Friday, April 10, 2015

Holy crap, Sheriff David Clarke is Insane, literally!!! And he's allowed to carry a gun?

Why Milwaukee keeps electing this friggin' lunatic is beyond me. You can read his comments here, or if you're feeling up to it, watch in disbelief as this showboating instigator of gun violence in Milwaukee panders shamelessly to the drooling gun toting freaks afraid of their own shadow:
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke stirred up the audience at the National Rifle Association national convention on Friday with an outlandish “proposition” involving the Great Seal of the United States, Right Wing Watch reported.
“You know, the one with the American bald eagle holding an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other. We should take those arrows out of the eagle’s claws and replace them with a semi-automatic rifle, preferably one that shoots M-855 ammunition.”
With a total disregard for history, this “law enforcement” official doesn’t get the symbols of “peace and war:”
The seal, which was first used in 1782, is kept in the Secretary of State’s office. According to the State Department, the olive branch and the arrows “denote the power of peace & war.”
“There is nothing else I would rather hold in my hand when fighting government tyranny than a Bible in my left hand that I use to swear to uphold the Constitution, and in my right hand a Winchester rifle, a symbol of freedom and liberty in the United States of America.” 
 Jaw dropping that someone like this is in charge of anything:

Walker's "Bain Capital" takeover of Wisconsin.

Like Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital, Scott Walker sees himself as a “turnaround specialist.”

Politics and business are so closely tied together now that holding office is no different than being a corporate CEO.

Applying the same concept to state government, Walker is clearing a path to the White House in the same way business clears a path to higher profits. I thought Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi came the closest to describing the similarities when he wrote about Mitt Romney. Like Walker’s transportation borrowing and his “divide and conquer” strategy for unions and taxpayer support for the public “commons,” the philosophy is identical to the corporate model:
The new borrow-and-conquer economy was morally sanctified by an almost religious faith in the grossly euphemistic concept of "creative destruction," and amounted to a total abdication of collective responsibility by America's rich, whose new thing was making assloads of money in ever-shorter campaigns of economic conquest, sending the proceeds offshore, and shrugging as the great towns and factories their parents and grandparents built were shuttered and boarded up, crushed by a true prairie fire of debt.
Walker takes Bain Capital approach to state economy: With massive amounts of corporate spending and really dirty politics, Walker stayed on as Wisconsin CEO and turnaround artist. Like Bain Capital, Walker is stripping away everything; public jobs, the UW, parks, transportation and costly environmental protections from the state budget, while providing a huge return for corporate donors. Declaring success, Walker will then move on to a better job leaving Wisconsinites behind to face the consequences of his actions.

This wasn't a concept I came up with. Credit former candidate for state supreme court justice and Marquette University law professor Ed Fellone. Listen to his response (1:05 min. in) to Walker's budget and conservative pundit and financial planner Keene Winters on WPR’s Joy Cardin Show:

Taibbi also wrote this, again reminding me of Walker:
Obama ran on "change" in 2008, but Romney (Walker) represents a far more real and seismic shift in the American landscape … the frontman of an economic revolution, in which transactions are manufactured instead of products, wealth is generated without accompanying prosperity … while American communities fall apart. It's a vision of society that's crazy, vicious and almost unbelievably selfish, yet it's running for president, and it has a chance of winning. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Common Core Math for Dummies (Parents)

Voxdotcom put this nice video together for those dumbass parents that continue to whine about not getting math 20 to 30 year after they left school baffled by math. Leave all of us on Facebook and twitter alone...please, we think you're dumb:

I get a slew of conservative tweets everyday, but on this subject, I thought this one might blow a few minds:

Oh sure, as a father of two boys, 12 and 16 years old, I have contempt for parents? I'm assuming conservative support of clueless really dumb parents is another example of "American Exceptionalism?"
I was directed to this self help book, thanks to a tweet from Christopher, that just might be a big help to the conservative twitter crowd:

Walker's Wisconsin ruled by "No Climate Tax Pledge" to Koch's, and banning Climate Change Science.

It's all becoming so much clearer now, after I stumble on a curious Scott Walker reference and link in a recent Huffington Post story.

The nationally embarrassing story making the rounds? The Walker administration's copy cat Florida policy banning any mention of climate change at a Wisconsin state agency.

But that story has a history, like this one from the Cap Times' Steven Elbow back in July of 2013:
Scott Walker among signers of Koch-backed 'No Climate Tax Pledge:' You’ve no doubt heard about Grover Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” Well, there’s a new pledge in town … This pledge is called the “No Climate Tax Pledge,” but it might as well be called the “Koch Brothers Protection Pledge,” since it was devised by a group co-founded and backed by the billionaire brothers.

Signers of the pledge, now numbering 411, promise to "oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue” ... They include all Republicans, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, U.S. Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner, Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble, state Sens. Leah Vukmir, Alberta Darling, Rep. Glenn Grothman and Mary Lazich, and state Reps. Dale Kooyenga, Don Pridemore, Jim Ott and Bill Kramer.Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch … for ideological reasons and because of the state's wealth of frac sand.
While Walker didn't openly suggest banning all references to climate change, he's made it clear the idea itself has no place in his government. These losers are okay with not playing it safe, you know, just for the heck of it. If they're wrong, they will be taking us down with them.

From Ed Schultz, Sen. Chris Larson and the Progressive's Ruth Conniff help the nation understand just how bizarre our Humpty Dumptyish state treasurer really is about climate change:

Here's Chris Hayes with the only person on the panel of three to not vote for the climate change ban, Secretary of State Doug La Follette:

Attorney General Brad Schimel wasted no time blowing any credibility he might have had left after his fumbling bumbling campaign for the top cop spot. Is he not a real life Homer Simpson?

Sheriff Clarke admits he's not a Democrat after all and Justice Prosser is a Republican working for big business. Thank you.

From the Vicki McKenna show, via Sly's podcast, conservative and phony Milwaukee Democrat Sheriff David Clarke betrayed every Republican secret.
1. Clarke whined how Democrats dared to challenge activist Justice David Prosser's reelection to the supreme court and came within 2,000 votes of defeating him. Clarke's angry tirade revealed...
a. Prosser is a Republican lackey who had..."the machinery of the Walker campaign and Republican Party behind him." Gee, doesn't sound like a fair impartial guy to me?

b. Clarke complained the Republicans, yes, Republicans, "should have fielded a candidate...and kickstart all of their mechanisms like the Manufacturers group and whatnot..." Again, Prosser is a Republican legislator on the bench working for big business, and isn't the least bit impartial.

c. But here's the surprise...Clarke really isn't a Democrat, just deceptively runs as one: "...because we've got a 4 to 3 margin. When I say we, the conservatives on the supreme court." Thank you David.

DNR hopes to kill scientific research that is "not being well aligned with program needs." "Policy would drive science instead of the other way around."

I didn't think it was possible to go beyond Scott Walker’s proposal to eliminate 18 scientists at the DNR; 
"Wisconsin DNR mulls dissolving … the agency’s Bureau of Science Services."
We saw it in the way the deer herds are now being managed; by hearsay and the desires of special interests groups, not research and science. 
Critics, both inside and outside the agency, say such a reorganization would rob the state of impartial science that should guide critical natural resource management decisions … management would more likely be driven by policy decisions and politics.
This is all politics and an outright taking of our government, driven by colluding lawmakers and businesses that have their own plans for Wisconsin’s great outdoors. Since no one believes anything the Democrats say (unless it’s backed up by at least one agreeing Republican), let’s go back to President Theodore Roosevelt, who’s on the mark warning about what is happening right now should be enough:
"It is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature, whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird. Here in the United States we turn our rivers and streams into sewers and dumping-grounds, we pollute the air, we destroy forests, and exterminate fishes, birds and mammals -- not to speak of vulgarizing charming landscapes with hideous advertisements. But at last it looks as if our people were awakening. We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields and obstructing navigation."
Cathy Stepp’s DNR has outright admitted that the latest is “an effort to address the legislative perception of research not being well aligned with program needs.” Not clear enough yet? What happens when science says something is a bad idea, like iron mining? It’s called “biased:”
State Sen. Tom Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst criticized a bureau report on environmental concerns surrounding the now-defunct plan from Gogebic Taconite to build an open-pit iron mine in northwestern Wisconsin. He said the report was biased against the mine. Tiffany also told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he was not supportive of the bureau doing research related to climate change because the science behind global warming is still “theoretical.”
Side-note: Isn't it bizarre how Republicans say climate change is theoretical, but then stop all the research that could turn that theory into fact? 

So who needs the
...hundreds of papers that, among many other things, evaluate the removal of phosphorus from Wisconsin lakes, the impact of lakeshore development, how timber cutting might affect breeding birds, fish surveys in the spring to help determine the health of the state’s fisheries … monitor air pollution levels and study the potential impact of practices such as frac sand and iron mining.
There is only bright spot: environmentalists could be big winners in court:
Dave Clausen, former chairman and member of the state NRB, which sets policy for the agency, said moving researchers out of an independent bureau and into other divisions will destroy objective science in the agency. He said researchers … would more likely be told to do research that only supports the division’s goals, even though those goals may be driven by a political agenda. In other words, he added, policy would drive science instead of the other way around. 

Clausen added that the lack of independent science could come back to haunt the agency if its management decisions are challenged in court. “When you start making decisions on hunter or user whimsy, you lose your ability to defend yourself,” Clausen said.
What makes the cuts to the DNR so surprising:
The DNR, for example, by its own admission, is more than 20 years behind on a state wetlands inventory
They've only been able to inspect 20% of the sand mines due to staff shortages. Republicans are bad managers and bad at budgeting, since they cut the taxes that would have paid for some of this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Losing Climate Change battle, Republicans Ban Issue at Agency overseeing Public land.

Big government Republicans have decided to win the climate change argument by simply not letting anybody talk about it. Ta-da.

This was a big enough story for even Bloomberg Business to cover because it was so bizarre. This was a big enough story for even Bloomberg Business to cover because it was so bizarre. We really are becoming the laughing stock of the nation.

State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, a Republican who ran on the pledge to eliminate his position, caused a stir his first few days when he banned the New York Times, saying "We live in Wisconsin and we don't need a subscription to this publication." 

Adamczyk summed up the ban this way:
It just seems silly that we would have to. But I’m not the one that’s been engaging on this topic for years.”
This from a guy trying to destroy his own office. By the way, who would vote for someone promising to blow things up?
Discussing climate change is out of bounds for workers at a state agency in Wisconsin. So is any work related to climate change—even responding to e-mails about the topic … Wisconsin’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands overseeing an agency that benefits schools and communities in the state, enacted the staff ban on climate change. 

The board’s executive director, Tia Nelson, the daughter of Gaylord Nelson, the U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who established Earth Day in 1970, had spent on-the-job time working on global warming in 2007 and ’08—at the request of the governor. “It honestly never occurred to me that being asked by a sitting governor to serve on a citizen task force would be objectionable,” she said.
This is becoming standard operating procedure for Republicans, who believe banning speech will silence their opponents and make it all go away:  
The measure affecting a small number of Wisconsin state workers follows an alleged effort by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to stop employees from using the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in official communications.

The move to ban an issue leaves staff in the unusual position of not being able to speak about how climate change might affect lands it oversees. “Having been on this board for close to 30 years, I've never seen such nonsense,” Wisconsin Secretary of State Douglas La Follette, a Democrat. 
Nonsense and "silly," banning topics Republican oppose just substantiates what I've been saying all along about right wing authoritarianism. Not quite the vision of the founding fathers: 
State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, a Republican who sits on the board said that if Nelson receives an e-mail asking about climate change, “she can forward it to us”—the board—“and we can all look at it. I would prefer that we didn’t have to prohibit stuff like this. It just seems silly that we would have to. But I’m not the one that’s been engaging on this topic for years.”
Yes, silly, and the ultimate in big brother big Republican government.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Walker tells world Obama lacks leadership, should stop attacking congress.

Republicans have decided that calling President Obama a liar and delegitimizing everything he's ever stood for wasn't enough, so they're now pretending he doesn't exist, by dealing with foreign governments on their own and promising to abandon any agreements Obama's negotiated.

Who could have imagined this ever happening? This is beyond radicalism, beyond racism, beyond policy that spells the end of the experiment we call the United States. This is a declaration of war by a party crazy enough to hold the rest of the world hostage. After all, they've done that with the nations solvency, why not foreign countries?

President Obama commented on one of the most irresponsible declarations yet by a presidential candidate, Gov. Scott Walker. While Walker has waffled on every questions he's never answered, it's foreign policy where he's suddenly decided to draw the line:
NPR: Obama scoffed at Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's suggestion that he would, on Day 1, revoke any nuclear agreement with Iran if he is elected president.

"It would be a foolish approach to take," Obama said in an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep, "and perhaps Mr. Walker — after he's taken some time to bone up on foreign policy — will feel the same way."
Here's Walker's original comment on WTMJ:

"Absolutely. I will pull back on that on Jan. 20, 2017, because I think the last thing not just for the region, but for this world we need is a nuclear-armed Iran."
Here's Obama's response:

Here's Walker's bizarre response, which is true to his "divide and conquer" strategy for everything, suggesting Obama not "attack" his critics?

While the Democratic Party “flames on” again, with Sen. Chuck Schumer helping Republicans delegitimize Obama, Walker’s march to war is inexcusable. Walker might just bluster his way into the White House, demanding compliance from other countries in the region...or else:
"President Obama's failed leadership has put him at odds with many across the country, including members of his own party, and key allies around the world. Whether it is cutting a bad deal with Iran, calling ISIS the JV squad, or touting Yemen as a success story, Obama's lack of leadership has hurt America's safety and standing in the world. I mean, to me, it is, the concept of a nuclear Iran is not only problematic for Iran, and certainly for Israel, but it opens the doors. I mean, the Saudis are next. You're going to have plenty of others in the region. People forget that even among the Islamic world, there is no love lost between the Saudis and the Iranians. And so they're going to want to have a nuclear weapon if the Iranians have a nuclear weapon. This is something that just escalates right before our eyes."

Vote for Justice Ann Walsh Bradley today, or get this guy...

Grumpy conservative activist judge and now supreme court justice candidate James Daley says he's got no agenda. So I thought this was funny enough to repeat here, from Cognitive Dissidence:
"Can a judge be that dishonest that he would claim to be "non partisan" and hang out daily with bitter partisans like these two? Do we really want someone in the highest court who thinks a day with Vicki Mckenna is a good day?"

The other person is Brian Schimming who was high level in the Wisconsin Republican party but recently appointed by Scott Walker as COO of WHEDA to soak the taxpayers for Cadillac benefits and $128,000/yr.

"Worried " Walker puts positive spin on Doom & Gloom.

Scott Walker is a strict ideologue. Ideologues replace problems with theories they strongly believe in. That's why they don't have to solve problems, as is evidenced by the comments made by the current crop of candidates for president, especially Walker.            

In a recent WTMJ Radio interview, he said some really stupid things that the media in Wisconsin refuses to address.

Like when Walker’s “realist” doom and gloom view of America included the word “worried” 12
times in just 15 minutes. The national media picked up on it, but not the local conservative radio host, who thought nothing of Walker’s whiny dislike of our current way of life. Yes, conservatives hate the country so much they want to “turn America around,” and turn it into a free market dystopian fascist hellhole under the Orwellian banner of “freedom and liberty.”
Leadership: When asked if he's a gloomy guy, a reference to a recent Yahoo News article critiquing a recent speech in which he said "worried" 12 times in 15 minutes: "No, I’m a realist. As worried as I am about our country, I know with the right leadership in Washington, there’s no doubt we can turn America around and make America great again just like we did in Wisconsin."
Because American isn't great? Oh boy, the simpleton tea party voters won't like that.

What's this“Just like we did in Wisconsin?” What a great model; Wisconsinites are bitter enemies with their neighbors and no longer share the cost of public parks and education,....that takes the "us" out of U.S..

Walker’s plan for the national debt: Cut revenue by cutting taxes. Yes, there’s nothing like paying down your bills with big cuts to your income (revenues) via huge corporate giveaways that supposedly trickle down in poverty wage jobs. 
National debt: How to address the national debt, which he identified as the country's greatest domestic threat: "I believe it takes the kind of reform we put in place four years ago both in growth and reform. That means lowering the marginal tax rates, putting in place a competitive corporate tax rate so that we can bring jobs back from overseas so our fellow Americans can get back to work.
My god, Walker’s cluelessness about “ObamaCare” is still one of the great uncovered stories. Despite patients already making choices in the marketplace and choosing a doctor, Walker promises to give us...choices, except without the marketplace and tax credits. Welcome to the old insurance controlled system of exceptions, dropped policies, taxpayer supported high risk pools and the deaths of 50,000 people a year that could have been prevented…yup, "freedom and liberty:” 
We need to repeal Obamacare and allow patients to make those decisions..."

Monday, April 6, 2015

Public School Republican Indoctrinates Students, saying Obama not a Christian, just like the parents that support him.

Liberal indoctrination in public schools has been the target of Republicans since the beginning of time, or at least the last 50 years. Every example supposedly proves conservatives are under attack. The truth about their party and actions is just so much left wing propaganda. That’s why privatization makes sense them.

And yet, Republican outrage does not extend to conservative indoctrination. This is not an isolated case, but it is the latest one getting minimal media coverage:
Salon: A Dublin City, Georgia teacher caused a community-wide scandal when she allegedly questioned President Barack Obama’s Christianity, as well as the Christianity of anyone who supported him in front of her class. The incident, which reportedly occurred last February, was brought before a school board meeting in late March. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Adam Carlson reports:
Dublin City Schools Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter said. a parent at Dublin Middle School first brought the matter to the school principal … In its letter the NAACP alleges that, in a parent-teacher conference soon after the comments were made, the teacher "presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics" instead of adequately addressing their concerns. 
Borg-like Republicans will automatically disregard this new outrage, laugh it off with some snide Democratic put-down, and never correct what seems to be a growing problem in our newly privatized educational system.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A lesson for Democrats: Zappa easily debates the rabidly sick minds of two Republicans.

After watching a short clip of Frank Zappa's appearance on CNN's "Crossfire," and I couldn't help but notice how wacky the conservative panelist were in comparison. Remember, this was way back in a less radicalized time for Republicans, 1986. So I went out and found the whole clip. Wow! The show at first focused on Zappa's lyrics, but quickly moved into politics, and a debate I won't soon forget.

Progressives, liberals and Democrats would be wise to see how easily Zappa handled these guys. Zappa never once bought into their silly narrative. Instead he made them look like the brutally dictatorial and controlling Republicans they really are. Zappa was right in accusing them of pushing a fascist and theocratic agenda.

Seriously, it's a fast 20 minutes. Zappa never got angry, he just let Washington Times columnist John Lofton (you won't believe this clown) and Robert Novak (with his snide grinning gotcha's) look like controlling megalomaniacal fools.

And to conservatives, this was you before the dumbed-down rantings of the tea party. Another-words, you're worse now:

The latest rage; the Badger Cummerbund?!!

Who knew this would overtake the Badger victory over Kentucky?
YahooSports: While the game between Kentucky and Wisconsin got off to a fast start, some viewers just haven’t been able to look past the Badgers’ red and white Adidas uniforms. Twitter exploded with jokes about Wisconsin’s gear – especially the large white cummerbund-like stripe at the top of the team’s shorts.
It's prom season, and not too late to celebrate the badgers....personally, I liked the Waldo reference most of all:

While this happened in Kentucky:

Missouri Republican would ban Seafood and Steak from those rotten lazy Food Stamp thieves.

When I see Republican sponsored bills that reach so far into our personal lives that we’re basically being told how to live and eat, I always think of their bullshit about “small government.”

Here’s the tale of another pious conservative social engineer taking it out on the hungry poor, just like Jesus did:
Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin is sponsoring legislation that would prevent people receiving food stamps from buying “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood or steak.” He’s already admitted the bill might need “tweaking” to permit people to buy “canned tuna and fish sticks.”

These kinds of bills — premised on the idea that food stamp recipients are lazy thieves — are a favorite of Republican lawmakers: take Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, who’s so suspicious of food stamp users that he recommends his constituents snoop on their shopping carts to make sure nothing looks too sinful.

And Brattin has already proven himself to be a stupendously effective troll: he was last seen sponsoring a bill that would have allowed men to have to grant women permission to get an abortion. (That one failed immediately.)
Prevent the poor from eating fish? Kinda reminds of a story...
When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick. The disciples came to Jesus and said, “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish” … “Bring them here to me,” Jesus said. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. They all ate and were satisfied…
So tell me all about our “small government,” “get government out of the way” religious right Republicans dictators.