Monday, September 14, 2015

Walker blows gasket, blames Obama for verbal attacks on Police!

Why has Scott Walker plummeted in the poles? I'm hoping it's because he's starting to scare people.

Lacking any pressure from statewide news media, Walker has kept his real agenda hidden from public view for decades. Now with national and international news coverage, we're getting to see who the real Scott Walker is, and it's ugly.

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Walker about his ridiculous and demeaning comments tying Obama to the violence against cops.
Tapper: "That is a very serious charge governor, can you elaborate on how Obama has played a role in the murder of police officers?"

Walker: "I think his absence of is the duty of the president to stand up and say something about that...he has been silent on this, and it's an outrage."

Tapper: "I have heard Obama praise officers, but I'm assuming that he's not doing enough..?"
Walker is fighting the 60's all over again.
Walker suddenly became incoherently angry (1:37 in video), suggesting Obama should spend his presidency responding to numerous miscellaneous news reports about comments that are offensive to the police:
Walker: "He's praised them but he's not speaking out about the fact that there's rhetoric out there...I mean when you've got people say...when you have people say 'pigs in a blanket' at a rally, 'fry em up like bacon,' that's the kind of thing you need to speak out about. You need to say that is wrong...we cannot have anymore of this idea that it's okay to go after law enforcement just because they wear the uniform and just because they have a badge."

Walker's head would explode if he heard the Nazz song from 1969, "Meridian Leeward."

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