Friday, October 10, 2014

Mary Burke smoked the elusive Scott Walker comeback.

The Wisconsin Broadcaster Association's debate hands down was one of the best managed candidate debates I watched. It was strict in its execution, times were enforced, and followup questions and responses were an invaluable element.
That was quick!

Mary Burke answered her questions confidently and factually, Scott Walker did not. For a guy who doesn't want to go backwards, he sure talked a lot about the past, including the Doyle administration and the Republican Great Recession. He didn't take us out of a supposed Doyle slump, he personalized his own version of what a real slump looks like.

Remember, we're not supposed to question authority...

Sung to the tune of a Christmas song, "these are a few of my favorite tweets..."

--Vos is wrong. The ACA isn't borrowing money to expand Medicaid. Stupid or lie?

Walker makes "Dirty Dozen in the States" list, and still can't move state from bottom of jobs and business creation ranking.

Anything for jobs, including digging up and polluting everything in our state? Sure.

“Stand with Walker” conservative voters might roll their eyes after seeing Scott Walker’s name on the national League of ConservationVoters “Dirty Dozen in the States” list, but they should at least take note as to why. LCV is making a bigger statement about endangering our water supply, outdoor recreation and the massive state tourism industry.
“From letting polluters off the hook when they contaminate our water to making clean energy a thing of the past, Gov. Walker has made one thing perfectly clear: in Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, big polluters are rewarded – and the rest of us are left to pay the price,” said Kerry Schumann, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Executive Director. To name just some of the anti-conservation actions that put Gov. Walker on the Dirty Dozen in the States program:
Not only did Walker support the mining bill written by an out-of-state mining company that allows mining companies to expose our families to arsenic, lead, and mercury, but the company, Gogebic Taconite, secretly donated $700,000 to Wisconsin Club for Growth, a group actively supporting Walker.

Since Walker took office, enforcement against illegal polluters has dropped 45%. One of those illegal polluters, Herr Environmental, was treating fields with 300% as much human waste as their permit allowed, endangering 40 nearby drinking water wells.

Walker Blew it on Wind: One of Governor Walker’s first legislative goals was to throw wind farm development out the window by imposing extreme restrictions that would have suffocated Wisconsin’s clean energy future.

Trashing Recycling: Governor Walker sneaked a provision into his budget eliminating state recycling requirements and all funding for municipality and county-run recycling programs. In a rare occurrence, the members of the Committee chose to go against Walker’s recommendation, ultimately restoring recycling.

#6: Frac Attack: In Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, polluting frac sand mines are being let off the hook while Wisconsinites are left with dirty air and contaminated water … enforcement actions have dropped 55% from an average of 516 notices per year to just 233. (note: Only 30% of sand mines have been inspected).

Is Obama bad for business, destroying economy? Seems GOP proven wrong again when it comes to Wall Street.

Not only are Republicans wrong about Obama's recovery, but you know deep down inside these guys would be touting the same numbers below if Mitt Romney had won. This is a snapshot of the financial industry, along with the jobs trend. Motley Fool:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meet the Koch...Sisters?

A brilliant strategic move...

Wisconsin Voter ID Blocked by Supreme Court....

Pinch me I'm dreaming. Maybe Rep. Robin Vos will blame GAB's Kevin Kennedy for that too.

Here's Rachel Maddow:

Maddow also feature this comedic bit by Lewis Black featuring Wisconsin's amazingly convoluted system of voting:

Here's the ACLU's Dale Ho with Lawrence O'Donnell with an explanation, warning this isn't a final ruling:

Rep. Mark Pocan: "Let Walker be a full time candidate for president, and elect Mary Burke to be our full time governor."

I'm amazed no one else has taken issue with Scott Walker's use of taxpayer supported benefits, added it to the minimum wage, to eliminate the need to increase the minimum wage. These are the same benefits he's trying to reduce or eliminate anyway, which would again make the case to increase the minimum wage. Dizzy yet?

That's what makes Republican run government so incompetent and mismanaged, feeding the myth that government is bad. Yea, if their in charge.

Big Ed Schultz talked to Ruth Conniff, Rep. Mark Pocan and Wisconsin Jobs Now's Jennifer Epps-Addison about what some are calling Walker's "Romney Moment:"

Immature Men "stand with Scott Walker."

Why is Scott Walker so popular with men in the recent Marquette University polling? Walker clocks in at 62 percent vs a meager 34% for Mary Burke. Even with registered voters, Walker’s love fest with men is still a decent 54% to Burke's 39 percent? Why?

The following study, with map, reveals the obvious answer: "Which U.S. States Have the Most Immature Men?" There we are, rated 10th for immature men. Knew it...

Walker is close to being reelected by guys with the following qualifications. I'm guessing unemployed men are blaming themselves and not Walker's policies:
Estately set out to determine which states have a higher percentage of adult males still sleeping between their childhood Star Wars sheets by using these (typically male) immaturity measurements…
No Job (unemployment rate for each state)

Fantasy Football Enthusiasm (expressed interest for fantasy football by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)

Beer Pong Enthusiasm  (expressed interest for beer pong by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)

Video Game Enthusiasm (expressed interest for video games by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)

Enthusiasm for watching The Family Guy (expressed interest for The Family Guy by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)

Porn Viewership (number of porn downloads per capita in each state)
In the end we discovered the country’s most immature men are congregated in the Midwest, Great Lakes, Southwest, and Appalachia. 

Incidental Governor Walker forced to say something about annoying women's health issues in latest ad.

Poor Scott Walker, always having to deal with controversial issues that are just not on his radar...that he'll be forced to pass into law anyway. Can we just talk about jobs please? Oh wait, that might not be a good idea either. Uh, Mary Burke plagiarism?

Walker has done the same draconian things other governors have done when it comes to women's health care and women's rights, especially choice, but he's wisely let his legislative hit squad do the dirty work.

Walker says in his latest ad he's "pro-life," which I take it to mean others are pro-death? Anyone ask him whether he's for the death penalty or not? Didn't think so.

Desperately trying to peel away one or two women in the state through simple deception, Walker wants to hide his real record and intentions. But Mary Burke's new campaign ad offers up where Walker will eventually take us, in his own words:

jsonline: Doug Laube, a longtime gynecologist in the state, took issue with an ad in which Walker said that he supported a law "to increase safety and to provide more information for a woman considering her options."
1. In July 2013, Walker approved a law requiring women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds.
2. mandating that doctors have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of where they perform abortions.
3. Walker and GOP lawmakers have also decreased funding for Planned Parenthood.
Many similar big government regulations closed nearly all the clinics in Texas recently. Safer care?
"Closing health centers that provide women with preventive health care...puts women's health at unnecessary risk. These regulations do not to enhance the safety of patients.”

38% of registered Wisconsin voters favor requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and 56% oppose the requirement.
But this isn't about representing the electorate, it’s what the authority thinks is best for us. It’s what Republicans admiringly call leadership, and you will be happy with it. Oddly, it's also the never-ending conservative backlash over the 60's. Yes, they're still fighting that battle. These people are truly nuts...from a current bit of PolitiFact research:
State Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, said abortion "became popular in the '60s and it was almost the thing to do. You needed to get one of them to be a woman." And Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, said: "Let’s trust women to make choices for themselves, and for the love of Wisconsin, let’s stay out of their vaginas."

Republican protection racket rolling out!!!

You would find it hard to just can't make this kind of stuff up, but it's happening in real time and voters don't seem fazed by it; Walker first promised to "divide and conquer" workers, elected politicians were sworn to secrecy creating safe gerrymandered districts, Republicans ran phony Democrats during elections, and then created a maze of complicated and frustrating voting regulations to stay in power.

Phase two. 

Lap Dog AG?
With Rep. Robin Vos promising to disband the independent Government Accountability Board in favor of partisan appointments, another facet of the Republican protection racket is in the works. And it’s a big piece of the plan.

It’s the AG’s race. If history is any guide, Waukesha County’s DA Brad Schimel will shine. Not only has he come right out and said he’ll support anything passed out of the Republican administration, but he will also go easy on Republican operatives who blatantly break the law. This isn't the fabricated “easy on sex offenders” bullshit tossed out as election fodder, no, this is a get out of jail card for destroying evidence…by a conservative attorney no less.

Blogging Blue nailed it in their recent post, a shocking story that sets up an almost bullet proof political regime. In summary, it goes something like this:
-Darlene Wink, a former aide to Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, was caught using her taxpayer-provided County computer to do political work for Walker.

-Attorney Christopher Wiesmueller offered to represent her pro bono … advised Wink to remove all evidence related to her political activity … files and emails. Wiesmueller also offered to assist Wink … so Wink left the laptop at Wiesmueller’s office … (who) subsequently deleted the files...

-Wink met with the John Doe prosecutor and investigator … Wink’s political fundraising activities were discussed, and after being informed that the investigation showed emails relevant to the investigation had been deleted from Wink’s computer, Wink denied having any help … attorney Wiesmueller admitted he had advised Wink to delete the evidence, but Wiesmueller did not admit his role.

-In exchange for providing information about Wiesmueller’s role in the destruction of evidence, Wink was offered immunity … The prosecutor referred the matter of Wiesmueller’s destruction of evidence to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office, (Brad Schimel) agreed to forego filing criminal charges provided he made a thorough and complete report of his conduct to the Office of Lawyer Regulation. Wiesmueller reported his conduct in July of 2012 … did not incur any criminal sanctions as a result of his conduct in destroying the digital evidence of his client’s crimes. 
Uppity’s Zach Wisniewski summed it up this way:
So what I’d like to know is why Brad Schimel decided not to pursue charges against fellow Republican Christopher Wiesmueller after Wiesmueller destroyed evidence that would implicate his client in an ongoing criminal investigation?
Without election oversight and a powerful compliant conservative AG, the red state one party agenda is unstoppable and above the law. 

Paul Ryan's Free Market line of BS Exposed!!!

You’ll find this amusing, and an insightful look at the upside down free market rhetoric of acolyte Paul Ryan.

Get government out of the way? Let the free market work its incredible magic without regulatory interference? Bull!!!

Ryan is starting to sound like my conservative friend in Milwaukee, when I asked him about free market health care; if people buy the coverage they can afford, “what happens if somebody gets sick from something they didn't cover?” He said without hesitation, “insurers should be required to cover everything.” Huh? A big time government mandate? My head hurt for the rest of the day.

Ryan is just as hypocritical, and an outright phony.
The Hill: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) alleged that the Budget Committee chairman's new book, The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea, received special treatment after Ryan criticized Amazon, (and) the web company’s standoff with publishing company Hachette. Ryan’s book is published by Hachette. Amazon had been making the book more difficult to find, delaying deliveries and not offering the option to pre-order it before the August publishing date. The online retailer and publishing company are fighting over the pricing of e-books.

In a CNBC interview in August, Ryan accused Amazon of “making a kind of power play here, in my opinion," against his publisher. “If I were just a private citizen, I would voice just one straight opinion, but since I’m a member of Congress and a policymaker, I’m going to withhold from making comment,” he said, after being asked a follow-up question about whether regulators needed to step in. Shortly after those comments, Amazon made his book easier to find in its online store and is now offering a 25 percent discount.

What, are Amazon's free market hardball tactics considered "unfair" by Ryan? Ayn Rand would be so disappointed.

Like tort reforms anti-free market protection of businesses from lawsuits, Ryan would “help” the free market by getting regulators involved. But thanks to his powerful big government position, the free market squeezed a special favor out of Amazon. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hesselbein doesn't hold back....refreshing.

Want to see how a real Democrat answers questions? Check out Middleton Representative Dianne Hesselbein’s responses to the State Journal candidates Q & A.  Believe me, you’ll never hear DPW’s Mike Tate say anything so uncluttered and to the point: 
Q&A: Do you favor making Wisconsin a right-to-work state?
Hesselbein: No. Let’s call it the way it really is: “right-to-work” means “work-for-less” pay and benefits. The intent is to cripple unions and move employees toward the economic status of Chinese and Vietnamese working in virtual slavery. Right-to-work legislation has not benefited the middle and working class families in neighboring states, and it will not benefit hard-working Wisconsinites.
What changes do you want to see in state environmental laws and regulations?
Hesselbein: I want out-of-state companies to stop donating $700,000 to campaign committees that in turn write legislative bills detrimental to the state of Wisconsin. I want clear, rigorous laws enacted by state legislators that provide a better life for Wisconsin citizens, not for outside interests. We simply cannot permit long-term devastation of our environment by corporate carpetbaggers seeking short-term profits.
Come on, tell us what you really think.

Walker/Kleefisch Plagiarism Scandal!!! "Open for Business" lifted from a big campaign supporter.

One more look at "not" plagiarism, the mindless reason why "stand with Walker" voters hate Mary Burke.

It appears the biggest most important slogan used by Scott Walker was plagiarized from one of his biggest supporters and a Democratic governor:
On her campaign website, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch says she is “widely credited” with coming up with the phrase, “Wisconsin is Open for Business.” So did Kleefisch engage in “plagiarism,” the same tag that Republicans have hung on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke over her jobs plan? Kleefisch sidestepped the question, saying you can find “open for business” signs in any home-improvement store. “I don’t think the idea of ‘open for business’ ... is something that any politician would ever have claimed to have invented,” she said. But the biography section of her campaign website reads: “Widely credited for coining the phrase, ‘Wisconsin is Open for Business.’
Oops. Both Kleefisch and Walker appear to have plagiarized others, including super villain and the guy Walker can’t stop blaming for everything, former Gov. Jim Doyle:
But her boss, Gov. Scott Walker, used the exact phrase in his inaugural address Jan. 3, 2011: “And as your governor, I make this pledge: Wisconsin is open for business. Even earlier, former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle was quoted using the precise phrasing in 2005. And Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, a major backer of the campaign of Kleefisch and Walker, used the identical phrase in an advertising campaign more than a decade ago. Moreover, variations on the phrase have been used by politicians and states — including New JerseyTexas, Virginia and West Virginia — to describe their own pro-business policies for at least two decades.
The article went on to say the debate was silly, quoting a few university professors, but isn't that what should have been said before Republicans got so much mileage out it? 

"Homer" Schimel would have defended ban on Interracial Marriages.

It’s amazing how open Republican DA and AG candidate Brad Schimel is about settling in as a rubber stamp for the Republican legislature. He won’t question anything. A shocking attitude for anyone in that position.

He would have even worked against interracial marriage because, what the hell, it’s the law:
The cable access program "Eye on Oshkosh’s” interviewer asked if he had been attorney general in the 1950s in a state that didn't allow interracial marriage whether he would say such a ban is wrong. Schimel said he might find such a ban distasteful but he can't choose what laws to defend.
Here are the actual words of “Homer” Schimel, and a second opinion from another former AG, Peg Lautenschlager. The difference is noticeable, and sad for Schimel. 

Corporate Welfare State, in a graph...

Corporate Welfare

Walker, Vos dance to tune of Wisconsin Club for Growth, propose disbanding independent GAB oversight.

Who controls Scott Walker and our state legislature? The conservative party bosses at Wisconsin Club for Growth, that’s who.

And when the Club bosses are unhappy, Republican legislators develop new and aggressive "leadership" skills, that coincidentally fall in line with the Club.

After rearranging the bits and pieces in the Journal Sentinel article by Patrick Marley, you’ll see why. From the very beginning, Rep. Robin Vos has bashed the Government Accountability Board because he thinks that they, or any independent group, cannot actually be nonpartisan. That's impossible. Under that false premise, Vos thinks the controlling party should make all the partisan appointments they want, same difference. Checks and balances:
jsonline: Prosecutors and the Government Accountability Board have been looking into whether the club or other conservative groups illegally worked with the campaigns of Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans during the 2011 and 2012 recalls.
You don’t threaten or challenge conservatives. The clubs boss Eric O'Keefe sued the Milwaukee DA, making it clear he wasn't happy with Republican inaction. Vos sprung into action, and sued the accountability board because of their redesigned ballot and to make them look bad. It was stupid, so even a conservative Waukesha County judge dismissed the case. In an uncontrolled hissy fit of authoritarian rage, Vos declared on the Wisconsin Radio Network (audio from WPR):

"Kevin Kennedy (head of the GAB) has to go. He needs to be gone, he is an embarrassment and I can't say it any more emphatically than I am right now. I promise you that two years from now when we're sitting here the GAB will not be in the current format that it is currently put together. It is dysfunctional, it is unresponsive and it is totally undemocratic."
Vos, under pressure from the Wisconsin Club for Growth's party bosses and others, said he will change the elections board to one that is loyal to the authority. A sure fire way to instill confidence and integrity in our elections. 

In the meantime, party boss O’Keefe will use its vast financial resources to make an example of the GAB and the DA's office, not because of their duty to provide oversight, but because they had the gall to picked a “fight” with the real party bosses.  
O'Keefe said Chisholm had started the fight over campaign finance laws that he claims has shut out conservative voices from the state's political debate. But "my team will decide when it's over," O'Keefe said.
And like every Republican "plan," there isn't one:
Phony GOP Partisan Problems
Vos said he's unlikely to have a concrete proposal for changing or replacing the accountability board before the election.
Of course this is all speculation, based on the purely coincidental actions by Vos and the Club's party boss.

And what kind of guy is Eric O’Keefe? Check out his comments on conservative talker Vicki McKenna’s radio show:
 “I have read some about rape and I have talked about rape and I am saying this deliberately. The reactions that I got from the people I interviewed were similar to a rape victim.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shocker!!! Walker says thanks to taxpayer supported government assistance, Minimum Wage doesn't need a boost.

With a state law requiring Wisconsinites a living wage, we thought we had Scott Walker on this one. Guess again. 
jsonline: State law requires that Wisconsin's minimum wage "shall not be less than a living wage." The liberal Wisconsin Jobs Now and 100 workers had sought to use the little-known clause in state law to raise the state minimum wage of $7.25 an hour or at least force Walker, a Republican, to publicly oppose such a move just a month before the Nov. 4 election.
Amazingly, Walker doesn't just oppose enforcing the law, he used government aid, taxpayer assistance, to prove his point. Hey, isn't that’s the same government aid he’s trying to cut right now?
Gov. Scott Walker's administration has denied a complaint by a labor group seeking to force an increase in Wisconsin's minimum wage. The state Department of Workforce Development said it considered those factors as well as others, such as that some of the complainants make more than minimum wage, receive public aid and brought up items beyond their basic needs. "The department has determined that there is no reasonable cause to believe that the wages paid to the complainants are not a living wage," Robert Rodriguez, administrator of DWD's Equal Rights Division, wrote in the denial letter.

That drew an immediate rebuke from Wisconsin Jobs Now: "…for the governor to brazenly say to the working families of Wisconsin that $7.25 an hour is enough to sustain themselves is not only misguided, it is incredibly ignorant and willfully obtuse," the group said in a statement.
Walker's use of taxpayer assistance to justify the livability of the minimum wage is stunning.

GOP candidate Fitzgerald offers "change" and "jobs." Does he know his party runs things now?

I’m loving this. Republicans are the least self-aware people in the world.

Without thinking, Republican candidate Brian Fitzgerald is still using the same slogan used by his party when they ran against Democrats. Fitzgerald is running on "change in Madison," even though his party has been in complete control of everything, including job creation for the last four years. be more like Democrats?

Guys like Fitzgerald don't even bother to repackage their message despite their much bragged about majority hold of our now booming state "comeback."

The only thing Fitzgerald has going for himself are his surreal ads that sadly use the party’s standard list of talking points as the jokes they've become. If anything, Fitzgerald is being unintentionally truthful:  
Cap Times: Brian Fitzgerald is running against Democratic state Rep. Janis Ringhand to fill retiring Democratic Sen. Tim Cullen's seat. He is running, he said, because he wants to see change in Madison and throughout the state. The biggest issue in his district, by far, is jobs, he said.
Watch and be amazed. Think if a Democrat ran this stuff...what a conservative talk radio field day it would be:

Oh, and the Irish stereotype, beer belly, wonder through the pub approach Fitzgerald took? Real funny too.

Voter Suppression message is this: Why vote, what difference does it make and why let dumb people have a say?

As Republicans continue to complicate the voting process in each succeeding year they’re in power, perhaps someday we’ll just say, the hell with it. That’s the hope, as you see below.

Let’s face it, the right to vote is slipping away. Republicans have used their activist conservative courts to legitimize right wing extremism that claims that voter fraud exists, even without any proof. It plays very well with the natural conservative fear that somebody’s taking something away from them-like their vote.

With voter ID come’s a regulatory mess of convoluted hours, days and requirements to register and vote. And oddly, with the courts approval, nothing is too inconvenient anymore either.  

Again, the idea is to make voting a troublesome and an almost unnecessary act that in the big picture isn't worth the effort. “Maybe not this time” we'll say, due to that 20 minute drive to the other side of town where we’ll wait in a 3 hour line.

National Review loser and correspondent Kevin Williamson expresses what GOP politicians are suggesting all the time, and what we’re seeing in conservative tweets and Facebook sites as well.
If you would like to be filled with despair for the prospects of democracy, spend a few minutes attempting to decipher the psephological musings of Lena Dunham, the distinctly unappealing actress commissioned by Planned Parenthood to share with her presumably illiterate following “5 Reasons Why I Vote (and You Should, Too).” That’s 21st-century U.S. politics in miniature: a half-assed listicle penned by a half-bright celebrity and published by a gang of abortion profiteers.

Miss Dunham, reflecting celebrity culture at large, makes a fetish of voting, and it is easy to see why: Voting is the most shallow gesture of citizenship there is, the issuance of a demand — a statement that “this is how the world should be,” as Miss Dunham puts it — imposing nothing in the way of reciprocal responsibility. Power without responsibility. 

As a procedure for sorting out complex policy issues, voting is of distinctly limited value: If you wanted to know whether the compressive strength of a particular material were sufficient to support a bridge over Interstate 20, you would not go about solving that problem by bundling that question with 10,000 other equally precise and complex but largely unrelated questions ... to the least-informed few million people you could identify ... That would be a bad way to build a bridge — a homicidal way, in fact — and though it is a necessary instrument of accountability in a democratic republic, voting properly plays a very limited role.

For instance, we have a Bill of Rights, which could with equal accuracy be called the List of Stuff You Idiots Can’t Be Trusted To Vote On.

But for Miss Dunham et al., this isn’t a question of citizenship — it’s a therapeutic matter. Voting, she promises, will offer “a sense of accomplishment,” knowledge that one has done the right thing, even “joy.” But checking a box is the most trivial accomplishment imaginable; having done so is no guarantee that one has done the right thing, inasmuch as voters routinely make bad decisions for evil reasons.

She writes: “The crazy and depressing truth is that there are people running for office right now who could actually affect your life. PARTICULARLY your sex life. PARTICULARLY if you’re a woman. Yup.” The very conservative editors of this magazine are in fact trying to make it easier for them to do so with over-the-counter birth control … so allow me to pass along the message: We really, truly, sincerely do not wish to be involved in your sex life.
Yup, and that must mean conservative men don’t want to be involved in their own sex life or use birth control. But just be clear...
I would like to suggest, as gently as I can, that if you are voting as an act of self-gratification, if you do not understand the role that voting in fact plays in a constitutional republic, and if you need Lena Dunham to tell you why and how you should be voting — you should not vote. If you get your politics from actors and your news from television comedians — you should not vote. There’s no shame in it, your vote is statistically unlikely to affect the outcome of an election. 
Pretty easy message to understand. Who cares about voter suppression, since we "should not vote" anyway.

Conservative brings up Hanging as the solution to end abortions.

I always thought it was odd that the abortion debate often excludes the role men have. If men were included as the responsible “other half” of unwanted pregnancies, we wouldn't have this dumbed down discussion that sounds like something straight out off the ISIS platform.

Case in point, another revealing look inside the mind of right wing authoritarian conservatism:
RH: This weekend, Kevin Williamson, whose Twitter bio describes him as a “roving reporter for the National Review,” declared on Twitter that all abortions should be treated as premeditated homicide, and that women who have had abortions should face capital punishment, namely hanging. No exceptions.

He claims a “consistent life ethic,” which would mean he is against capital punishment per se but believes there are circumstances in which capital punishment should be employed anyway. He is either unaware of or irresponsibly ignores the fact that in many states in this country women are today being arrested for miscarriage and pregnancy loss on the basis of “suspected abortion.” 
Given the chance to control the country, Republicans won't shy away from it's ideas like this.  

Republican Freeloading winning over the hearts and minds of Wisconsinites.

The longer we muddle along in red state thinking, the more we get comfortable with freeloading off the previous generations gift of roads and infrastructure.

The lunacy of saving our kids from future higher taxes by instituting austerity measures now defies common sense and logic. What we don’t do now will have to be done by the next generation. And that means higher taxes to pay for it.

Republicans like Scott Walker are winning the “lets freeload” small government argument.  
WisBusiness: The new Wisconsin Economic Scorecard statewide poll shows widespread opposition to a 5-cent-per-gallon boost in the state gasoline tax  71 percent of registered voters polled opposed that option. But when it comes to covering a large projected shortfall in the state transportation fund, there is no clearly-preferred option: 
*Tax/user fee increases are preferred by 31 percent;    *Introduction of toll roads gets 30 percent approval,    *And delaying major construction projects garners 31 percent of respondents. 
However, the latter option provokes the least intense opposition. 
"Least intense?" Nothing says freeloader like that response. This is what happens when the goal is to target a national tax ranking as opposed to pay for and improving your quality of life.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

State Republicans against Voter ID ad Campaign, say "That's a lot of money to spend on trying to inform people."

Republican state lawmakers are now trying to run government by word of mouth. Yes, on their own verbal orders. 
WSJ: The heads of the Legislature’s budget committee told the state elections agency late Friday to go ahead with a public information campaign to tell voters they need a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to vote on Nov. 4 …
Oh sure, go ahead, who needs the formality of law to provide GAB funding. This incredibly irresponsible action has only caused confusion. Republicans are intentionally dragging their feet, with just a month before the election.
GAB spokesman Reid Magney said the letter from Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. John Nygren does not release the requested funds. He didn’t know Friday if the agency can conduct a campaign without committee action.
Their real intentions were made clear by the same arrogant big mouth that declared Walker’s union busting the best way to defund Democratic campaigns; Sen. Scott Fitzgerald:
Some Republicans have raised objections to spending $460,800 on the campaign, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said in an interview late Friday. Fitzgerald said he’s talked to Republican senators who worry “that’s a lot of money to spend on trying to inform people” about something that has been well-publicized in news media, such as television, radio and newspapers.
Another words, Republicans are making the case it's too expensive to inform voters . With 4 weeks to go…
“We don’t have consensus on whether or not it’s needed,” Fitzgerald said.
I know, let's discuss this for a week or two. Unfortunately Fitzgerald never read the law:
In their letter to the agency, Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, and Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, noted the public information campaign is required as part of the voter ID law.
Need proof these guys not only didn't write the voter ID bill, but never read it before it before passing it? And yet, they will get away with this without a whimper from the press.

PolitiFact says Walker's jobs performance improved, moving Wisconsin out of last place. Pants on Fire!

We know Scott Walker broke his outrageous campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs, THE big lie that won him an election, because of the state's last place position in job creation in the Midwest.

But PolitiFact decided to split hairs with a big “Untrue” rating for Burke, who insisted Walker was still last.
For the first three years of Walker’s term, Wisconsin did rank last in the Midwest -- both for the three years as a whole, and in each of the individual years. That’s a true statement, and we have rated it as such … this claim from Burke has remained stuck in the past … ignores the most recent 12-month performance -- a common yardstick for economists -- that says Wisconsin’s performance improved and was better than two other Midwest states. We rate the claim False.
But if we want to be completely accurate about Walker’s “performance improvement,” is would be helpful to include the fact that Walker’s performance DIDN’T improve after all:
The state's job-creation pace was virtually unchanged from the previous quarter, when Wisconsin added jobs at a rate of 1.27%. Its rate during the latest period surpassed neighboring Illinois and Minnesota, however, because job creation in those two states slowed.
Which in turn helped raise its Midwest ranking. I rate Walker's improved performance .................