Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Walker's ObamaCare Temper Tantrum could drop 247,000 from the Health Care Exchange getting tax credit.

Scott Walker hasn't had to work very hard as governor. Its been a cake walk really, handing off an easy 40 year agenda and ALEC legislation to his party leaders in the assembly and senate. 

No compromise, no debate and complete control statewide of local governments. The hard work of making something work, or at the least, seeking a solution that actually solves a problem is not on his radar. 

Even so, it's still jaw dropping to think that he'll let so many Wisconsinites lose their health insurance to make the false point ObamaCare is bad. It's vengeance, bordering on a tantrum: 
Bloomberg: "We will ultimately push back," Walker said. "This is a problem created by this president and the previous Congress. It's something that requires a solution at the federal level. States didn't create this problem, the federal government did. And they should fix it."
That's irresponsible, no matter how you look at it. So let's take a look at a Democratic governors response:
Pennsylvania became the first state to announce a plan to save people’s ObamaCare subsidies if the Supreme Court rules against the federal government sometime this month.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement late Tuesday that he has submitted a blueprint to create a state-based exchange to save subsidies for nearly 350,000 people with ObamaCare, which he called “the responsible thing to do. I am committed to protecting hardworking Pennsylvanians from losing the assistance they rely on to purchase health care coverage.”
 So who will Walker kick to the side of the road, and leave without health care to suffer and in some cases die:
A new report by the Urban Institute, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, outlines "the combined effect of not expanding Medicaid and losing marketplace (exchange) assistance" for Wisconsin in 2016:
* 247,000 more uninsured if exchange tax-credit subsidies are lost;* 21,000 additional uninsured if Medicaid is not expanded;* $1.128 billion in federal exchange spending lost;* $481 million in Medicaid expansion funds lost.

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