Monday, September 14, 2015

Desperate Big Government Republican Scott Walker pokes unions to get guaranteed media coverage, and it works.

There's nothing small government about Republicans like Scott Walker. The only thing he wants to cut are liberal Democratic spending programs so he can replace them with Republican corporate welfare programs. Oh, crushing his enemies is also his goal, like...unions.

The lie spewed by these conservative con artists about giving control back to the states, free from federal government mandates, is exposed once and for all as a fraud, with Walker's latest edict: Ramming a federal right-to-work law through in Democratically controlled states? Sweet.

Salon's Joan Walsh had this impression:
The bill he didn't want to sign?
(Walker) announced a brutal assault on labor rights that would strip away worker protections earned as far back as the New Deal. The flailing Walker has ... a policy agenda that includes eliminating unions for federal employees, making all workplaces “right-to-work” unless states opt out, and eliminating the National Labor Relations Board.

The time and place of Walker’s announcement ought to prove to America once and for all that he’s dumb as a box of rocks. Walker is rolling out his anti-union agenda in Las Vegas, one of the most heavily unionized cities in America. Ninety percent of the jobs in Vegas hotels are union jobs, and almost half of all non-supervisor positions in the hotel, restaurant and gaming industries are unionized, compared to 19 percent of such jobs nationwide. Walker is a master of the politics of resentment.
Here's what just one economist noticed:
Ann Hodges, a professor at the University of Richmond who has studied labor law for over 40 years, told the Associated Press, "I’ve never seen anything like this. This will take the breath away from anyone who’s worked in labor relations for any length of time. It’s pretty draconian."

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