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Walker Campaign's Plagiarized "E" another major Gaffe!!!

Scott Walker tarred and feathered his gubernatorial opponent Democrat Mary Burke for supposedly plagiarizing of a few boiler plate paragraphs on job creation, from her own consultant, which was as ridiculous as it sounds but effective.

Well what do you know, Walker's latest stumble, besides accidentally Tweeting his run for president early, is his own bad case of plagiarism.
Using an image, video or piece of music in a work you have produced without receiving proper permission or providing appropriate citation is plagiarism.
Is he crazy? Check out the logo in the picture below above Walker's unoriginal and plagiarized "E." Is it a blatant act of fraud? We'll see when America's Best react to being associated with a renown political sociopath:

Scott Walker tosses 2nd Amendment at public event announcing presidential run. What, law abiding citizens are dangerous?

Until the party who insisted we'd all be safer with an armed public, start walking-the-walk with no firearm restrictions at their political events, we can assume they're not only hypocrites but intimidated wimps hiding behind macho talk of "guns, freedom and liberty."

I'm challenging Wisconsin Carry Inc. to make their point loud and clear at the Waukesha County Expo, instead of just strutting their stuff at public farmers markets and grocery stores. Get the governors attention and honest position on CC and open carry, because right now he thinks law abiding gun owners are scary and dangerous:
The Second Amendment of our Federal constitution explicitly affirms one of the limitless numbers of rights we enjoy as human beings... The right to keep and bear arms. We believe that "Open-Carry" and "Conceal Carry" are choices to be made by law-abiding citizens based on what suits their needs best.- Wisconsin Carry Inc.

Hat tip to Political Heat for noticing.

I thought this tweet was a bit ironic and insulting to our heavily armed civilian militia, suggesting law abiding gun owners would even think to threaten Walker. If anything, having them in the crowd to protect Walker is a big plus:

Republicans Ignore Medicaid Fraud with repeal of Whistle-blower Law!!! Taxpayers waiting for a logical explanation.

Republicans should find the time to explain why they decided not to pursue Medicaid fraud reported by whistle-blowers. Their rabid pursuit of voter, food stamp and unemployment fraud stands in stark contrast to their stealth repeal of the Medicaid fraud whistle-blower law that helped save taxpayer money and helped pay for BadgerCare coverage. jsonline:
The state budget passed this week by the Legislature repeals a law that encourages whistle-blowers with evidence of Medicaid fraud to come forward. Wisconsin has recovered millions of dollars from lawsuits initiated by whistle-blowers since the law was enacted in 2007.
It just saves money and helps state taxpayers, that’s all:
Wisconsin enacted the law after the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 gave states a financial incentive to reward whistle-blowers as part of the effort to fight Medicaid fraud. States that enacted laws similar to the federal law would receive an additional 10% of any money recovered. "Whose idea is this?" asked Nola Hitchcock Cross, a Milwaukee lawyer who has won multimillion-dollar settlements involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud. "It's just shortsighted and dumb. It's telling Wisconsin that we are not going to collect this money."
From rabid to who-cares is flat out bizarre. Imagine Republicans passing the buck or offering the following feeble explanation if they were dealing with the mythical problem of voter fraud. The major offenders here were Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. John Nygren:
Brad Schimel: before and after he
became the attorney general.
Nygren's office did not respond to an email on the provision in the motion. Darling's office referred questions to Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa), who could not be reached Friday.

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel did not take a position (and) Anne E. Schwartz, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice, said in an email, "Repeal of this particular law will not have much impact — if any — given that there are numerous laws that allow the state to prosecute Medicaid fraud."
Republicans have other magical ways to catch cheaters. So no big deal, right, you tightwad conservative freeloading tax cut whiners? I guessing that not every penny saved counts as much as the the money saved by cutting entitlement programs.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Scott Walker announces Presidential Accident!!! FEC is watching...

UPDATE: Scott Walker must either have a hell of team of powerful insiders in place, or a group of thugs ready to break a few legs if people don't comply. The Walker campaign first got Stephen Moore to deny he talked to Walker about immigration, and now...a Twitter representative? Yea, Twitter was at fault? This guy is scary:
A Twitter representative said in an emailed statement, "We're looking into today's issue, and we've determined the Walker team was not at fault."
The Original Story: It looks like Scott Walker’s unlimited fundraising days are over.  Walker announced his presidency complete by accident too. Nice start Scottie. Here's his official tweet:

That's a big bumbling mistake by Walker, who now has to report all the cash...all legal-like:
On the first report (Walker) files after he becomes a candidate (i.e., after he either receives contributions or makes expenditures which exceed $5,000), his committee must report the donations from his friends as "contributions" and the costs of the poll as "expenditures." Had (Walker) not become a candidate, there would have been no obligation to report these financial transactions, and the donations made to help pay for the poll would not have counted as contributions.
 Amazing, Walker tripped over his own incompetence in his glorious run for president.

Surprise!!! Scott Walker now had nothing to do with the now publicly scorned Open Records Changes made so close to his run for president!!!

As we all know, Scott Walker admitted his involvement in the legislatures jaw dropping attempt completely curtail the open records law. The fact that the GOP's plan coincidentally mirrored Walker's own reasons to deny open record requests made his involvement ridiculously obvious. 

Here's audio from Wisconsin Watch's Bill Leuders featuring Scott Walker himself admitting his involvement. Warning, this is a word salad non-answer like no other:

Of course the story has changed, and as usual, Walker found someone else to blame. 
WSJ: Gov. Scott Walker pointed the finger at Republican lawmakers Friday on a widely criticized proposal to curtail Wisconsin's open records laws, calling it "a huge mistake" that didn't originate in his office. 
"I think it was a mistake to even think about it in the budget, even though it didn't come from us," Walker told radio host Charlie Sykes on Friday morning. That was brought to us by the Legislature and they said they wanted to look at it and wanted our input."
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Tuesday that Walker’s office collaborated with Assembly and Senate leaders to draft the changes.
Here's WKOW's great coverage of this continuing fiasco:

It's not partisan politics to point out how Scott Walker has never taken the blame for anything. This is his M.O. and we will see so much more of it during his presidential campaign.

The Republicans offer up alarming Dystopian vision of the "American Dream!"

I don't know why I was stunned by the dystopian-like agenda pursued by House Republicans, led by Paul Ryan. Just search this blog with the term "role call," or the name "ryan" and "ribble," you'll see breathe taking bills Republicans have been passing for years.

We're now "the land opportunism." Mad Max, Hunger Games and Fountainhead were works of fiction, not an actual blueprint for government policy.

If I use my conservative friend in Milwaukee's absolute hatred of government as a template, assuming he's your typical Republican voter, then it's clear nothing else matters; not laws; not human safety; not education; not health care; not internet freedom; not clean water; not pollution; not job training; not Pell grants; not saving billions on health care; not protecting retirement savings...etc.

House Republicans are trying to unravel two centuries worth of progress, the stuff that built the American dream.

It would be easier to call this a political suicide note, but oddly it isn't. In the name of small government, Republicans want to...
1. Prohibit any federal money from being spent on the Affordable Care Act.

2. Drastically reduce funds for the enforcement of new labor rules.
3. Reverse efforts to impose strict rules on for-profit universities .

4. Reverse new rules requiring retirement investment advisers to prove they have no financial conflicts of interest.

5. Another bill would stop regulation of hydraulic fracturing; prohibit implementation of carbon emission standards for electric power plants; block new clean-water rules; and stop the government’s marine and coastal planning efforts to respond to climate change.

6. A bill would block the Food and Drug Administration from reviewing e-cigarette marketing.

7. Keep the FCC from carrying out “net neutrality” regulation of the Internet.

8. Push a “conscience” rider that would let employers in the District of Columbia refuse health insurance coverage for any service on moral grounds, and hire and fire based on women’s use of health services.

9. Either reduce full-day, full-year service for 570,000 young children in Head Start or cut 140,000 children from the program altogether.

10. Funding for job training would be almost $500 million less than the White House requested.

11. Cuts to the National Park Service would delay about 70 percent of its construction projects and more than a third of its repair and rehabilitation efforts

12. A bill would also cut $370 million from the Pell Grant higher education program.

13. The main federal family planning program, Title X, would be eliminated … a major strike against women’s health care Title X, the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related reproductive health services, including contraception. 90% of the people Title X serves have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and 63 percent are uninsured. 6 in 10 women who access health care services from a Title X-funded health center consider this their main source of health care … saves taxpayers money: For every public dollar invested in family planning, the American taxpayer saves approximately $7 in Medicaid-related costs. Nearly half of all births in the U.S. are paid for by Medicaid; the average national cost for one Medicaid-covered birth is $12,770. This is a stark contrast to the $239 per-client cost of publicly funded contraceptive care through Title X family planning. It is estimated that Title X saves taxpayers nearly $7 billion a year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scott Walker, the Roadkill Candidate, may add Bucks to list.

Remember this amazing Scott Walker budget item?
The Governor's proposed budget eliminates$700,000 a year for the DNR to remove the carcasses statewide.
 Thankfully, maybe even oddly, Republicans thought to cut that idea out of the budget.

But the Milwaukee Buck's arena might just be as dead as those bloating carcasses on the roadside, and good riddance. Journal Sentinel:
It's unclear if Republicans could get the needed votes from Democrats in the Senate.
Here's what every Democrats should be saying, even if it means saying sayonara to the Bucks, who's owner by the way has already threatened to move. Sen. Bob Wirch got it exactly right, changing my own position on this:
Asked if he could support the Bucks plan, Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Kenosha) said, "Hell, no."

He said the notion is unpopular in his district because Walker rejected a Hard Rock casino proposed by the Menominee tribe in Kenosha. The Menominee had offered to bankroll building the Bucks arena in one of its proposals.

The proposed casino was fiercely fought by the Potawatomi, whose Milwaukee casino is the most lucrative in the state.

"Tell the Potawatomi to pay for (the arena) — they killed the (casino) deal," Wirch said.

Walker & GOP still plan to kill Open Records Law!!! But "it would be difficult to revisit this issue in the environment we're in right now!"

The frightening realization that Scott Walker and GOP leaders still intend to do away with the open records law is, as State Sen. Jon Erpenbach said "mind-boggling,"

Walker's unapologetic admission that he and Republicans wanted to deep six Wisconsin's open records law seems very odd for a guy hoping to become presidential. Especially after he's told the media that Wisconsin's reforms should be a template for the rest of the nation.  Sen. Scott Fitzgerald thought the changes "made sense." Journal Sentinel:
Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged Tuesday his office helped develop plans to dramatically roll back the state's open records law ... which has since been abandoned.

Walker and his aides had repeatedly evaded saying whether they helped ... "We tried to put something together we thought that made sense," Fitzgerald told them. "But it's not going to be accepted publicly and that's why we're here pulling it back today."
But Fitzgerald went even further down the rabbit hole with the following jaw dropping reason why he thought change was needed. WISC:

Fitzgerald: "Technology has changed. The way we handle our offices has changed. And if we don't continue to embrace idea that we should be doing something on this. Than I'm not sure where we'll end up on this." 

Erpenbach: "The audacity for you to close government down like that is ridiculous...mind-boggling...MIND-BOGGLING! I will defend every single reporters right to sue me."
Just as shocking was Fitzgerald's plans to try again, even after the media, Democrats, Republicans, conservative think tanks and talk show hosts all bashed the idea of a secret unaccountable government. But it's an old law....

Fitzgerald said he hopes to consider changes to the open records law in the future, but that lawmakers can't now because of the public response to the plan the committee passed last week.
"Certainly, it would be difficult to revisit this issue in the environment we're in right now," he said on the Senate floor. "Obviously, it's very hot."
Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) said the plan never should have been advance in the first place.
"This doesn't make you heroes — at all, This vote doesn't take away what happened last Thursday night.

Talker Belling says Walker's Open Records backtracking "deserves some praise...there isn't any actual damage done!!!"

The Scott Walker/Republican open records fiasco wasn't just bizarre and a gift to the Democratic Party, but it was also the playable trump card against what many see as big government authoritarian takeover of Wisconsin. They would be crazy to try this again, right? But it was a natural next step for the super majority party; establishing a secret and unaccountable government.

It wasn't a misstep either, since Walker and the legislature are blissfully content to send this to a committee, as if talking it over and changing a few words will make the idea any less outrageous.

But if radio host Mark Belling's message to "Stand with Walker" supporters is any indication, "no damage done" will be the acceptable response.

Republican Rep. Dale Kayenga actually called political star maker Belling, and apologized. And you might like this: Belling blamed all of this on a bumbling inexperienced Republican Party not used to being in complete power:
Belling: "So in the end nothing is going to happen...the Republican leadership deserves some praise for understanding they were doing something unbelievably stupid...One of the ramifications of being in power, and this is admittedly new for Republicans, they haven't had total control of anything prior to the last several years the end the Republican leadership and Governor Walker who did a 180 and backed off something the wanted to do, should be praised for listening...and given the fact that everything is now essentially dropped...there isn't any actual damage done!!!

Not exactly an acceptable rescue attempt. "On Milwaukee's" Jessica McBride was a whole lot less charitable, despite having been a supporter of Act 10, school choice, abortion, and concealed carry. She spewed a slew of questions, good questions that should be answered in detail soon:
The Republicans in the legislature and Gov. Walker should announce, "This is wrong. It will not happen." And that’s what they have not done. 

The open records assault accomplished the unthinkable in Walker’s Wisconsin: It united left and right. Who pushed for this? Whose idea was this? And why will no one say?

It’s rather ironic, is it not, that legislators are being so secretive about a measure designed to legalize more secrecy? Is it true, as one Democrat claimed, that Walker or his staff made it clear to the Republicans on the JFC that he would not veto the measures? Walker, when asked this question by the media, did not give a straight answer: "Again, those are all things we'll talk about on Monday. We'll talk about what we're doing going forward." This is mind-boggling in its obfuscation. Every single Republican on the JFC voted for it.

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has also noted similarities between Walker’s office and the state Department of Administration citing "deliberative process" arguments when denying recent open records requests … This sets up the possibility that the changes were made to shield Walker from his own bad proposals as his presidential campaign gears up.  

Why did the measure push the start date of the changes back to July 1, rather than the day the bill would actually become law? Was the retroactive start date created so the public and media wouldn’t be able to figure out who pushed for this? Why did no one run on this, inform the public of it in advance or solicit public opinion on it in advance of the JFC vote? 

Why the sneak attack? It’s becoming a pattern. Republicans surprise the electorate with things no one ran on. How is this not "big government"? How was this a "fiscal matter" that ever belonged in the budget? 

By voting to put the deliberative process outside public scrutiny, wasn’t the legislature acknowledging that the deliberative process falls under open records law disclosure right now? Otherwise, why was the vote needed? Since this is being pulled from the budget, Gov. Walker’s administration will promptly release those records and comply with existing open records laws ... right? What the heck were they thinking? 
I liked this suggested question in the comments:
Question 12. Who spoke up in May when Walker first claimed the "deliberative" exemption? Was it MacIver, WILL, and Schimel? It was a first for an executive to try it; the courts have struck down school boards and cities who tried that excuse. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Anti-Common Core groups angry at Walker, angry at non-existent Common Core curriculum.

The loud anti-Common Core forces never said much when Republicans passed No Child Left Behind, which prompted the still-going-strong testing frenzy across the country. It was an attempt to fail most schools so they could be privatized.

Wacko Anti-Common Core group names!
Yet Common Core, a simple national standard that doesn't require testing or any specific curriculum, is wrongly considered by tea party low information voters as big government at its most repressive. The fact that they think it's a federal takeover of our schools tells you all you need to know.

Chasing Phantoms: The groups pictured to the right aren't really fighting CC at all, and sadly, they don't even know it. They're really attacking every school districts preferred curriculum. Schools cannot choose Common Core, because it's not a books or funny math problems. 

So why are Wisconsinites letting purely agenda driven, small government tea party lunkheads call the shots over something as important as public education. What makes these crazy sounding groups pictured here the experts, and not the professionals who've spent centuries researching this stuff? Yea, yea, small government, I get it. Still dumb.

These people are in charge of our governments view of education right now and getting their way, mostly. Actually, they're having a little tantrum aimed at Scott Walker:
As we read the actual budget language, we became troubled. Despite the defunding of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) nothing in the budget language prohibits the selection or implementation of another Common Core-aligned assessment. Nor does it propose any fiscal plan for the creation or adoption of non-Common Core standards.

On June 5th the truth was irrefutably revealed: For mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA), the State of Wisconsin is telling bidders to write assessments based on the Common Core. Even then, there was clearly an effort to make it difficult to get to the truth. The links provided … did not directly contain the standards. Bidders and interested citizens, such as us, had to chase a rabbit trail of links and pages finally to arrive at PDF documents that contained the standards—clearly labeled as Common Core. Please tell us, then, Governor Walker, how you can say you are doing anything to rid this state of the false reform initiative that is Common Core?
These anti-education groups are right about one thing, Walker's got nothing but misleading excuses and half-truths: 
We’re tired, Governor Walker. We’re tired of excuses and half-truths. We’re tired of misleading and hollow rhetoric that repeatedly amounts to nothing more than political loopholes and broken promises. And most of all we’re tired of watching while the education of the children of Wisconsin takes a backseat. To whom are you listening on this issue, Governor? It certainly isn’t people who actually care about the individual lives of Wisconsin children, the rights of parents, the livelihoods and freedom of teachers, or the proper authority of the average citizen over education. 

"Logrolling" Assembly Republican Gannon pleads, "Throw me in Jail!"

One Wisconsin Now tried to make it as simple as possible. They warned a few Republicans they appeared to be breaking the law. 

We're talking about a few stubborn Republican legislators who are saying they won't vote on the budget if prevailing wage isn't repealed. They’re trying to intimidate fellow legislators. It’s a violation of state law:

Wisconsin State Statute 13.05, entitled "Logrolling prohibited," bars legislators from trading or making contingent their vote for or against one legislative matter for votes for or against another legislative matter … Class I felony penalty (pictured).

Will Republican Rep. Bob Gannon back away from his intimidation tactic? Nope. 

He says he won't be...wait for it, intimidated. Doh!:

“I’ve been told by members of my own caucus that it may be illegal to draw a line in the sand on what I will consider acceptable terms for prevailing wage reforms in the 2015 – 2017 state budget. Now a liberal Madison, WI, news outlet, One Wisconsin Now, asserts that taking a position of this nature may be a felony act. “My legal counsel disagrees with these interpretations of the law, and while a rogue prosecutor can at times get away with wild-eyed investigations and criminal-charging decisions, I’m willing to take that chance. Martyr me if you must, but the financial integrity of this state is too important to cow to tactics of intimidation. “Here goes my allegedly-illegal statement on the budget; 
‘I will not vote in favor of any budget that does not have real prevailing wage reform, including the removal of all local entities from the provisions of this law. There, I got it off my chest, and I feel totally refreshed."
Hate those "rogue prosecutors" who get away with winning a case or two against people who break the law.

Fact: Republicans tried to repeal Open Records!!! Now the empty talking point backtracking has begun...

This is so vacuous and transparent, even I'm amazed:

Is there anything these guys could have come up with on their own, or is that also too much work? Expect more of the same from these rugged "individuals."

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vicki McKenna to punish large Bernie Sanders crowd: We should move State Capitol.

93.7's Sly, where you can hear the whole podcast at Slys Office, must have driven off the road when he heard this ridiculous threat on the radio.

Conservative banshee Vicki McKenna had a message for Madison liberals; We will disconnect Madison, the state Capitol and "center of Wisconsin government," as a way to punish the 10,000 liberal voters who turned out to see their presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. How dare they!

As surreal as that might seem, and a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment to boot, getting back at liberals by moving the seat of government is actual talk show fodder. She might say it was just a tongue and cheek comment, but who would get an idea like that in the first place?

Don't forget, Republicans are now going to allow "outside" bids for state office building locations, which could send government off to every corner of the state. They say it gives the boonies a chance to have a say in government and get some of those elitist public jobs too.

More than anything, McKenna demonstrates just how conservatives think; punish and discourage dissenters, belittle protesters, marginalize Democrats, all the while claiming to support the Constitution and our God given freedoms. Happy 4th folks, here's the audio:

Are Republicans this Desperate? Now say Democrats, not GOP, the party of Big Business.

We’re supposed to believe Republicans finally took a stand against big business, and killed off market distorter and money redistributor the Export-Import Bank.

If you aren’t already laughing than you must be a Republican. Global billion dollar businessmen David and Charles Koch were against it…gee, I wonder why, they don’t have their own market shares to protect? You think?

Since the Republicans own the title, “the party of big business,” you have to wonder why they’re doing the old switcheroo, vilifying Democrats for being in the pocket of business.  

The article “On Ex-Im Bank, the Democrats Are the Real Corporate Shills,” blasted Elizabeth Warren for supporting the Export-Import Bank, established in 1934 by FDR during the Great Depression.
But Warren offered the empty, canned defense that Ex-Im “helps create American jobs and spur economic growth,” but the truth is that the bank exists to serve the interests of a powerful few at the expense of the not-so-powerful many she claims to champion.
Of course it does, and Republicans just hate that don’t they?
They (Democrats) argue that it is the interests of small businesses that they are protecting. That could be true, provided you think that businesses with up to 1,500 employees and $21.5 million in revenue qualify are small, as the bank defines them.
Ironic isn’t it. Republicans are now willing to briefly abandon their favorite lie about supporting “small business” (not so small after all) just to say to the Democrats, “I know you are but what am I.” 

But the big election year lie about our “big business” Democrats is exposed in with this short paragraph listing some of those big businesses; like green energy, saving the auto industry...etc:
They support the Department of Energy’s 1705 loans, which mostly go to wealthy energy companies (PDF), and they never fail to join Republicans in saving other corporate energy subsidies. They support Obamacare, which among other things amounts to a huge giveaway to the insurance industry. They supported the auto and bank bailouts, and for all their complaints about Wall Street, they passed a law, Dodd-Frank, that in some ways protects the big financial institutions that they claim to despise.
That last sentence is a real whopper, especially flipping the whole reason behind Dodd-Frank and why Wall Street and the GOP oppose it so ferociously.

In another article, pictured on the right, I thought this summed it up well, but in a good way (not as dupes to big business):
Republicans have ceded being the party of fiscal responsibility and the party of national security to Democrats, who have done better on both fronts in modern times. Now it seems they are hell bent on ceding “the party of business” to Democrats as well.