that that's not been a priority in our state budget."
The statement that follows is nothing short of moronic. And the first order of business; defend Walker:
Sherrie Nelson, the administrative policy advisor at the state's Higher Educational Aids Board, which administers the grants, said funding levels haven't been cut under Gov. Scott Walker's tenure … but she said that demand for financial support has increased.

"There's a lot of people that have lost their jobs so they've had to go back and get some additional training," Nelson said. "So, that's why we've seen the increased enrollments." The Higher Educational Aids Board is planning to ask for a $6-million budget increase for the first year of the next biennial state budget to accommodate those increased applications. 

We're only two biennial budgets behind on this no-brainer. And all of this was on top of the other big cut that produced student protests statewide at local technical colleges:
Journal Times: Democratic State Rep. Cory Mason confirmed that state funding for technical education has been cut 30 percent in the state budget, back to the funding levels in the mid-1980s. Republican State Sen. Van Wanggaard, express(ed) disappointment, “The protesters decided this event should have been about their agenda."
So who was it that didn't have a clue and has mismanaged our state's recovery?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sheriff Clarke pushes vigilante justice: "I don't dial 911. I will afterwords to say 'come get this dead guy'..."

Since my home base is Madison, it looks like I've been missing out on the continuing lunacy of fake Democrat Sheriff David Clarke. In a new ad rated by PolitiFact as true, Sheriff Clarke is shown as the irresponsible gun nut we knew he was. It's almost too weird, too incendiary to describe. Check it out:

Here's the story:
A new TV ad by a liberal union-backed Greater Wisconsin Committee uses Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.’s own words to suggest he’s encouraging gun violence by discouraging use of the 911 emergency response system. At the top of the spot, a narrator says: "Emergency responders. They risk their lives every day to help save ours. But Sheriff David Clarke says 911 is not our best option."

Clarke says in a clip featured in the ad: "I don’t dial 911, I will afterwards, to say ‘Come get this dead guy out of my house, he’s bleeding out and he’s messing up my carpet ... Point that barrel (at) center mass and pull the trigger."

Does the new ad accurately reflect Clarke’s views? Specifically, has Clarke advised citizens to "point that barrel center mass and pull the trigger" because "911 is not our best option?" We rate the claim True.

Ryan's War with Poverty a Bureaucratic Nightmare!

Poor Paul Ryan, he can’t get any breaks. Take the “liberal media,” which is throwing out headlines like “Critics bash Ryan’s new plan.” Aw, what’s a guy like Ryan to do?

The thing is, it’s another horribly thought out plan that even some liberal pundits were sucked into praising as a first step.  No, it’s an outrageous plan. For instance, here's my list of problems:
1. It privatizes social safety nets.

2. Creates a maze of private “case managers” incentivized to get “results.” Those results? Well, I doubt the government will tolerate increased spending if you catch my drift.

3. Big government oversight will hire and fire case managers or their organizations based on “results,” the above mentioned expectation to save money.

4. Massive amounts of personal information will be in the hands of case managers or organizations with lax security measures, not to mention the threat of a government data base tracking your every move.

5. Absolutely no mention of an economic policy that needs adjusting. Solve the problems that results in poverty in the first place.
This is the kind of stuff the right wing, tea party and GOP have been railing against for decades. This is an acrobatic flip flop the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Are conservatives sleeping?

Here's Greta's interview with Rep. Paul Ryan on his plan to change the ‘status quo.’ Greta is stumped by Ryan's increase of administrative bureaucracy. ON THE RECORD:

The media chimed in, amazed by Ryan's inability to acknowledge his plans nightmarish amount of red tape: 
Salon: Ryan’s plan still rests on a rather fundamental misconception of the poor: that those who suffer under the capitalist order have no one to blame but themselves … the idea that poor people, if they want to use government programs, should sign a “contract” that would outline various steps and benchmarks they’d be responsible for — or else suffer the consequences of undefined “sanctions” … a policy that quite literally would have government agents micromanaging poor people’s lives.

Ryan assumes poverty in America cannot be adequately addressed by doing seemingly obvious things like giving people money or creating well-paying jobs that tackle vital public needs, but that it instead requires the poor to learn from a government-provided surrogate parent how to wrest themselves free from that dreaded “tailspin of culture” Ryan’s previously warned us about. Reihan Salam, a longtime Ryan cheerleader agrees that Ryan’s plan is paternalistic, but considers that one of its virtues.
There's more:
630wpro: Ryan’s support for local service providers is supposed to encourage the poor to develop short, medium, and long-term plans with help from the providers, using contracts, timelines and rewards for meeting different “benchmarks of success.” 
More still:
Financial Times: Traditional conservative Republican ideas joined with what can only be described as a “big government” proposal to closely monitor the lives of the poor as they try to progress up the socioeconomic ladder … a program that runs headlong into traditional Republican rhetoric about getting the government out of the details of people’s lives. Ryan proposes to have recipients of social safety net services sit down with a third party case manager hired by the government to provide social services and to construct a “life plan” … he envisions these contracts, and individuals’ relationships with the case manager lasting for years and monitoring their parenting skills, substance abuse, finances, living situation, and relationships with friends and family members. 

The likely size of the bureaucracy– a network of case managers for every individual (or even every family) on public assistance would likely require tens of thousands of new government employees (or contractors) and not to mention facilities, information technology equipment, and the other essentials of any modern organization. 

Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, disagreed with Ryan’s diagnosis of the problems facing the poor in the first place. “The main problem faced by the American poor is not that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the safety net.  It’s that they lack the employment and earnings opportunities necessary to work their way out of poverty,” he wrote. 

Mary Burke and Scott Walker get Celebrity Support!!!

In a wildly creative look at campaign donations, WKOW's Greg Neumann spotlighted celebrity donations to Mary Burke and Scott Walker. Guess who Scott Baio supports.  Or how about Donald Trump, Carl Reiner, Garrison Keiller, Lily Tomlin, Bradley Whitford....?

Hollywood has been kind to Burke, with legendary TV Producer Marcy Carsey leading the way with a $5,000 donation to her campaign. Carsey is a partner in the company Carsey-Werner, which has produced such classics as The Cosby Show, A Different World, Third Rock from the Sun and That 70's Show. Mavis Leno, wife of former Tonight Show Host Jay Leno, donated $2,000 to the Burke campaign. Burke Campaign Spokesperson Joe Zepecki tells 27 News that Burke met both Carsey and Leno at a fundraiser in California earlier this year.

But Zepecki said the campaign did not know it would also be getting donations from Carl Reiner and Garrison Keillor, who each gave $250 to Burke.
WKOW featured an ABC News Q & A with Mary Burke, where she had all the right answers:
ABC’s ’14 for 14′ Hot Seat: Meet Mary Burke, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Worst Nightmare.

Q. What’s something voters may not know about Gov. Scott Walker?

Burke: Some people are not aware that under Governor Walker our economy in Wisconsin is dead-last in the Midwest. Out of 10 Midwestern states, we’re tenth in job creation under Scott Walker.

Q. What do you think Gov. Walker believes about marriage equality?

Burke: He hasn't been straight with the voters in Wisconsin. He’s been waffling on this issue and I think he owes it to the voters in Wisconsin to be clear about where he stands on the issue.

Q. How much of your own money are you willing to put into your campaign?

Burke: Well, I’ve been pretty clear from the start. I will put into the race what I can of my own resources, but it’s a fraction of what will be needed. Over 90 percent of my donations come of $100 or less, and we have had great success. So, I’m focused on raising the money to get my message out.

Q. Should the Packers retire Brett Favre’s jersey and induct him into the Hall of Fame? Yay or nay?

Burke: Definitely a ‘yay.’ Brett and his family have contributed a lot to Wisconsin, a lot to the winning tradition of the Packers, and I don’t think we should be holding a grudge. I think we should be looking at all the contributions he made.

Q. Spotted Cow or Summer Shandy?

Burke: Spotted Cow. New Glarus is a great brewery and Spotted Cow, you can only get it in Wisconsin and [it's] one of my favorites.

Voter ID Shredded by New Study.

Count on Voxdotcom's Ezra Klein to bring us the bottom line on voter fraud, and the new study that shreds the voter ID argument. But will this new research be used in our courts? We can only hope:

Justin Levitt, a professor at the Loyola University Law School and an expert in constitutional law and the law of democracy:

Voter ID laws are back in the news once again, with two new opinions from the Wisconsin Supreme Court late last week dealing with the state's ID requirement, which would allow people to vote only if they provide certain forms of government-issued ID. The Court made some minor changes to the law but otherwise upheld it ... the Wisconsin Supreme Court blew it.  Twice.

First, the court cited the idea that ID laws could enhance public confidence--that is, in theory, the laws might make us feel better about elections in that they might provide some security theater. It turns out, though, that this effect is hard to spot. People in states with more restrictive ID laws don’t generally feel better about their elections than people in more permissive states. People who think elections are being stolen, and people who think they’re not, each hold on to that opinion no matter what the governing ID rules in their area. The factor that really influences whether people think the elections are fair? Whether their preferred candidates win.

Second, the court said that ID laws can help stop fraud. It then cited an example of recent fraud … that ID laws aren’t designed to stop. Specifically, it mentioned a case in which a supporter of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was charged with 13 counts of election fraud, including "registering to vote in more than one place, voting where he didn't live, voting more than once in the same election, and providing false information to election officials," according to an account by Talking Points Memo. Wisconsin's ID law would not likely have prevented any of the alleged violations.

I’ve been tracking allegations of fraud for years now ... So far, I've found about 31 different incidents (some of which involve multiple ballots) since 2000, anywhere in the country. To put this in perspective, the 31 incidents below come in the context of general, primary, special, and municipal elections from 2000 through 2014. In general and primary elections alone, more than 1 billion ballotswere cast in that period.

Some of these 31 incidents have been thoroughly investigated (including some prosecutions). But many have not. Based on how other claims have turned out, I’d bet that some of the 31 will end up debunked. In just four states that have held just a few elections under the harshest ID laws, more than 3,000 votes (in general elections alone) have reportedly been affirmatively rejected for lack of ID. (That doesn't include voters without ID who didn't show up, or record keeping mistakes by officials.)  Some of those 3,000 may have been fraudulent ballots.  But how many legitimate voters have already been turned away.

Scott Walker's Jobs Promise number one issue and failure.

I normally don't like Chris Cillizza's wimpy "both sides do it" kind of lazy reporting, but when someone like him goes out of his way to point out something as egregious as Scott Walker's jobs promise, that news.

In his column, "This ad shows why Scott Walker should be worried," Cillizza writes:
It's odd to say but the Wisconsin governor's race may be one of the sleeper contests in the country.

And this ad, which Burke is now running, shows that she has a potentially powerful message that goes to the number one concern of every voter: Jobs.
Remember, Walker said he didn't think voters would hold him to his promise:
I've become convinced that the best (read: most effective) negative ads in the modern political world are those that feature a politician's own words. The video of Walker promising that he would create 250,000 jobs is political gold -- and something the Burke campaign can just keep running on TV  in lots of different iterations between now and November. And, while Walker may have answers for why he isn't going to meet that particular promise, it doesn't change the fact that he made a promise and looks unlikely to deliver on it. 

By running a different kind of race -- one focused wholly (or close to it) on jobs -- Burke plays both to her strengths as a businesswoman and to Walker's biggest vulnerability. Promises made but not kept are dangerous things in politics. This is a very real race.

New jobs numbers show Scott Walker's Wisconsin slowest in region adding jobs.

The big headline on jobs reported by the ADP Research Institute, touted the employment numbers coming out of the South, compared with other parts of the country. Big surprise huh? Warm year round climate and highway system...who would've thought?
ADP Regional Employment Report: Big Gap in Jobs Added Between South and Other Regions.
But the numbers we care about most are Wisconsin's, and the miracle rightwing agenda Scott Walker says needs more steps...after the protests and recall...after Act 10...with additional tax cuts...continued deregulation...whatever.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Democratic ALEC member Rep. Chris Taylor updates us on GOP/Corporate agenda!!

Ed Schultz continues to talk about ALEC, which for whatever reason, makes major news directors and editors roll their eyes at those silly liberal Democrats.

Not Rep. Chris Taylor, who is carrying on the ALEC membership tradition from Congressman Mark Pocan. What's their agenda now? It's here.

GOP/Walker continue to blame Bush Great Recession job losses on former Gov. Doyle/Burke. Shooting Blanks this early in Campaign.

The new Friends of Scott Walker ad continues to shift blame for the GOP free market failure, "The Great Recession," on Democratic Governor Jim Doyle.

"Stand with Walker" low information voters are happy to blame someone else so long as they don't have to rethink bad policies. It's so much "work" to make improvements to their nonsensical platform.

I've added my comment to a video captured still of their ad below, in red:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wisconsin Congressmen vote to Discharge Pesticides into Navigable Waters.

The following vote by our free market disaster capitalists in Congress was not only dangerous to our waterways, but my god, how bad does something have to look before you stop and ask; are we going too far? Deregulation deceptively dressed up as “freedom” is the fuel the tea party Republicans use to get their low information base to charge blindly ahead.

But really, discharging anything into our waters should be met with some skepticism, especially pesticides. Roll Call
REGULATION OF PESTICIDE DISCHARGES: The House passed a bill (HR 935) that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring permits under the Clean Water Act for discharges into navigable waters of pesticides authorized for use under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Clean Water Act permits still would be required for discharges regulated by that law as municipal or industrial waste or storm water.
Voting to dump pesticides into our waterways (I can’t believe I’m typing this): Paul Ryan, Ron Kind, Jim Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Sean Duffy, and Reid Ribble.

My sympathies to Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore for not getting press for their sane but important vote against this lunacy. And Ron Kind? Anybody know what happened here? 

Republicans drag Kindergarten Teacher through the Right Wing Media Mud.

If some right winger came up and destroyed a few Mary Burke signs, would you hunt them down and charge them with vandalism? Not me, but our police state minded tea party losers would, and did just that…to a kindergarten teacher. 

Even crazier? Wisconsin Reporter M.D. Kittle was finally able to expose this criminals name, and publicly shame her. Kittle's laughably extensive coverage of this incredibly uninteresting story is jaw dropping to say the least:
10 signs knocked over!!
Wisconsin Reporter has learned the identity of the suspect accused of politically motivated disorderly conduct at last month’s Jefferson County Fair. April Kay Smith, 38, a kindergarten teacher in the Germantown School District, was issued a disorderly conduct citation for tearing up and stomping on several signs on July 9 at the Jefferson County Republican Party booth after the fair had shut down for the night.
In an instant, our one party authoritarian brown shirts were on it:
A witness, Roxane Stillman, 62, of rural Madison, reported seeing Smith destroy the signs. Stillman, in a July 23 story, told Wisconsin Reporter she followed the suspect around the fairgrounds for more than a half hour, calling out for a police officer.
Poor Stillman didn't even have a gun to defend herself, and our children, from someone so dangerous:
Stillman told Wisconsin Reporter that she has pressed for the suspect’s identity because she is concerned that someone who seems to be carrying so much anger and partisan aggression would be teaching children.
Overzealous much? To top it all off, our lawsuit crazy conservative hypocrites were ready to sue to get this kindergarten teachers name:
The Sheriff’s Department, as of Monday morning, had yet to release details … The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, or WILL, sent the county a letter advising that the Sheriff’s Department interpretation of the court decision is overly broad and the agency could risk a lawsuit if it continues to keep basic information from the public. 
And you gotta know something this sick is right up Vicki McKenna’s alley:
The Jefferson County GOP first made the matter public on conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna’s show a few days after the incident … The woman started walking away — then she started running, Stillman said. “I said, ‘Honey, I’m good for about five miles. If you want to run, that’s OK. I’ll stay with you,’” Stillman said. "Everywhere we walked, I yelled out, “Someone get the police! This lady damaged property.” 
This is the party of freedom and liberty folks. Be warned, they will hunt you down for crossing them or for resisting their one party agenda, and send their intrepid reporter Kittle to drag you through the right wing media for a public shaming. That should quell dissent. A real scoop there Kittle.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Country Thrives under Democratic Presidents!!!

The press can play this down as much as they'd like, but is it really just an odd coincidence Democratic presidents could get this lucky every time? Didn't think so:
Voxdotcom: Economists Alan Blinder and Mark Watson assembled the evidence in their newly revised working paper, "Presidents and the US Economy: An Econometric Explanation" … they find, roughly half of the difference in growth rates can be chalked up to just three or four factors: Democratic presidents have historically been hurt less by oil shocks, and have benefited more from productivity booms, favorable international conditions, and possibly higher consumer confidence. 
 And just in case you don't read the comments sections, I had to repeat the one here where I responded: "Faced with stats that go back to Truman, and research into why, you've decided to go partisan and ignore everything. Amazing but a wonderful example of bubble world politics."
Anonymous said...By "thrive" you must mean taxed and regulated to death?

The only thing that thrives during a Democratic President is impoverishment and bureaucratic deception. Next, you'll try to convince America that Islam is a religion of peace, right? Yeah, it's for the children.

Walker praises Frac Sand Mining Company for "maintaining clean water, clean land, and clean air," at the same time it was fined for environmental violations.

Scott Walker stuck his foot into his mouth this time, praising a sand mine company that was just fined by the Justice Department for violating regulations. Oops. Not now, in an election year?
jsonline: Two weeks after Gov. Scott Walker visited a frac sand company in western Wisconsin to celebrate an expansion, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen entered a settlement with the company for violating state environmental laws. But unlike three other cases where sand mining companies paid fines for violating state regulations, the Justice Department didn't issue a news release detailing the agreement with Hi-Crush Proppants LLC.

"It certainly raises my eyebrows and it certainly seems like there's politics behind it," said Anne Sayers, program director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. "Walker extols the virtues of polluting companies while hiding the fact that the problems they're creating are harming the health and property values of citizens of communities and hurting small business," Sayers said.
I just love the Justice Departments reason for forgetting this one particular companies violation that won praise from Walker:
Dana Brueck, spokeswoman for Van Hollen, said she has a simple reason for why she didn't issue a release: She didn't have the time.
The reason Walker would like hide this little appearance away? Get a load of this hucksters bark:
The governor praised Hi-Crush for ..."maintaining a positive relationship with the Wisconsin communities surrounding their facilities. We can balance our strong commitment to maintaining clean water, clean land, and clean air with an operation investing in Wisconsin, building on our economy, and creating good, family-supporting jobs."
Oh, there's more constructing high-capacity wells without a permit. Aw shucks: 
In addition to Hi-Crush, Thein Well Co. of Spicer, Minn., paid $16,000 in forfeitures — both for constructing high-capacity wells without approval  … The wells were decommissioned … The DNR has initiated 22 enforcement cases against sand companies since March 2012.

Sayers wondered whether Walker's and Van Hollen's offices were concerned … Walker's appearance would later be exploited by critics, so the Justice Department held off on issuing a statement.

Republicans Hate Unions? Joe Liebham says he loves 'em, noting: "News Flash: Trade Unions Donate to Republicans."

Rep. Joe Leibham, running for congress against Glenn Grothman and Duey Stroebel, wants to thank the unions for their money!!!
The Leibham magic spell?

The Trouble with Unions? Taxpayers don't actually fund Democratic campaigns, the union member does out of their wages. When Wisconsinites pay for private trade union services out of our hard earned cash, they end up ironically helping fund...Republican campaigns.

So public unions are bad because they fund Democrats, and private trade unions are good because they fund the Republicans. Oh, and throw in a few of the firefighter and police unions exempt from Act 10 while you're at it.

Liebham even broke it down for us. What a guy...:

Conservative Leaders and the Trade Union's Support:

•    FACT - It is true that the Laborers supported WI Republicans in 2012 and helped them win in an election that Wisconsin turned blue. 
For 2012, the Laborers also gave $5000 to Paul Ryan and $3000 to Sean Duffy.  You can also find multi-thousand donations to Paul Ryan in 2010,2008, 2006, 2004, 2002.

•    FACT - It is true that the Laborers have donated $300,000 to the RGA (Republican Governor Association) in the last two years. Thanks to donations like these, the RGA started this year
 with a surplus that is being applied to governor races like Scott Walker's.

•    FACT - It is true that the Laborers supported over 25 Republicans nationwide in the last cycle and helped them win federal elections.

•    FACT - It is also true that the Laborers support the Keystone Pipeline.  Along with the Republican Party, ALEC, AFP, and our primary opponents. LIUNA's support will be as critical to securing the Keystone Pipeline as a single congressman.

•    FACT - It is also true that the Laborers support Walker's 2011 mining bill. LIUNA's support was important to securing the mine, and nearly all Republicans voted for that mine, including our primary opponents who didn't object to LIUNA back then.
•    FACT - It is also true that the Laborers now oppose Obamacare: “If the Affordable Care Act is not fixed, and it destroys the health and welfare funds that we have all fought for and stand for, then I believe it needs to be repealed,” said Terry O’Sullivan.

You gotta love those unions, the good ones.

Walker Campaign not running on empty. They've got a full tank of high mileage Lies.

I've criticized Democrats for stretching the truth when they really didn't have to. But get a load out of the Walker campaign. Wow. See herehere and here for own coverage.

In rapid succession, the only criticism they could come up with for Mary Burke were two whoppers:

Westlund Frustration: Voter Confusion, Party Flip Flopping Shenanigans will only help reelect Tea Party rubber stamp Rep. Sean Duffy!

I thought it was funny enough that a Republican/libertarian, who ran as a fake Democrat in a 2010 primary, switched back to Republican so he could primary tea party Rep. Sean Duffy. But that was before I realized an anti-government tea party/libertarian decided to run as a Democrat against Kelly Westlund.

It’s a race the media should be covering but isn’t because everyone assumes Duffy’s newly drawn district makes him a shoo-in. But…

In an amazing headline devoid of any critical thinking whatsoever, “Democrats Vying for 7th Congressional District Oppose Each Other On Most Issues,” it was apparent right away Westlund’s primary opponent was a Republican and/or libertarian zealot posing as a Democrat.

I mean really, what were the clues:
Mike Krsieann is a self-employed design engineer and farmer who wants to cut the size of government. Krsiean wants to phase out Social Security all together. “I want to give young people who have not yet had quite a few years investing in the soon-to-be-failed Social Security system (the) option to opt out.“

Krsiean wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

Krsiean said the Penokee Hills iron mine needs to go forward for the sake of jobs. “America needs steel,” said Krsiean. “The people of Iron County need jobs.”
Heck, Krsiean’s own twisted reasoning for running as a Democrat is enough to make your head explode:
Krsiean, who has previously campaigned as a Republican and a Libertarian, thought he would run as a Democrat this time. "I think my chances are very good. As a whole, the 7th District has very conservative Democratic values."
Next Tuesday’s primary will give us an idea of just how “Republican” the 7th District is now, by counting the votes from low information Dodo’s that can’t tell the difference between Westlund and Krsiend.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good-bye Toledo, Ohio. The simple act of polluting just shut down their Water Supply.

Isn’t it time we get rid of the EPA? Get big government job killing regulations out of the way.

Even with regulations, we’re seeing the devastating effects of water pollution in Lake Erie. About 400,000 people in the Toledo Ohio area were told not drink or even use tap water for almost everything, including washing dishes and brushing their teeth. And boiling the water only makes the toxin worse.

Imagine getting rid of the EPA, leaving it up to some state’s to put in place ideologically relaxed environmental controls over the use of phosphorus in farm fertilizers and underfunded oversight of sewage treatment plant runoff.  Remember, we’re no longer talking about a moderate Republican Party anymore.
WFAA: Algae blooms during the summer have become more frequent and troublesome around the western end of Lake Erie, the shallowest of the five Great Lakes. The algae growth is fed by phosphorus mainly from farm fertilizer runoff and sewage treatment plants. Scientists had predicted a significant bloom of the blue-green algae this year, but they didn't expect it to peak until early September.
If regulation costs money, than how would you describe the following:
Toledo spent about $4 million last year on chemicals to treat its water and combat the toxins.

It’s what we’re doing to the Environment: Add to that job killing climate change and the onset of long lasting droughts that have killed off major parts of the U.S. cattle herd, raising market prices and closing processing plants, like the Cargill facility in Milwaukee that once employed 500 workers. How does that save money or promote freedom?
Daily Beast: Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of wildfires in central and northern California. Thousands of acres have been burned, and some residents have been asked to evacuate their homes. The atypically high temperatures and dry weather in these regions of the state have exacerbated the wildfires.
Produce dependent farmers have seen their water supply shut off or greatly restricted, raising prices for consumers. 

And what about the air we breathe, a topic never brought up in these discussions? Tens of thousands of people die prematurely due to lung diseases caused by particulates they inhaled over decades.