Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walker takes credit for 2nd place Graduation Rates in our "failed" Public Schools, so why all the Voucher Talk?

A little known secret made the news the other day that dispels every Scott Walker and Republican lie about our supposed failing public schools.
Wisconsin’s high school graduation rate was 88.0% for the 2012-13 school year, just behind Iowa at 90 percent and tied for second. 
That's way over the national average of just 81%. So what's all this talk about our failing public unionized schools? It was all a carefully constructed right wing privatization campaign myth.

It seems despite Republican efforts to voucherize education and bleed public schools dry, the switch over to Common Core standards in 2010 and the incredible dedication teachers had for their students was enough to keep the state's ranking at the top.

Thanks to Scott Walker? Who wants to take credit for something he nearly single handedly destroyed with Act 10? Scott Walker of course, and he lied again making it seem like the ranking included all four years of his administration, when in fact it wasn't. We're talking about the 2012-13 school year. And the fact that the actual that graduating class started 4 years earlier and Wisconsin's graduation rates haven't really changed much for the last 3 years...well, has this guy ever accomplished anything policy wise?

2011: 87.0%
2012: 87.5%

2013: 88.0%

NOTE: Wisconsin's top graduation rate blows up Walker's excuse that the Act 10 protests negatively effected business and job creation. If anything, Act 10 should have negatively effect teaching and public education in general. After all, that's what the protests and recalls were all about. WKOW:

Walker phasing out Welfare, FoodShare, Medicaid and Unemployment with bogus screening Questionnaire.

Republicans have found a way to make us lose every one of our safety nets. And what will happen to the people and families who need public assistance. It's anybody’s guess. 

Scott Walker is now requiring a drug test for all public assistance programs, against federal law, and offered this Orwellian explanation:
Walker: "We're not making it harder to get government assistance, we making it easier to get a job."
Two completely different goals. Walker inadvertently acknowledges that it will make getting government assistance harder by arguing that it doesn't. From WKOW's Greg Neumann:

The Wretched Democratic Response? You'll want to put your fist through the monitor with their comeback:
Rep. Peter Barca: "We look forward to the debate, I trust the process will be fair (giggle). I'm not so sure we'll agree to the outcome." 
It turns my stomach.

A similar Montana bill making the rounds nationally and now in Wisconsin, looks like this:
The bill would require anyone who applies for government assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to go through a drug screening. TANF provides temporary financial assistance for pregnant women and families with one or more dependent children. The program offers financial assistance to help pay for food, shelter, utilities, and expenses other than medical.
Yes, even pregnant women will be tested. I doubt you can get any lower than this.

Surprise, according to your Questionnaire, there's a "Reasonable Likelihood" you're Taking Drugs: In the GOP's Montana bill, applicants must willingly give up personal information to the government or risk “raising suspicions” about possible drug use. Sound coercive and an easy way to suspect anyone? Not to the rightwing authoritarian Republican Reich:
Applicants must answer a questionnaire called the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) to determine the "likelihood of having a substance abuse disorder." If results indicate a "reasonable likelihood" of drug abuse, the applicant would be required to undergo a lab test with the state.
And what if you fight back against having your privacy invaded by big government…
Failure to complete the questionnaire and/or drug test would result in the applicant being denied benefits.
Which is the intended result, and a pretty tricky way to defeat opponents. Big government Republicans will also dump taxpayer money into a new privatized bureaucratic hoop:
In cases where a person is deemed ineligible for assistance, a third party would be authorized to accept payments for children whose parents are ineligible for benefits.
The right wings avowed enemy, the ACLU, made this persuasive argument:
The American Civil Liberties Union of Montana argued that because the people who receive government assistance are by definition low-income earners, this bill treats them like criminals before they even apply for financial assistance. In December 2014, the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled that Florida's enacted version of this bill was unconstitutional and "suspicionless drug tests violates the Constitution's protection against unreasonable government searches."
Isn't it about time freedom loving Republicans challenge another constitutional protection? And because many readers don't get to see the comment section, here's one I thought was to important to not include:
lufthase: The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory mentioned above is a specific proprietary screening tool created and owned by the SASSI Institute. Because they're actual health practitioners and not RW ideologues, they have this to say about using their screening test like this:
"To use the SASSI to discriminate against individuals, such as disqualifying job applicants or to deny public assistance, violates the purpose of the SASSI and is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

"…when public assistance is made contingent on participation in the assessment and treatment process, it increases the risk for violations of ethical principles and applicants’ rights."
The folks who wrote the damn screening test (and stand to profit from its use) say this is not a legitimate use of their test. Shout it from the mountaintops!

Republicans give-up on property rights and U.S. sovereignty for Keystone XL Pipeline!!!

Brad Blog was right to point out the absolute destructive lunacy of our rightwing authoritarian overlords when it comes to gaming the system against the American public.

Two incredible examples spilled out of the Keystone XL pipeline debate:
1. “The pipeline's owner, TransCanada Corp., has now filed an eminent domain action in a Nebraska state court seeking to force private landowners to grant an easement that would permit the Canadian-owned company to erect sections of the highly controversial Keystone XL on privately owned land.”

2. The new filing comes on the heels of a controversial decision earlier this month in which a 3-judge minority of the 7-judge Nebraska Supreme Court were permitted to overturn a lower court ruling that the process by which the state's Republican Governor Dave Heineman permitted TransCanada to revise the pipeline's route was unconstitutional … a Cornhusker state requirement that state constitutionality be determined by a super-majority of high court's justices. 
The supposed party of property rights and U.S. sovereignty just got exposed as absolute bullshitters.

This reminds of the GOP's 4th Amendment work-around where they can glean suspicion of drug use from a "questionnaire" for food stamps. I'm sure there are an infinite number of ways for constitutional conservatives to bypass our founding document, and they won't hesitate to use them.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Walker Plunges state into Deeper Hole, supporters love it, want Walker to run for president? Strange but true.

The real numbers are in, and our whiny Republican majority can't blame former Gov. Jim Doyle for the massive budget shortfalls they now have sitting in their laps. In fact, their own mishandling of the budget has created an almost similar deficit number. "Stand with Walker" Borgites won't notice or care, after all, they're in power now, so what. But some Republicans have already told us deficits are good...when it happens under their watch of course. jsonline-Jason Stein: 
"Come on down..." says Walker.
To keep the state doing what it does now through mid-2017, Gov. Scott Walker and lawmakers have to come up with $928 million in spending cuts or tax increases, according to estimates released Friday by the Legislature's budget office. The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau found that to continue current operations ... state officials have to find $283 million this year plus another $648 million over the following two-year budget beginning July 1. The shortfall in the state's main account becomes even larger — more than $2 billion — in the unlikely event elected officials seek to provide all of the added spending requested by agencies through June 2017 and the additional tax cuts promised by Walker in his successful re-election campaign last year.
Rewarded for withholding their payment to the state, the Potawatomi tribe’s threat helped force Scott Walker to deny the Kenosha casino, killing thousands of jobs and potential state revenues. Hey, that’s just business folks, like high speed rail and solar power. But mining ore that's no longer in demand...?
The fiscal bureau's numbers don't include a roughly $25 million gambling payment that the Potawatomi tribe owes the state from last year and committed to paying Friday, or an additional $25 million that can now be expected from the tribe this summer.
Keep in mind, the transportation fund used lots of general revenue dollars last time. With the shortfall…well, this will be fun to watch:
The estimated shortfalls don't reflect the added financial pressures in the state's separate transportation account nor does the report include any tax cuts that Walker may include in the 2015-'17 budget bill that he'll deliver on Feb. 3. 
And yet, former secretary of state candidate and Republican Party operative Julian Bradley thinks Walker's record is enough to catapult Walker into the White House. Try not to laugh:
Bradley: "The reason people are talking about Gov. Walker for president is because how well he's governed our state. That's can't be denied. You just can't manufacture a candidate with broad national appeal. The governor has earned the right to be in this conversation...he survived a recall...the caller was asking about Act 10, and how nobody liked it and this was all part of plan to try and run for president but really it was part of a plan to bring our state political, or rather financial system back in order." 
Yea, this is what our "system back in order" looks like. What is about GOP candidates running on really bad jobs and economic records? This is almost surreal. Audio from WPR:

Daily Beast claims Walker "just pulled off Supreme Court Coup," resulting in an end to pesky John Doe's.

Short and sweet; getting and keeping power is all that’s left of the Republican Party’s platform. Tax cuts and deregulation are just means to an end.

Protecting illegal political activity with the help of our state's highest court is the cherry on top. The long time target of the Republicans Party, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, is about to go away. Radical conservatism is now going to get the top courts rubber stamp, suddenly making shear right wing authoritarian lunacy appear "constitutional." Right, if they say so: 
Daily Beast: The Wisconsin state Senate (and now Assembly) has just paved the way for the state Supreme Court to elect its own chief justice—and the conservatives’ pick might shake up the governor’s own case. A state constitutional amendment ... will allow the court’s seven justices to vote on a chief justice ... If the bill wins voter approval April 7, the next chief justice, selected by the court’s conservative majority, will almost certainly be Justice Pat Roggensack. 
Why the rush? Gee, I wonder if Walker's presidential run has anything to do with it?
The court agreed last year to hear a case resulting from the much-publicized “John Doe” investigation into possible violations of campaign finance law by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during the recall elections of 2011 and 2012. Spring elections are notorious for their low turnout—19 percent voted in April 2013—and the measure is expected to succeed. The court will likely have a new chief justice just in time for its ruling on the John Doe case, expected to be issued this summer.

Iowa GOP Threat, and Walker presidential ambitions, make Kenosha Casino Denial a No-Brainer. Good-bye jobs, hello White House?

Scott Walker surprised no one today. jsonline:
Gov. Scott Walker killed the Menominee's tribe effort to open an off-reservation casino in Kenosha.
There he goes again. Isn't it obvious now Gov. Scott Walker is no leader and a failed job creator? But does he really want to be our next president? Of course. Let's be honest for a change.

First Walker delayed the Kenosha casino decision to shore up as many area votes as possible. That much was pretty transparent. He played off the hopes of area residents that his supposed focus on jobs would end well for them. It didn't.

But Scott Walker's one ambition, to become president with one party rule, trumped everything. It's the latest Republican meme that slipped unintentionally from the lips of George W. Bush:
“If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier... as long as I'm the dictator. Hehehe.”
No joke, he meant it. It's been the topic of the party behind closed doors for at least a decade. Even Walker said his decision to run would be based on the senate flipping to the GOP. And it did.

Remember earlier this week when Iowa party leaders threatened Walker if he went ahead and approved the casino:
jsonline: Influential social conservatives in Iowa are warning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that approving a proposed Kenosha casino next month could hurt his presidential bid … Tom Coates, executive director of Consumer Credit of Des Moines, wrote Walker after his November re-election and sent him a petition against gambling expansion he said had been signed by 600 Republicans, including U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and both Republican National Committee members from Iowa, Steve Scheffler and Tamara Scott. "As you are contemplating a presidential bid, I sincerely hope you will consider a 'No Expanding Gaming' policy," Coates wrote.
It's time to make the Potawatomi tribe hurt statewide with a boycott. If they can't take the competition, then their anti-business, anti-job practices should be punished.

They have one casino is in Forest County, the other in downtown Milwaukee. Funny thing, their casino in northern Wisconsin competes with 9 other casinos. In Milwaukee...0!!! Thank you free market Scott Walker.

Why the press allows Walker and the Republican Party play these games, especially when it's ridiculously obvious, is a mystery to me. Who didn't see this coming, really?

Now, let's continue to wonder if Walker is going to run for president, okay?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Superintendent of Private Instruction Scott Walker seeking "Real Life Experience" Teacher wannabes.

College dropout Scott Walker's knows education. That's why he has created an entirely different parallel private system of schooling that mostly under performs its public counterpart, teaches mostly religion and turns our kids into what profiteers call a "commodity."
Commodity: "A raw material or product that is bought and sold commercially in large quantities." How nice.
That's not all; Walker also wants schools to be accountable, so he's letting the private ones take their own preferred tests, whatever that means. So we really can't compare schools at all, but I'll bet you the private schools improve quickly.

Now Superintendent Walker wants those battered by life's bitter experiences to take that right into the classroom. WISC:  
Walker on Thursday announced that he is proposing that people with work experience be allowed to take a competency test to gain a teacher license. Walker's spokeswoman says the Department of Public Instruction will be charged with creating a competency exam that will allow someone with "real life experience" to gain a teacher license.
For comparisons sake, consider our legislative block of "real life experience" accountants, true believers in supply side, voodoo economics. Can you say the Great Recession? Who knows, maybe when they leave office they go into teaching.

Walker Drug Testing takes food from needy, creates more government bureaucracy, shreds Constitution, thinks he should be president?

Remember Scott Walker’s recent slip admitting we’re not all “born equally free and independent?” Taking the state constitutional wording…
"All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain and inherent rights...."
Walker tweaks just how equal with…
"…it doesn't matter what class you were born into … here, opportunity should be as equal as possible. As equal as possible!"
He said it like it was right there in constitution, repeating it, with emphasis.

Now we’re finding out that a person’s “freedom” can be tweaked too. Unemployed? You just lost your constitutional protection against an unreasonable government search. Like Walker said.
"With this budget, we are addressing some of the barriers keeping people from achieving true freedom and prosperity and the independence that comes with having a good job and doing it well."
And Walker will make sure those barriers are in place and enforced. Walker stuck in a lot of qualifiers too. Let's unpack that; drugs are a barrier to freedom, and until you are drug free, have a “good” job and you’re doing it well, you aren't technically "as" free. Am I playing word games and reaching a bit?

Like the ACLU wrote in the Florida case: 
“…offensive assumption that public benefits recipients use drugs at higher rates than the general public, and imply that the privacy rights of poor people and communities are worth less than those of the gainfully employed…”
Any conservative pocket constitutionalist, who still has a version that includes the 4th Amendment, might want to read it again. Simply put it protects against unreasonable government searches.

Windows 10 will be free, Holographic Glasses incredible.

I watched the recent Windows 10 conference and demonstration...and it kicked Apple's ass. What is it about Apple that makes everyone think they're the technology innovators? They're all about "design," but that's it.

The Windows 10 upgrade is free for the first year. Free, even for Windows 7 diehards (although not for 7.0 phones, like mine). It's also one full system that connects all your devices with the same features. It also look's like Windows OneDrive is something I'm going to have to start using as well.

But the following HoloLens headgear demonstration was just too good to pass up. Edited for length, check out the future of wearable 3D computers:

PCGamer: Microsoft’s HoloLens doesn’t really fit any of those molds. What Microsoft calls holograms, most of us have been calling augmented reality for years—overlaying digital images over our view of the real world. After trying on Microsoft’s headset, I came away impressed with the technology—especially if their final hardware is actually able to integrate all of the HoloLens’ necessary battery and processing power into a wire-free device.

Where Google Glass gives you a small heads-up display, HoloLens is a much more powerful integrated system, capable of running real applications beyond a heads-up display of the weather or your calendar. I talked to a Microsoft engineer on Skype, who showed up in my augmented reality FOV as a floating video feed. I could pin that window anywhere in space and look back at it to see her talk. Meanwhile, she could see everything I was looking at, and talked me through the process of installing a light switch. She could also draw things on her Surface tablet screen and have them appear in front of my eyes, which she did multiple times to point to a certain tool or a wire I needed to connect. It’s by far the best AR headset I’ve ever seen, but the view is disappointingly limited.

Wired: Another scenario lands me on a virtual Mars-scape. With a quick upward gesture, I toggle from computer screens that monitor the Curiosity rover’s progress across the planet’s surface to the virtual experience of being on the planet. The ground is a parched, dusty sandstone, and so realistic that as I take a step, my legs begin to quiver. They don’t trust what my eyes are showing them. Behind me, the rover towers seven feet tall, its metal arm reaching out from its body like a tentacle. The sun shines brightly over the rover, creating short black shadows on the ground beneath its legs.

Walker hates Common Core...again. Sells incomparable test standards to low information voters.

While Scott Walker is still thinking about running for president, he's blocked off a little time in Iowa for some reason. He'll speak at the oddly named Freedom Summit (sponsored by who else Citizens United), because we've lost so much of it lately. Walker is now emphasizing his disdain for Common Core, after appearing squishy on it in his state-of-the-state speech.

Green Bay's Fox 11 reported that Walker wants different standards, incomparable ones, giving schools a choice over what test to use. Like No Child Left Behind, district's will simply lowered their test standards to get higher scores. It's accountability in name only, but isn't everything Republicans do just for show anyway? It's working, and getting them elected:

Walker: “I’m all for high standards. Wisconsin has some of the highest standards on its own. I just believe the standards should be set by people within the state and not outside the state. They should ultimately be set at the local level ... I also want them to make it perfectly clear in the statutes that school districts do not have to use common core, and that we take it a step further and we work with the legislature to make sure there aren't things like the Smarter Balanced test going forward that require the schools to use the Common Core.”
According to Fox 11, at least one parent is seeing the same results I'm seeing with my two boys:
Lori Cathey, the Green Bay Education Association President says while the way common core has been implemented isn't perfect, she’s seen positive results. “My son is seven. He’s in the second grade. He’s had common core math since he was in kindergarten and the stuff he is able to truly understand about math and the concepts and about why things happen. It’s just amazing,” said Cathey.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Republican State Treasurer Adamczyk promises to abolish office, bashes EPA, wants to cancel the NY Times and fire Tia Nelson for concern over Global Warming.

The repressive authoritarian Republican agenda continues to get little coverage in the mainstream media, despite the threat it poses to public policy and our founding document, that pesky constitution.

It may be a small story to some, but it’s a revealing window into the conservative mindset of top down one party control over everything. The rationalization for meting out what can only be described as their iron fisted style of government, is to purge liberal policies. They have apparently left the country in absolute ruin.

Petty and mean spirited, Republicans continue to target as enemies of the authority, liberal-progressive-Democratic Wisconsinites. These disloyal elements will be forced out eventually. Patrick Marley-jsonline:  
Wisconsin's new state treasurer Matt Adamczyk, is making waves on an obscure state board (the Commission of Public Lands)— trying to get it to cancel its subscription to The New York Times, change its letterhead so the top administrator doesn't appear on it anymore and make sure any references to global warming are dropped from its website.
Predictably, Republican Adamczyk ran for office with the intention to destroy it (what's new, right), and voters thought, "hell yes." Kind of an odd way to get that done:
Matt Adamczyk wants to abolish the state treasurer’s office so badly, he’s running for the office to do it. “Let’s get rid of this thing,” the Republican told Wisconsin Reporter. “There’s three staff (in the treasurer’s office). I’m not retaining anyone. I will get this done. I will pound this issue every single day.
This jolly rotund fellow then went to work:
Adamczyk has raised issues large and small at the Board of Commissioners of Public Land, which operates a trust that provides funding for school libraries and makes loans to municipalities and school districts.

Tia Nelson, daughter of the late U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, (told) staff to document all contacts they've had with Adamczyk … "That's news to me and seems very weird," Adamczyk said … he had "huge concerns" about Nelson, but came short of saying she should be fired … but later he agreed to evaluate her performance.
Adamczyk attacked Nelson for her outside activities as well - saving the environment. Republican Adamczyk of course hates the EPA:
Among Adamczyk's concerns are Nelson's environmental background … she served on a state global warming task force five years ago. "I don't see a role in this board to do anything else (outside its mission), like become a Wisconsin version of the Environmental Protection Agency," Adamczyk said at Tuesday's meeting … references to global warming should be removed from the agency's website.
Adamczyk hates Nelson’s work so much he wants to take her name of the stationary letterhead:
Adamczyk ... wrote to Nelson asking that the names of elected officials not appear on the board's letterhead. "Commissioner Adamczyk said he felt 'passionately that the name Tia Nelson should not be listed,'" the minutes say ... Schimel and La Follette would not go along with the idea. On Tuesday, Adamczyk said in an interview the letterhead "isn't that big a deal."
Well informed? Not the purpose of government: Adamczyk chose (as a government official now) to officially remove and censor the more liberal information accessed by board members…like the NY Times, one of two out-of-state newspapers. The “local” Wall Street Journal is okay? 
The board took up the board's subscription to The New York Times. "First and foremost, this is completely unnecessary," Adamczyk wrote in a Dec. 22 email to Nelson. "We live in Wisconsin and we don't need a subscription to this publication."

Nelson responded that she and other staff read the Times along with the … The Wall Street Journal, Lakeland Times, Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's been my view that having a diversity of news sources has been helpful," Nelson said at Tuesday's meeting.
Diversity in Wisconsin? Not if our Republican big government overlords can help it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Nation is now focused on the Wage Gap and falling Incomes.

Republicans were wrong, and unfortunately for them, they're in charge. With high consumer confidence and a strong yearlong economic recovery, the argument for dramatic change is sounding extremely hollow.

The doom and gloom distractions? Gone. The fog has cleared. Republicans can no longer hide from the obvious expanding wage gap, a direct result of supply side economics. Lead by Paul Ryan, the GOP has simply resurfaced the crumbling road to prosperity with a new sell job.

Declining wages are killing us, and Republicans have been standing in the way of reversing that. The nation is waking up to the fact that the bottom 90% need a raise. This is now the major topic of discussion, finally, and we should be embarrassed to have let it get this bad:
A new report from the Center for American Progress finds that Australia and Canada "have experience continuing middle-class growth," while for the U.S. it has halted. Indeed, when I used the World Top Incomes Database to compare the income growth of the "bottom" 90 percent, I got this:
So, a bunch of squiggles followed by a great divergence around 2001, when the United States falls off a ledge, Canada takes a massive step up, and Australia takes one of those proverbial marsupial hops. Chronically, the bash brothers of globalization and technology have clobbered middle-class jobs, hacking away at manufacturing employment and hollowing out routine-based work that paid okay wages. (At the same time, low-skill immigration in the late 1980s and 1990s reduced the average income of the poorest American families.) More acutely, the Great Recession delivered the mother of all housing crunches, which has been terrible news for the lower and middle classes. Five years into the recovery, construction and manufacturing employment is still in a six-million-job hole (24 million in 2000; 18 million today).

The road out is not hopeless, and the CAP paper on how the U.S. can learn from the rest of the world offers fine solutions across education, infrastructure, and working with cities to develop talent clusters. But this sort of ambitious policy landscaping is purely fanciful with today's Congress. In this government, all big ideas are rain dances.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Homeland Security's Scared Dumb Ron Johnson to take away our freedoms first. Terrorists win.

One thing is becoming very clear; Republican principles are nothing more than shifting moments in time, to be rationalized away once they're no longer convenient.

Our own Dumb Ron Johnson, a guy who never could figure out the Affordable Care Act, in now the Senate Chairman of Homeland Security. Remember his insightful prediction about ObamaCare:
It’s an assault on our freedom. It’s going to lower the quality of our care. It’s going to lead to rationing. The types of medical innovation that saved my daughter’s life [and] that saves millions of Americans -- I wont’ say it’s going to come to a grinding halt but it’s going to be severely limited.”
Johnson brings that same panicky misguided expertise to Homeland Security. What may be the most shocking thing ever said by a senator (except for Joe McCarty), from a guy trusted to protect our freedom, was this jaw dropper:
Johnson: "We start seeing these types of attacks, multiple attacks on our homeland, think of how our freedoms will be restrained, how they'll be impaired...infringed upon if we have to address a far more robust terrorist environment." 
That's Johnson's plan? Hand it to the hosts of the Devil's Advocates for being just as stunned as I was over Johnson's quick surrender. Our freedoms have never been in more dangerous hands as Johnson, or the Republicans.

What's even more worrisome is Dumb Ron Johnson's rationalization
Devil's Dominic Salvia: "But is the answer, no matter the threat, to limit the civil liberties of U.S. citizens to catch the bad guys...what would envision if that happened:

Johnson: "I can't specify it right now, but let's face it, right now we have restrictions on our freedom because we're going to try and preserve our security driving down the road, I'm going to have to go here and I'm going to have to go 35 mph...we restrict our freedom, we don't allow us to drive 70 mph down this road because it keeps us more secure."

Devil's Dominic Salvia: "By reacting like that, is that not the point, isn't that what the terrorists want that kind of reaction, to make us less free by the fear that they instill?"

Johnson: "Precisely, and look what they've already accomplished..."
...and Johnson wants to keep their accomplishments coming. He's the chair of Homeland Security folks. Hang onto your freedoms while you can:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scott Walker to blame for Packers Loss!!!

When the Packers needed to take it to the next level, who flipped the momentum? Scott Walker..."RELAX"...really?

Iowa Republicans control Walker and state economy. No Kenosha Casino or else.

Our one party right wing authoritarian statewide majority is just one tentacle of the national movement to turn the country “red” (the next Red Threat?). When you have an entire political agenda fine-tuned by a few conservative bill writing collectives, its hard believe they still think they're the rugged go-it-alone party of individuals.

So it should be no surprise to see presidential wannabe Scott Walker getting his marching orders from his Borg-like overlords in Iowa, where all presidential aspirants must tow the line.
jsonline: Influential social conservatives in Iowa are warning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that approving a proposed Kenosha casino next month could hurt his presidential bid … Walker must decide by Feb. 19 … Tom Coates, executive director of Consumer Credit of Des Moines, wrote Walker after his November re-election and sent him a petition against gambling expansion he said had been signed by 600 Republicans, including U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and both Republican National Committee members from Iowa, Steve Scheffler and Tamara Scott. "As you are contemplating a presidential bid, I sincerely hope you will consider a 'No Expanding Gaming' policy," Coates wrote.
The news media pretended during Walker’s reelection that he was thoughtfully considering the pros and cons, while everybody else knew it was just a con to get Kenosha area votes.
Iowa's attempt to influence policy in Wisconsin is not just outrageous, but an eye opener for tribes with existing gambling outlets. The reason to oppose the Kenosha facility below, adds gambling to the long list of out-of-favor businesses in Wisconsin:
"The increased societal problems of divorce, bankruptcy, debt, depression and suicide, and the additional cost to local governments to handle these problems and the crimes associated with gambling far outweigh any perceived advantages that may be provided by expanded gambling," Bob Vander Plaats, the president and chief executive officer of The Family Leader wrote last month
 So much for people having the freedom and liberty to do what the hell they want to, even gamble.