Friday, May 15, 2015

Rep. Kremer: no exceptions for 20 week abortion ban, even for Fatal Fetal Abnormalities. Suggests Perinatal Hospice.

Wisconsin Republicans are about to go the full distance reigning a women’s right to choose. Get familiar with the term, “perinatal or prenatal hospice.” It’s another right wing excuse to intimidate and torture women victimized by a 20 week abortion ban.
There’s nothing wrong with perinatal hospice services for women dealing with fatal fetal abnormalities. For personal reasons, prenatal hospice might be one person’s answer. But in Wisconsin, it’s being used to justify a 20 week abortion ban and to appear sympathetic, all the while forcing women to carry their pregnancy to term.

From WPR News, this jaw dropping story and grotesque comment from Rep. Jesse Kremer.
“It’s assistance for the family…from the time that the diagnosis is made, through the entire rest of the pregnancy, through the eventual probable death of the child.”  

Brutal. Extending the sadness and helplessness for days and many weeks is beyond cruel and unusual punishment. 

Think Progress wrote about this trending anti-abortion twist of torment:
Two obscure abortion proposals are currently advancing in Oklahoma and Alabama that would target women during some of the most emotionally painful moments in their lives. Both bills seek to prohibit women from having an abortion based on fatal fetal abnormalities unless their doctor provides them with “alternate options” first — essentially, information about perinatal hospice centers … some women and their partners decide that it is too emotionally painful to continue the pregnancy, or want to spare their unborn child future suffering outside of the womb. Those people make the extremely difficult choice to terminate a wanted pregnancy because they decide it’s the most compassionate option for their family.
Makes sense, right? But republican politicians know what’s best, not women:
State lawmakers are ultimately suggesting that the women … should hear more information about perinatal hospice care. State-sanctioned language about carrying the pregnancy to term would simply insinuate they’re making the wrong decision, potentially putting them under even more emotional strain. Elizabeth Nash, the states issue manager for the Guttmacher Institute, told ThinkProgress, “It revisits painful issues that have already been decided. A woman has already ridden the roller coaster — she got a diagnosis, talked it over with her doctor, and made her decision… It doesn’t make sense to re-open these wounds.”
It’s easy to follow the slug like slim that trails former and current republican administrations:
In 2006, Minnesota was the first to enact a law requiring women to receive information about perinatal hospice centers. Then Kansas followed in its footsteps in 2009. Arizona passed its own version in 2012 … thanks to Americans United for Life (AUL), an anti-choice organization that typically shops around draft legislation for state-level abortion restrictions. AUL produced a legislative guide for the 2014 session to encourage more lawmakers to introduce “perinatal hospice information” bills.
Is there ever an original idea from these freeloading big government one-size-fits-all republicans? 

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