Saturday, May 16, 2015

Absentee Gov. Walker now compared himself to "Wisconsin 14," the Democrats who left state to protest Act 10.

We're now finding out how the Act 10 protests profoundly effected Scott Walker; in the most bizarre way. Remember when he shocked everyone comparing protesters exercising their constitutional rights to ISIS:
"If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe,"
Walker's at it again. This time he's comparing his massive amounts of time out of state to the Democratic Senators who left for Illinois, stopping Act 10 from getting a vote. He's saying it's ironic and hypocritical of his critics to say anything about his time away when they approved of the exiled Wisconsin 14. Not a real comparison, not even close, but his "stand with Walker" voters will repeat it over and over. This continued whining about the protests is ridiculous, since Walker was responsible for starting them. From WKOW:

Oddly, if Walker really wants to make that comparison his own, than here's what one republican, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, said at the time about the Democrats...and apparently Walker too:
“Today, the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin are going to pat themselves on the back and smile for the cameras. They’re going to pretend they’re heroes for taking a three-week vacation. It is an absolute insult to the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who are struggling to find a job, much less one they can run away from and go down to Illinois — with pay.”
Will Walker now stand by that comparison? "Shameful," and an "insult."

Walker's pettiness also extended to Russ Feingold's run for the Senate, saying he was out of state at the time of his announcement. Wow, must have been a bad day for bad comparisons? Feingold isn't answerable to the taxpayers right now. he isn't in office either, and isn't trying to run the state and pay the bills on a desperately short budget that spins off the states biggest money makers.

Walker's cuts to school spending shocker; now below national average.

If it wasn't for the dedicated hard work of our teachers, and the concern they have for our kids, schools would be failing academically right now. It's anybodies guess how long teachers can hold up under the barrage of funding cuts, and the constant character assassination brought about by a bunch of disgruntled republican politicians who still can't get over their bad boy years in high school.

We're trending down folks, biennial budget after biennial budget. This is Scott Walker's plan for the country, what do you think? jsonline:
Walker budget puts Wisconsin per-pupil spending below national average: For what could be the first time ever, Wisconsin would fall below the national average in per-pupil K-12 spending if Gov. Scott Walker's budget passes without changes, according to an analysis from a national nonpartisan research group. Only a handful of states, including Wisconsin, are poised to cut education spending in the 2015-'16 school year, according to the commission's analysis.

The vast majority of other states are projected to increase spending between 1% and 3% to account for increasing operational costs such as health care.
Republicans got an earful about the cuts, and they know they’re in deep shit with their own voters if they don’t come up with something. But that may not be enough.
Walker proposed cutting $127 million from K-12 schools in the first year of his budget, which has drawn criticism from districts and the state Department of Public Instruction. Increasingly, parents have rallied to join the call for not just a restoration of the cut — which would bring districts back to where they are this year — but also an increase. recent statewide poll by Marquette Law School showed 78% of Wisconsin residents disagreed with Walker's $127 million proposed cut to K-12 education.
Republicans are also trying to give the impression that they care about restoring funding, so when they don’t, they can say they tried. Will their voters let them off the hook again?
Leading Republicans pledged to restore funding for K-12 schools as they work through amending Walker's budget.
They think a token giveback to save their sorry asses will help. I hope not.

Walker's Preemptive War Policy = Iraq Invasion + (Bush Doctrine + Jeb Bush comment)!!!

Upside down and as confused as ever, career politician Scott Walker really doesn't see how his own preemptive war policy, known as the Bush Doctrine, got us into Iraq for all the wrong reasons in the first place.

That became obvious when Walker decided to attack Jeb Bush for saying he would still support invading Iraq knowing what he knows now. That's the thing about preemption, the facts and unintended consequences only become known later. That's what made Jeb's comment so horrific.

And that's what makes Walker's political one-upsmanship of Jeb Bush so ridiculous and dangerously clueless. jsonline:
Fresh off a trip to Israel, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said that the U.S. invasion of Iraq doesn't hold up in hindsight. "Any president would have likely taken the same action Bush did with the information he had, even (then U.S. Sen.) Hillary Clinton voted for it, but knowing what we know now, we should not have gone into Iraq," Walker said in his statement. 
And like George Bush, Walker will make the case for preemptive war, not knowing what we will only know after the fact, having learned nothing from the past.
"We're not going to wait till they bring the fight to us. We're going to bring the fight to them and fight on their soil." - Walker

Friday, May 15, 2015

Walker supports expensive wasteful Cadillac Insurance plans!!

Scott Walker couldn't be happier, and businesses couldn't be more dissatisfied with the Affordable Care Act!!!

Scott Walker is so used to shoveling money over to the wealthy elite, that when they complain about losing their Cadillac health care plans, he’s sad for them. Here’s is deceiving tweet (does he send any other kind?) pictured here. The number is right, but what is business avoiding?

Walker doesn't mention that business hates giving up their Cadillac health plans. But that's crazy. Seriously, business is okay paying in excess of $10,200 for individual insurance coverage, and a jaw dropping $27,500 for family coverage? Talk about wasting money. One right winger tweeted that business gets to write off those premiums as an expense, which is true, but they also have to spend that money first, instead of investing it back into the company or raising wages. Do companies buy the most expensive supplies because they can write it off? Didn't think so, at least none that I've worked for. And yet spending big bucks needlessly on insurance isn't the only thing they're now supposedly whining about:
A new survey finds that nearly two-thirds of businesses facing a new Obamacare tax will change their coverage to avoid it. The survey finds that 62 percent of the nearly 600 companies polled have already taken action or plan to take action to avoid the so-called “Cadillac tax.” For every dollar spent over that threshold (I mentioned above), employers will be hit with an excise tax at a punishing 40 percent rate.
Oh, and did Walker mention that just 2.5% of businesses plan to pay the 40% tax in 2018 when the Cadillac taxes takes effect? On top of the high premiums? Smart?

But here’s the big cry baby rub; business don’t like joining ObamaCare because now they'll have to disclose and report how they’re complying with the law. Sorry, but everybody on the exchange, including me, have had to do just that in order to receive the tax credits and keep the premiums as low as possible. That’s not bad, in fact, it’s good and worth it. Of course with universal care, none of this would be an issue, ever, and businesses could keep a whole lot more money:
Three-in-five respondents reported the law has had a negative impact on their organization; their perception about the law has become more negative. Businesses identified administrative (55.7 percent) and disclosure, reporting, and notification costs (37.5 percent) as their top cost drivers in complying with the law.
So business hates keeping track to get a good deal? How do they stay in business?

Employees Win: Those on the exchange actually like it. So I’m assuming business will follow suit once the myths and fictions are found out to be more of those infamous Republican lies.
Over 98 percent of businesses that provide health care coverage for their full-time workers intend to keep doing so.
It's all about the free market and competition folks:
The top reasons businesses listed for providing coverage included attracting future talent (79 percent), retaining current talent (75 percent), and maintaining/increasing employee satisfaction (53 percent).

Walker wants to run the country, but can't run WEDC, part 8!!!

Funny guy.

Scott Walker is taking the E.D. out of WEDC, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Another well thought out scheme by our career politician and governor with his bold ideas. 
“We just met as a board about two weeks ago and Governor Walker as chairman of the board did not present any of these ideas," Sen. Lassa said. "What is the point of having a private-sector board if you are not going to consult with them?
Mr. Big Government himself doesn't need the help, or the differing points of view, to get in the way of his own marvelous "leadership." jsonline:
A week after an audit documenting failures by the state's top jobs agency, Gov. Scott Walker abruptly sought more changes at the corporation, shifting his plans for it for the second time in as many weeks. (Walker) would seek to end Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. involvement in loan programs — one of the key problem areas identified by nonpartisan auditors but not the only one.
Remember, this comes right after the devastating audit and his brilliant "big idea" to merge WEDC with Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. That big idea included getting rid of all the politicians on the board and absolutely no oversight. Hey, it's another private sector winner. I know pretty crazy. But the media hasn’t found the time to remind voters of just how out of whack Walker’s original idea was. 

Rep. Kremer: no exceptions for 20 week abortion ban, even for Fatal Fetal Abnormalities. Suggests Perinatal Hospice.

Wisconsin Republicans are about to go the full distance reigning a women’s right to choose. Get familiar with the term, “perinatal or prenatal hospice.” It’s another right wing excuse to intimidate and torture women victimized by a 20 week abortion ban.
There’s nothing wrong with perinatal hospice services for women dealing with fatal fetal abnormalities. For personal reasons, prenatal hospice might be one person’s answer. But in Wisconsin, it’s being used to justify a 20 week abortion ban and to appear sympathetic, all the while forcing women to carry their pregnancy to term.

From WPR News, this jaw dropping story and grotesque comment from Rep. Jesse Kremer.
“It’s assistance for the family…from the time that the diagnosis is made, through the entire rest of the pregnancy, through the eventual probable death of the child.”  

Brutal. Extending the sadness and helplessness for days and many weeks is beyond cruel and unusual punishment. 

Think Progress wrote about this trending anti-abortion twist of torment:
Two obscure abortion proposals are currently advancing in Oklahoma and Alabama that would target women during some of the most emotionally painful moments in their lives. Both bills seek to prohibit women from having an abortion based on fatal fetal abnormalities unless their doctor provides them with “alternate options” first — essentially, information about perinatal hospice centers … some women and their partners decide that it is too emotionally painful to continue the pregnancy, or want to spare their unborn child future suffering outside of the womb. Those people make the extremely difficult choice to terminate a wanted pregnancy because they decide it’s the most compassionate option for their family.
Makes sense, right? But republican politicians know what’s best, not women:
State lawmakers are ultimately suggesting that the women … should hear more information about perinatal hospice care. State-sanctioned language about carrying the pregnancy to term would simply insinuate they’re making the wrong decision, potentially putting them under even more emotional strain. Elizabeth Nash, the states issue manager for the Guttmacher Institute, told ThinkProgress, “It revisits painful issues that have already been decided. A woman has already ridden the roller coaster — she got a diagnosis, talked it over with her doctor, and made her decision… It doesn’t make sense to re-open these wounds.”
It’s easy to follow the slug like slim that trails former and current republican administrations:
In 2006, Minnesota was the first to enact a law requiring women to receive information about perinatal hospice centers. Then Kansas followed in its footsteps in 2009. Arizona passed its own version in 2012 … thanks to Americans United for Life (AUL), an anti-choice organization that typically shops around draft legislation for state-level abortion restrictions. AUL produced a legislative guide for the 2014 session to encourage more lawmakers to introduce “perinatal hospice information” bills.
Is there ever an original idea from these freeloading big government one-size-fits-all republicans? 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Walker's Bush Doctrine, and the Creation of ISIS.

When I heard Scott Walker pushing the old George W. Bush preemptive war policy, known as the Bush Doctrine, I was surprised no one seemed surprised. Well, the media is catching up, but only as it relates to those odd comments made by Jeb Bush, who said he'd invade Iraq all over again. 
Scott Walker wants to dump any deal on Iran’s nuclear program the moment he takes office, making military action there far more likely. So does Marco Rubio. None of the GOP candidates will say he wants to occupy Iran. But military action against the country’s nuclear facilities ought to be, as any of them will tell you, “on the table.” 
So even after all the chest pounding that resulted in the Iraq debacle (N. Korea too), Republicans are still hoping their policy of preemptive threats will work this next time.

Here's Walker's unmistakable war mongering rant of preemption. Walker promises to "TELL" us "I'm not going to wait, I'm going to take the fight to them, before they bring the fight to us." Who needs congress, who needs a debate? This is the Bush Doctrine:

The Washington Post finally got it right:
The problem is never that some situations we confront offer no good options, or that our decisions can backfire, or that there are places where America may not be able to set things right to the benefit of all. The problem is always weakness, and strength is always the solution ... neither Walker nor his opponents seem to have learned much from the experience, whether we’re asking about concocting phony intelligence to sell a war you've already decided you want, believing that all the “bad guys” in the world must be in cahoots, seeing every foreign policy question in black and white, or putting blind faith in the idea that “strength” is all you need to succeed.

The George W. Bush years provided an emphatic refutation of the ideas underlying Republican foreign policy, but few in the party seem to have gotten the message. 
At the same time, Jeb Bush is getting heat for blaming Obama for the rise of ISIS:
Ivy Ziedrich, 19, a student at the University of Nevada, approached Jeb Bush to question him about comments he had made … argu(ing) that the Obama administration's weak foreign policy was responsible for the rise of the terrorist group, also known as ISIS, in the Middle East. Ziedrich countered that Obama wasn't to blame -- and that it was his predecessor's decision to disband the Iraqi army that made the group's formation possible. "Your brother created ISIS," she told Bush.
Specific decisions made by the Bush administration also led to the rise of ISIS. Most notably, the administration engaged in a widespread and controversial policy known as debaathification, which made most people, even low-level bureaucrats, who had been associated with the former regime, ineligible for government employment in the new era. The German magazine Der Spiegel in April published a trove of documents that once belonged to the mastermind of ISIS, Haji Bakr, who created the infrastructure of the Islamic State.
For fun, here's a short movie "preview" parody of the neocon propagandist dream:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Republicans Outraged: College Commencement Speakers mostly Liberal!!!

Anonymous conservative tweeters and commentators on my blog often jab me about my failed liberal talk radio career, blaming the constant whining and boring progressive topics. There point is, liberal talk failed because no one was interested in it.

I was reminded of that point today when I came across this headline of phony outrage:
“Liberal speakers dominate college commencements, conservative group says”
Well the same rule applies guys: maybe no one is interested in the tired old whiny and boring conservative topics. You can almost hear Fox News viewers and low information voters mumbling something about freedom, liberty, the constitution and American Exceptionalism now.  
Liberal speakers will outnumber conservatives by at least 6-to-1 at the nation's top 100 schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Ron Robinson, president of Young America's Foundation, said in a statement to said, “The data shows schools and the general public are going in different directions. This trend will be detrimental to the development of our country’s future leaders. Students are not getting the full picture about government policy or learning about the Constitution, American exceptionalism, or free market economics.”
No wonder republicans are defunding education. Who would have guessed that content free, divisive, homophobic, bigoted, racist, nanny-state conservatives, guided by nothing more than their ideologically driven policies just doesn't fit in to a schools learning environment. I'm shocked.

Charge Card Conservative Scott Walker sticks with "No Tax Pledge," a self destructive Purity Test killingTransportation Jobs.

Grover Norquist's childish no tax pledge, an idea he came up with when he was 12 years old, still appeals to people like Scott Walker. Walker's one of those "charge card conservatives" who thinks borrowing is the answer, and strategy. When the payment is due under a Democratic administration, republicans will blame liberals for raising taxes.

But this special kind of zealotry, practiced by Wisconsin republicans, isn't getting the same kind of play in other "red" states:
“Gas tax hike safe politically, analysis says” reports The Hill:“Almost all state lawmakers who have voted to raise gas taxes in states that increased their own fuel levies in recent years have been re-elected, according to an analysis that was released Tuesday by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.”
And while republicans pretend raising the fee isn't a tax, and say Wisconsinites preferred higher fees instead of higher taxes, Scott Walker disagrees. He says it's a tax, no matter how you look at it, and "kick the can down the road" borrowing is the conservative solution that keeps the "no tax pledge" intact, no matter how meaningless that might be.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Liberal Cult is coming to get you....

Republicans and their loyal right wing-nut voters have always had an odd way of describing "liberals." It was always a dark cartoon caricature of what they hoped we were like, so they could hate us without conscience.  

Oddly, liberals for some reason share the same traits as the staunchest tea party conservative. The simple explanation; projection. As defined, conservatives attribute their own repressed thoughts onto someone else, like liberals.

Thanks to a link in an anonymous comment, here's one of the great Bizarro World rants about the "liberal cult." Even I'm afraid of these liberals, where ever they might be hiding. Priceless:
Is Liberalism a Cult? ABSOLUTELY!!!  By Rod Eccles

The other day, I was watching a program about the Church of Scientology. The program was not particularly flattering to Scientology.  In fact, the documentary was downright disparaging. The conclusion of the documentary, although the producers did not come out and actually say it, was that Scientology was nothing more than a flashy, well-funded cult. That got me to thinking about religion in general. You see, all of the world’s major religions have one thing in common. That commonality is the fact that there is a greater being outside of yourself and humanity. Some call that factor God, The Great Spirit, Gaia etc.

Cults have one thing in common. Their commonality is that the leader or leaders of the order believe themselves to be the great being that has come to live in human form.  Indeed, they often call themselves God.  For the most part, true religions have an uplifting message. Even if you don’t agree with that message, it is still there. Cults would have you believe that there is nothing positive to look forward to outside of the cult leader.

This is where politics comes in. You see Liberalism is nothing more than a cult.  It is probably not the world’s largest cult but it is a cult none the less. Liberalism doesn’t believe in a greater being outside of themselves.  Often Liberals are atheist or agnostic and thus they only believe in themselves and those who lead the cult. Liberals believe that there is no hope outside of the cult, or government. That the cult has to be grown to ever bigger levels in order to achieve the utopia that is, in reality, impossible to achieve.

We are told that if we do not believe in this cult then we have no soul, no heart. We are told we do not care about our fellow citizen or our fellow human being.  We are told that only the cult leaders, the political leaders, have the ability to help those who are in most need of help.

Liberalism is born out of the idea that man is helpless without those deemed to be smarter than the masses. In fact those so-called smart leaders are only smarter than the masses because those leaders tell us they are smarter. There is no real evidence that those leaders of the Liberal Cult are actually smarter than a 5th grader. Liberals tell us that in their cult, and only within their cult, will man get the best health care, the highest wages, the best housing, the cleanest planet and the safest non-violent and completely united world of nations bannered under one government. Liberals tell us that basic human rights, such as the right to defend thy self against bodily harm is wrong and should be left solely to those whom the Liberal Cult deems as its guardians. The Liberal Cult tells us time and time again that the right to freely speak your mind should be limited to ideas in which the Liberal Cult agrees. Forget having a deviating opinion.  That is frowned upon by the Liberal Cult.

The Liberal Cult believes that the right to massive assembly should not be infringed upon unless you are assembling to oppose what the Liberal Cult believes to be in your best interest.  So Occupy Wall Street and the Baltimore Riots, according to the Liberal Cult is fine.  But a small gathering of TEA Party members assembling quietly in a local park is very bad. The Liberal Cult demeans and debases the rich yet the leaders of the Liberal Cult are often rich themselves. Many of them have more wealth than the people they are decrying as the “evil rich”.

The Liberal Cult demands that we stop the war on drugs and make most currently illegal drugs legal. At the same time they call for ever increasing amounts of money and trained professionals to deal with those who have become hopelessly addicted to the drugs that the Cult wants to now make legal. The Liberal Cult continues to blame everyone but the Cult for the failures of their own ideas. In no way can the Cult admit to failure.  Their claim is always that there is not enough of others people’s money being spent on the program they say will cure the ill. If a child fails a math test, the Liberal Cult will tell you it is not the fault of the Cult’s idea but that a child should be allowed to think that 2+2=5.  The Cult will say that we did not spend enough money on the administration, the school building, the teacher and text book and that because we won’t spend double what we are already spending, it is the fault of everyone not in the Cult.

In the Liberal Cult there is no room for dissenting thought or actions. In fact if you don’t believe as the cult does, they will brand you a racist, a sexist, a bigot, a homophobe.  You will be labeled a greedy, money loving capitalist even though you earn less than and give more to charity than the Liberal Cultist. Your religion will be labeled stale and outdated and that newer religions that are more violent and hateful are the way to go. If you are a Liberal Cultist you don’t believe in logic, in facts, in true history. You only believe in feelings, your own feelings, and you force public and private policy upon everyone based on your feelings alone. Simply because you believe you are smarter and wiser than anyone else who is outside the Cult.

We all can look at cults and say that cults in general are a bad idea and are bad for the individual involved.  So why is it we fully accept the Cult of Liberalism even though it is probably the most dangerous cult the planet has ever seen?

"Liberty Score" keep Republicans Freedom and Liberty in Line with Party Principles.

Republicans see shopping for insurance, keeping your insurance, paying high deductibles, trying not to lose insurance, and skin in the game penalties, the rugged kind of freedom and liberty we love most.

Latest GOP Adjustments: Republicans are now fine tuning what is meant by freedom and liberty, like what is allowed (1 point) and what is traitorously not tolerated (0). Freedom to believe in something different? A big fat zero.

Here's the latest slide into right wing authoritarian rule, as explain by Breitbart's (CR) Conservative Review:
Understanding the The Liberty Score™ grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over the past six years. Scores are determined by points earned divided by potential points. 

Voting with the conservative position earns 1 point, voting against the conservative position earns 0 points. Missed votes are not included in a member of Congress' score. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles.
We would hate to lose our freedom and liberty by thinking differently.

And like every right wing site I've been too, the information isn't "free." Not only do right wing sites blast you with annoying pop-up sales ads, they won't tell you a thing until you provide an email or subscribe for a fee. So I was unable to figure out why Rep. Paul Ryan didn't believe in freedom and liberty as much as he should. Hope he doesn't lose points getting featured on liberal blogs like this?

Monday, May 11, 2015

We've been living beyond our means, so Walker is taking our state parks away.

In recent polls, Wisconsinites appear angry over the recent plundering of at least 1 major economic driver, our state parks. 

State parks bring in $580 million annually from visitors. That's big time cash and a proud Wisconsin bragging point. We're also a major employer:
On average, individual trip spending of visitors to these state properties ranged from almost $41 per day (State Forests) to over $90 per day (State Trails). When combined, the local economic impacts of this private sector stimulus within these regions accounted for over 8,200 jobs and $350 million in income for residents of the state of Wisconsin.
They're not "our" state parks anymore: Republican efforts to cut away our public parks will only further divides us. And I believe that's the point. They're not ours anymore. It psychologically distances us from being a part of Wisconsin. We're all getting disconnected and no longer have any skin in the game. All we have left is what we personally own.

On WPR the other dayRick Esenberg, President and General Counsel of the GOP lawsuit mill Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, clearly articulated the conservative approach to a more "free market" public parks system. If this all seems like an unnecessary and senseless reworking of our public parks, you're not alone. Lon Newman, Executive Director Family Planning Health Services in Central Wisconsin, argued against Esenberg's jaw dropping disregard for anything that reeks of socialism. The caller in this audio clip absolutely nails it.

This is the prevailing attitude by republicans in Scott Walker's Wisconsin. What's frightening? We're powerless to stop it:

Esenberg makes the absurd argument that those in southern Wisconsin shouldn't have to pay for northern state parks. Um, there are parks everywhere in the state the last time I looked, the south too?
Esenberg: "You know, if in fact, these parks are such an economic boon, and if in fact, they attract people to come to, you know northern Wisconsin and spend money on all these things, then they aught to be willing...these people who come to use these parks, aught to be willing to pay for them."
We're all paying in now, and we're all benefiting from the money generated by our parks. Public funding also keeps the entry costs down considerably. Here are a few graphs that show how those local business owners and employees, residents, who no longer have to support our parks, reap all the benefits. 
"Moving to more of a user-based system is very appropriate," said Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst), a member of the Joint Finance Committee that recommended the changes.

Shift to Wisconsin state park self-sufficiency … could include more alliances with the private sector and naming rights at some park venues. Nationally, state parks haven't been able to fund their entire operations with money collected from campers, hikers and other users. Instead, other state park systems have had to tap tax dollars or other sources of public funds, according to data from the National Association of State Parks Directors. In Wisconsin, 28% of parks operations are currently funded from the state's general fund … $16.7 million in annual funding of all types.

"The people who use the service should pay for the service."

Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green), the author of the changes, said market forces should dictate price increases. This is especially so in the most popular parks, such Devil's Lake and Peninsula, where occupancy rates in the summer are above 90%. 

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) failed in a motion to persuade the committee to prohibit the DNR from selling state park land or naming rights to for-profit companies. "They don't want an Exxon-Mobil park," Taylor said. "They don't want a Koch Industries park. They don't want a McPark."
Just came across this audio from the Devil's Advocates radio show where the same "philosophical" argument was being made. Too bad about everyone else:

Huh!-economics: Unraveling Wisconsin GOP's Budget Disaster part 1- Medicaid Expansion.

My advice to Wisconsin republicans voters during this remarkably tight budgeting process; listen very closely to your politicians.

The budget process is a gift and a wake-up call to taxpayers. Not only are republicans proving "fiscal conservatism" is a myth, they're also running out of people to blame and excuses give.

On WPR this morning, Republican State Rep. Dale Kooyenga failed miserably to explain why refusing Medicaid money made sense. Kooyenga complained the $1 billion increased cost in Medicaid was a major reason for the budget shortfall. That prompted a caller to asked him why it made any sense not to take the federal expansion money then.

Here's Kooyenga's "Huh!-economics" lesson in a nutshell:
1. Protecting Commercial Insurance Company Profits: "If we were going to except that money, those folks would go from being on commercial insurance, which is through the exchange with subsidized commercial insurance, and then they would go to Medicaid."

2. People Prefer Commercial Insurance? Really, our insurance middle man, the one who raises rates and drops sick people? "I think most people prefer commercialized insurance, as opposed to being on Medicaid...we wanna make sure they have a choice in health care..." instead of the broad coverage and choices in BadgerCare already.

3. Keep Prices Low, by Keeping Prices High? This is the most convoluted nonsense ever: "Commercial insurance just pays more for our hospitals. And so if you want to keep health care costs in check, it's nice to have what they call a payer mix..." He just said if commercial insurers paying more, that'll keep costs in check. That's upside down, since insurers pay more because people don't have Medicaid, which hurts hospitals, forcing them to increase rates, raising insurance premiums. 
The real answer is universal health care, where everyone gets to keep their doctor forever, costs are real low, and no one has to shop for insurance. Trying to keep profits high in the health insurance industry is idiotic. They already have the exclusive on home, life, and car insurance. Get em out of health insurance.