Saturday, September 6, 2014

Walker brags he Broke his Jobs Promise!!! 4 more years this?

No, I'm not going to give Scott Walker the satisfaction of posting his open admission of failure creating jobs, so this blogs trolls can bask in their fantasy world of supply side economics.

But here it is, Walker bragging about breaking his jobs promise, turning lemons into low information voters lemonade.

Oh, and he won't make the same mistake again, if Wisconsin gives this freeloading career politician another 4 years:

...(Walker said) this week he would not make a similar one as he makes his bid for a second term.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Walker won't learn from the courts decision on Gay Marriage. No curiosity.

Isn't anyone else fed up with the Republicans outright use of their beloved conservative activist Supreme Court? That's where every law these overreaching right wingers go to shred the constitution with the blessings of the judicial branch they own apologetically. 

In the WKOW clip below, Scott Walker openly admits he's anxious to give the same sex marriage decision up to their stacked Supreme Court, because apparently the constitution allows for the tyranny of the majority to do whatever it wants. Voting peoples rights away is another "will-of-the-people" example, winner-take-all parties want.

He also isn't interested in learning about why he might be wrong about gay marriage, even when he's given a list by the court that struck down the state law:
"Until the U.S. Supreme Court either chooses not to take it up or were to rule that the law here and elsewhere is unconstitutional, we are still obligated to support the constitution as it was amended by the voters."

Here's the list gov:
In the opinion, Judge Richard Posner, a President Ronald Reagan appointee wrote that the state's rationale for the ban “is so full of holes that it cannot be taken seriously.”

Posner wrote that “when there is no justification for government’s treating a traditionally discriminated-against group significantly worse than the dominant group in the society, doing so denies equal protection of the laws.”

Posner also focused in part on the children of same-sex couples in the opinion, writing that they “would be better off both emotionally and economically if their adoptive parents were married.”

Wisconsin voters added the same-sex marriage ban to the state's constitution in 2006. That popular vote was one of the reasons lawyers for the state said the ban should be upheld. That argument did not sway Judge Posner, who wrote: “Minorities trampled on by the democratic process have recourse to the courts; the recourse is called constitutional law.”
See Posner's decision here. And like Walker, his AG attack dog coincidentally also likes the odds of winning in the activist court. It's so obvious:
J.B. Van Hollen had always believed that this case would ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Snobby Madison liberals live better life, in greenest city in America, than people in all large cities.

You know where you can put your gated communities, that's all I'm saying.

What is it with those anti-business-unionista-hippy-gun control freaks, getting so much recognition...oh yea, the liberal press:
Madison: The quality of life is better in Madison than in every other large American city. That's according to a study of the 100 largest U.S. cities by personal finance site NerdWallet ... review from writer Sreekar Jasthi: "If you're looking to improve your quality of life, consider moving to Madison. The city offers a great work-life balance, high affordability and health insurance coverage rates, and a low unemployment rate. At the center of the city lies the largest public university in the state, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which focuses on 'improving the quality of life for all' in its mission statement."

And it's not the first time, in April the site listed Madison as the greenest city in America, beating out Anchorage, Alaska, and Corpus Christi, Texas.

A month later, it put Madison fourth on the list of best cities to have a dog
We're not done yet...
Snobby people think they’re better than you. Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we’re breaking that down …  this list of the top places for the snootiest, snottiest, and downright snobbiest folks in the country.

CapTimes: Wisconsin may be known as America’s Dairyland, but don’t let the all-American, salt of the earth, Midwest thing fool you. These guys are total snobs… at least in Madison. That’s because this city was made up of 53.31 percent college graduates … Madison also came in near the top for its number of theaters and art galleries per capita, and for its lack of fast food restaurants (it ranked 35th).

Conservative "Principles" Fail on Green Energy Choices and Freedom to Save Money.

Staunch conservatives are now finding out that their strict belief system is filled with so many embarrassing contradictions that they may have to change something, and as we all know, that’s not going to happen. That would be an admission of failure.

The Walker administration has been clear that alternative energy is not in Wisconsin’s future. The big energy companies know that, and are acting accordingly:
MidwestEnergy: Wisconsin has seen its installation of solar systems drop since 2010, following eight years of modest growth. The key reason behind Wisconsin’s sluggish growth is opposition by its utility sector … Utilities  are pre-positioning themselves to avoid potential future losses from homegrown power, like solar arrays, by seeking fixed rates rather than charging customers for the amount of energy they use. That can discourage conservation, clean energy…
Anti-Green Energy is Anti-Free Market: This is where Matt Neumann, whose father is former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann, is stepping in to hopefully change big energies plans with "free market" solutions:
(Neumann is) president of the Wisconsin Solar Energy Industries Association and as the co-owner of a solar installation business … Neumann uses conservative touchstones ... For him, it’s a lack of “liberty” that prevents a property owner from choosing how to power his or her home or business. He said this absence of “energy choice” contradicts Republican tenets ... “We’re very conservative here in Wisconsin. The reality is free market capitalism, the choice to choose how you buy your energy, and how you finance that acquisition, the ability to lower your long-term energy costs — those are all very conservative principles and yet for some reason we’re struggling to adapt.”
And let's not forget the grip ALEC has on our "free market" Republicans, as pictured here.

The threat from big energy is real, and could effect change for decades, which is ridiculous. Check out this anti-choice ploy:
We Energies are also asking regulators to allow it to pay much less for electricity generated by homeowners, who can sell excess power derived from solar panels and other systems to utilities. The company is seeking to decrease the current price of 14 cents per kilowatt-hour to between 3 and 5 cents. Tyler Huebner, executive director of RENEW Wisconsin, said if the buyback rate for excess solar power drops from 14 cents to 4 cents, it would price solar systems out of the marketplace. “That’s the concern.”
You want to know just how powerful big energy is to the Republican Party, and who really controls them? The following says it all:
(Neumann) said the “big thing” that Republicans will have to overcome is the utilities’ argument that solar could increase the cost of electricity on those customers who don’t have it. “It’s just plain not true,” Neumann said, noting that solar power cuts cost on utilities and customers by generating power at peak demand periods.

But the utilities seem to have the ear of lawmakers. State Sen. Robert Cowles, a Republican and chairman of the Energy, Consumer Protection and Government Reform Committee, said the idea that solar could shift the cost burden to other people is “pretty compelling.” “I can tell you, the utilities are vehemently against this,” Cowles said of third-party ownership. “I’m not sure how we would get them to ever accept that."
Just to be clear, Cowles is saying the party needs to get permission from big energy to save customers money, give them choices, and reduce pollution. Got it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Court says Same Sex Marriage Bans Unconstitutional in Wisconsin and Indiana.

Gee, Republicans never get any breaks in the supposed more liberal courts. Maybe if they take everything to their sure thing, the activist Federal Supreme Court.

Same Sex Marriage Wins Again: It wasn't even close. The weird and fabricated ramifications of same sex marriage were called out for what they were:
jsonline: The nation took another big stride Thursday toward a historic decision on gay marriage, as a federal appeals court in Chicago unanimously struck down bans on same-sex unions in Wisconsin and Indiana.

"More than unsupported conjecture that same-sex marriage will harm heterosexual marriage or children or any other valid and important interest of a state is necessary to justify discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.As we have been at pains to explain, the grounds advanced by Indiana and Wisconsin for their discriminatory policies are not only conjectural; they are totally implausible," Richard Posner wrote in the 40-page decision.

The decision by a three-judge panel of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds lower federal court decisions in Madison and Indianapolis and helps set up an eventual ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the question of whether gay marriage bans violate the federal constitution. In the meantime, the ruling does not immediately take effect.
Take it to the Activist Supreme Court: Republicans are pretty damn obvious about their reliance on the Conservative knuckle draggers on the Supreme Court. Big surprise:
Dana Brueck, a spokeswoman for Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican, said "The attorney general has always believed that this case will ultimately be decided by the United States Supreme Court.”
No, really?

Phony Outrage!!! Are Republican not the most shameless losers ever?

You may have heard, Republicans appeal to their voters intelligence, not their emotions. Give us all a huge frigging break.

The phony outrage over DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is so over the top, surprisingly promoted by the press, that I can't sit back and just shake my head. This is what the conservative tea party "stand with Walker" base needed to get out to vote and donate money; phony livid outrage.

Thanks to the media, like jsonline, picking up on the WISGOP mindless talking point:
"Wasserman Schultz used domestic violence language to critque Walker's record."
She did? Domestic violence...really? I immediately thought of a Flintstones metaphor, where cavemen dragged women by their hair. But leave it to the right wing losers who have nothing else run on but a created pile of phony outrage. Here's Schultz's quote: 
"Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. I know that is stark. I know that is direct. But that is reality. What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. And that's unacceptable. It is not going to happen on our watch."
True. Oh, I forgot, I'm outraged. Don't take my word for it, check out this ridiculous response by our would be governor (if Walker becomes president), Lt Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch:
Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who said she was "shocked" that domestic violence language was used to discuss political disagreements. "I think the remarks were absolutely hideous and the motive behind them was despicable," Kleefisch said.
Dumb? Of course. A reference to domestic violence? Thank you WISGOP/Scott Walker Campaign for saying it was.

ALEC exec and State Rep. Leah Vukmir even asked Mary Burke to denounce Schulz's statement, who, oops, came out with a very clear comment a few minutes after the the phony outrage surfaced on Wednesday:
Burke campaign: "That's not the type of language that Mary Burke would use, or has used, to point out the clear differences in this contest. There is plenty that she and Governor Walker disagree on — but those disagreements can and should be pointed out respectfully."
Maybe the Republicans will ask Rep. Ron Kind, Mark Pocan and President Obama to also denounce. Oh, that's coming? See if you've heard this before:
Walker campaign spokeswoman Alleigh Marre told reporters that Burke's statement didn't go far enough and that she should be asked why she stopped short of denouncing the comments and asking the Congresswoman to apologize.
 God this pathetic. Look at the national coverage over nothing, this trumped up piece of WISGOP lunacy:

Thankfully, Schultz didn't backtrack to badly:
"I shouldn't have used the words I used. But that shouldn't detract from the broader point that I was making that Scott Walker's policies have been bad for Wisconsin women, whether it's mandating ultrasounds, repealing an equal pay law, or rejecting federal funding for preventative health care, Walker's record speaks for itself."
As on person commented:
 In other News............

1) Right-wing republicans are "outraged?" Big deal - For them it is a way of life!

2) Scott Walker is raising money? Scott Walker is ALWAYS RAISING MONEY! Slow news day?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Burke should ask Walker to make an Iron Clad Promise to serve a full 4 Years.

Guess who will not commit to his job:

Gov. Scott Walker declines to commit to four-year Wisconsin term-jsonline

If Walker were to run for president, and set up the possibility of putting Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish in as you know what, that would be comparable to the huge misstep by Sen. John McCain when he picked Sarah Palin as the person next in line to the presidency.

Will Kleefisch supply that missing ingredient, "certainty," for business leaders in Wisconsin?

In the Mary Burke interview below, at about 3:54 minutes in, the ABC reporter actually suggests Burke confront Walker and make him commit to another 4 years. Please?

Just imagine Rebecca Kleefisch guiding Wisconsin in a way that's well, unimaginable:

Holy cow, Scott Walker wants to help the wealthy get all of us to pay for their kid’s private school.

This ought to go over well with voters in many of Wisconsin's great school districts. It's also an unexpected but welcome gift to Mary Burke from the Walker campaign, especially after recent research and testing have shown how voucher schools came in at or below public schools scores on math and reading.

But why let actual result get in the way of ideology:   
jsonline: Walker said if he's re-elected, he would support a significant or wholesale lifting of the enrollment cap on the 2-year-old statewide private school voucher program, particularly for low-income students but also potentially for students from families with higher incomes.
Suggesting that Act 10 has been an amazing success, instead of  the slow disaster we’re seeing first in rural schools, is insane. The Walker campaign is trying to vilify Mary Burke for her public service on the Madison School Board, while trying to make people forget he cut school funding more than every other state except one:
So what's so hard to understand?
Walker said his opponent in the gubernatorial race, Mary Burke, sits on the school board of the Madison Metropolitan School District that will be the only school district in the state next year not adhering to the Act 10 law next school year.
Ouch, how horrific? Walker loves campaign money from former politicians who've become lobbyists for private schools interests, over Mary Burke’s support from actual teachers and the remaining state unions. Lobbyist cash is a whole lot better than money spent by teachers, right?
Walker has received political and campaign support from backers of school choice. Walker said Burke is getting support from teachers unions in the form of political advertisements.  "That, at least to some, might appear to be why she's been reluctant to take on the teachers unions when it comes to options like (Act 10)," he said.
Walker is desperate of course, actually making it seem like Burke should “take on the teachers unions,” like the very concerned voucher privateers are pushing. Acting like the Democrats are against Act 10 is as surreal as Walker's empty campaign will get. It's clear, Walker never notice the Act 10 protests. So much for being a servant of the people.

Also check out Jake's TA Economic Funhouse for a detailed account of how much money the state would have to come up with to pay for expansion...$710 million? That's how it's shaping up.

Paul Ryan Blocks Minimum Wage Hike, but allows Corporate Tax Inversions Overseas.

It’s frustrating for Democrats and real conservative penny pinchers who see an important solution to our ballooning government assistance problem blocked by Paul Ryan; increase the minimum wage.

The minimum wage would not just take more people off assistance and save taxpayer money, but it would increase consumer demand and reduce the corporate use of government programs to supplement their bottom line.

Instead, the GOP’s top snake oil salesman Paul Ryan would much rather ignore reports of job increases due to higher minimum wages, and beat to death the CBO’s admittedly squishy determination that “suggested” a hike would result in a loss of 500,000 jobs. jsonline:
Ryan told a luncheon audience at a joint meeting of the Milwaukee Press Club and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee … A day after Obama appeared in Milwaukee and called on Congress to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, (saying) he opposed the measure because it would cost the economy jobs. He cited a Congressional Budget Office study that suggested a minimum wage rise could lead to a loss of 500,000 jobs.
The Policy of Platitudes: Ryan’s detail free talking points are getting old:
"Let's focus on economic growth," he said. "Let's focus on job creation."
In the mean time, Wisconsin media refuses to ask Paul Ryan why his solution, increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, was the first thing state Republicans cut to balance the budget. The GOP’s reason? The poor didn't earn the money they got back with the tax credit:
Ryan trumpeted the earned income tax credit for low- to moderate-income workers. He said it was "a far smarter way of pulling people into the workforce" than raising the minimum wage.
Ryan is so unwilling to compromise and close corporate loopholes, that he’s willing to permanently lose corporate taxes to inversions to make his point:

Ryan said Congress should not move to block tax inversions, in which U.S. firms purchase smaller foreign corporations and then transfer their headquarters overseas so they can lower tax rates. "Simply putting up a fortress around America with these anti-inversion rules, all that we'll end up doing is accelerate the takeover of U.S. corporations by foreign corporations," he said.

Chicken Hawk Republicans shifting ISIS blame to Obama, away from Bush’s Iraq mistake! What we need is another War!!!

Ever notice how nothing Republicans do is ever considered a mistake? So the ethnic cleansing and ISIS takeover of Iraq is due to a void left by Obama? Not Bush? jsonline:
Rep. Paul Ryan said that the rise of ISIS stems from poor decisions made by the Obama administration in Syria and Iraq, and that the group was now filling "a vacuum" in the area. 
Nice try but wrong president. The war drum party of GOP chicken hawks continues to shift the blame they so rightly deserve, while pushing for a return to those same disastrous interventionist policies that got us to this point in the first place. And that paranoid fear center in their brains has them running for cover over the news of another beheading.
Rep. Paul Ryan (at) a luncheon meeting of the Milwaukee Press Club and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee had just been notified of a news report of the execution of Steven J. Sotloff ... Ryan said the United States needs to conduct a campaign to defeat the Islamic State, the jihadist group that purportedly beheaded a second U.S. journalist Tuesday. "On behalf of civilization, on behalf of our freedom, we have to deal with this threat comprehensively and thoroughly now. It is a terrorist organization unlike any we've seen before," Ryan said. "They're like al-Qaida 3.0."
The Blustery War Mongers Return: Have we forgotten how comical it was the way the Bush administration always backed away from their empty war threats? Apparently so. Wisconsin Republicans are now ready to jump right back in with our military. It wasn't just Ryan that wanted to sacrifice more of our kids in interventionist Middle Eastern wars:
Post Crescent: Sen. Ron Johnson says the Islamic State extremists reported to have beheaded a second American journalist are evil barbarians who must be defeated. Johnson says Tuesday's video highlights the need for the U.S. to intervene in the Middle East to stamp out the terrorist group. 

All blustery empty threats to appear tough and take down Obama. 

Is there anything these sick frightened Republican chicken hawks won’t try to exploit? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missed Labor Day story: Walker's ballsy Laborfest "presence" greeting Obama and union leaders.

Scott Walker and WISGOP succeeded in distracting the press long enough to make Walker's Laborfest participation a non-story.

Press Getting Fooled Again: The media couldn't get enough of the phony "Burke won't be seen with Obama" story. Like past Labor Day celebrations where Republicans like Sean Duffy and Paul Ryan hypocritically took part in hometown parades, Walker was right there gritting his teeth and waving to the crowd that wished he'd go away permanently.

You'd think Walker would have been more comfortable in the company of Sheldon Adelson or David Koch?
Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who pushed through a law that stripped most public sector union members of their ability to collectively bargain … was at General Mitchell International Airport to greet Obama upon his arrival in Milwaukee. Walker also greeted the labor leaders accompanying Obama, including Mary Kay Henry of the Services Employees International Union and Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers Union.

Obama Math: Minimum Wage Hike = Job Growth!!! Walker's Math: Minimum Wage Freeze = Dead Last in Job Growth!!!

President Obama wasn't even given 6 months before Republicans were calling his economic agenda a failure, a job killer, a waste of taxpayer stimulus money. Well 10 million new jobs later, and having gained back all the job lost during the Great Recession-and then some, Republicans are still selling their lie. And according to the Tweets I've seen from a few trolls, they believe it too.

If you’re a Republican with presidential ambitions like Scott Walker, with a record of anemic job growth that hasn't yet replaced the jobs lost in Wisconsin, that's a sign “it’s working.” Reelect the boy wonder.

I don’t want to bury the real lead story, so here it is:
Newser: Despite the absence of a federal increase, 13 states raised their minimum wages at the beginning of this year. Those states have added jobs at a faster pace than those that did not raise the wage, providing a counterpoint to a Congressional Budget Office report that projected the nation (could lose up to) 500,000 jobs.
   jsonline: President Barack Obama came to Milwaukee's Laborfest on Monday to talk up an improving economy, push Congress to boost the minimum wage … Obama set up a sharp contrast with congressional Republicans, who say a boost in the minimum wage will lead to job loss.

Republicans pounced on the Burke-Obama connection: "Mary Burke may be ducking
President Obama and his out-of-touch economic revisionism…” the RNCsaid. WISGOP: “The truth is that Burke and Obama represent the same failed policies that have produced disastrous results – and just as President Obama has taken our country backward, Mary Burke would take Wisconsin backward.”  
Who’s pushing economic revisionism? Scott Walker’s 4% jobs growth rate is moving us forward, President Obama’s jobs growth rate of 6.2% is moving us backward? Not even a nice try guys.
Walker’s Record: According to a new Labor Day report released from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS): “From January 2011 to June 2014, Wisconsin gained 109,200 jobs, posting growth in the labor market of 4.0 percent.

Obama’s Record: Over that same period, the national economy grew by 6.2 percent. If Wisconsin had simply kept pace with national growth, we would have added 167,622 jobs. That difference – 58,422 missing jobs in Wisconsin – suggests that over the last four years, every time Wisconsin added two jobs, the national economy added three.”
Who has jobs growth bragging rights, Walker or Obama? 
Obama said that over the past 53 months American businesses have created nearly 10 million new jobs. "You wouldn't always know it from Washington news — by almost every measure, the American economy, the American workers are better off than when I took office. We're better off by almost every measure."
But of course, Obama’s agenda - with tax increases and job killing regulations - is moving the nation backwards right? How can Walker ignore the following:
(Wisconsin's) hourly median wage grew a paltry $0.50 between 1979 and 2013, taking inflation into account. Wisconsin women earn just $0.82 for every $1 a man earns. 
Walker still refuses to raise the minimum wage.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Approval ratings? Meaningless in a divided state.

This whole approval rating nonsense continues with Pres. Obama’s Labor Day visit to Milwaukee today.

Before Scott Walker instituted his successful strategy to divide and conquer citizens in Wisconsin, the numbers may have meant something. But the extreme separation now makes the whole concept pointless.

When a party barely approves of their opponents leader, we're talking about a mere 4 or 5 percent, what’s the point?
jsonline: Obama’s approval rate is 89% among likely Democratic voters and 4% among likely Republican voters in Marquette’s last poll, taken Aug. 21-24. Walker’s approval rate is 96% among Republicans and 5% among Democrats.  
Republican numbers explained: The “stand with Walker” bunch of rugged take charge individuals have one thing in common; they all have an “employee” state of mind. It’s a Borg-like conformity of thought and policy. A follow the leader, follow the boss kind of life.

Nothing says follower like the criticism conservatives had regarding the recent Scott Walker protests in Madison in the winter of 2011. Wisconsinites were described as thugs, vandals, and enemies of the state for their inconvenient, loud and disruptive protests against their arrogant government. Gee, how un-American. Paul Ryan described it this frightening way:
Ryan: "I would say courage is on the ballot. What governor or state legislator is going to have the courage of addressing the structural problems of their state, if when they do that this is what happens to them. That is really profound."
Or this widely held conservative belief in leaders:
Ryan: "It sounds simple...but if I believe this is counter productive for the very people we're trying to help...and will hurt them by doing this, but it's politically popular, what does that say about you as a moral person...leaders have to take positions that may not be popular sometimes if they think they're doing the right thing."
Democratic numbers explained: The “herding cats” party has never agreed on anything except when it comes to Walker's 5% approval rating. When Walker ignored the protests and pushed through his no compromise agenda, Democrats got the uneasy feeling they were witnessing the rise of an autocracy. The return of a king, or as conservatives would describe it, a strong courageous leader, mentioned by Paul Ryan above.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bumbling AG candidate Brad Schimel says he'll be Republican Rubber Stamp for Governor.

It's difficult to have any confidence at all in Waukesha DA Brad Schimel, especially after he entered the race for attorney general against Jefferson County DA Susan Happ.

It maybe just me but he reminds me of Homer Simpson, ya think?

Brad Schimel, Not Ready for Prime time: In the first slideshow below, Schimel said to Upfront's Mike Gousha (Goo-shay) that he was ready for the job. That's unlikely, and not just my opinion. After his disastrous roll out on conservative talker Vicki McKenna's program, what's left to question. Hat tip to the Devil's Advocates at The Mic 92.1 for the McKenna audio, which I edited into the conversation:

Schimel wasn't done fumbling and bumbling through his interview. Schimel said he planned to defend the laws passed by the Republican legislature and signed by the governor, no questions asked. After all, that's the AG's job description. But wait, was he doing that when he said wouldn't defend the same sex marriage law, before he changed his mind? That would have been one example of not defending state law, right?

In example  number two, he concluded the interview by saying he wouldn't be a rubber stamp for the governor, but that he would be pretty predictable. Huh?
Schimel: "If they've passed that law through, and it isn't plainly unconstitutional, that there are non-frivolous arguments to be made to support the law, I will be supporting that law..."
Wait a minute, it sounds like he won't be defending the laws as passed, if...? Schimel is all over the map. Slideshow audio:

One of my favorite lines by Schimel about Democratic candidate Susan Happ?
Schimel: "She's going to use her environment enforcement agency to obstruct the mining process up North. All of those things are wrong for Wisconsin."  
Yea, using the law to save the environment is "wrong for Wisconsin."

Schimel argues it's not his job to interpret the law. He said he'd let the courts decide what's constitutional or not, even though he has to initially interpret and defend those laws in court as our AG. He can't just sit back and let the judge decide...unless he really thinks he can.