Saturday, September 12, 2015

Talk is especially cheap from Scott Walker.

No one knows Scott Walker like we do in Wisconsin. In the audio clip below, put together by the Devil's Advocates, Walker is shown as the lying career bullshitter we know and hate. In Scott Walker's own words...

Walker's Frankenstein monster WEDC, flips off Taxpayers!

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Scott Walker's little baby, has been a disaster from the beginning. But it was designed that way, to evade laws and hand out corporate welfare. That's becoming clearer now.

Democratic input, that would have put a number of safeguards in place, were ignored and called partisan. The Democrats were right all along of course, but what does it matter. The WEDC board's comeback; thank you, we'll consider it.

Their jaw dropping irresponsible comments discounting reform can be heard in the audio clip below from the Devil's Advocates Show. One things for sure, WEDC was created to serve business, answer to any problems later, and resist change that might get in the way of corporate welfare. jsonline:  
WEDC board puts off outsourcing issue for a month: The head of the state's job-creation agency is putting off Democrats who want its board to discuss outsourcing and its process for conducting background checks, saying it can't take up the issue until October. 

The two Democratic lawmakers on the WEDC board asked to discuss outsourcing and background checks at a board meeting in July. But agency officials said they couldn't address the matter then because it wasn't on the board's agenda. 

Sen. Julie Lassa said by email: "Secretary Hall’s unwillingness to accommodate our request is sadly typical of the lack of urgency WEDC has demonstrated in addressing problems at the agency. Taxpayers are disturbed by what they are hearing about WEDC, and this foot-dragging that has been going on for four months already does little to reassure them that the agency takes their concerns seriously."

Rep. Peter Barca said WEDC's leaders' "nonchalant attitude toward protecting taxpayers is a slap in the face to all the hardworking people in this state.”
Where are the conservative tightwad voters who couldn't wait to abandon our state parks and university system just to say a few bucks? Thanks to right wing media, they're probably not even aware of WEDC's record of throwing taxpayer money away?

What puzzles me is why some of our best Madison reporters never featured the comments below in their local news coverage. It's absolutely stunning and would be a game changer if only the public knew:

Wisconsin Utility WPS attacking Solar Customers again, completely wiping out their energy savings.

Let's admit one thing; it’s going to be impossible for Scott Walker and Republican legislators to make the argument that cleaner energy will make the cost of heating and cooling go through the roof, since that's exactly what's happening anyway using fossil fuels.
Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) wants to raise its customer charge again — this time to $25 a month — after just doubling it from $9 to $18 earlier this year!
Hostile to Alternative Energy: As one of the few states that increased the base price utility companies can charge customers to penalize the solar movement, making consumer investments worthless, it’s mind boggling to think those rates will probably be going up again. Scott Walker's crony filled Public Service Commission will make sure of that. WPR:
The Wisconsin Public Service Corp., a northeastern Wisconsin utility, wants to again increase its fixed monthly rate charge after having already implemented a hike earlier this year.WPS's fixed monthly fee nearly doubled to about $19. Now, the utility is asking the PSC for permission to charge $25.

When asking for the previous increase, WPS argued the money was needed to maintain infrastructure. That argument didn't fly with those who spoke out — including Jim Soletski, a former Democratic lawmaker from Green Bay. "We tell people you can't get a minimum wage increase, but we're more than glad to raise your service charge," said Soletski.

Green Bay Gazette: "It means consumers will pay more before they even turn on their lights," said Patricia Finder-Stone of De Pere. The utility also wants to raise electric rates 9.4 percent. WPS spokesman Kerry Spees said earlier this summer that any increase to the fixed charges approved by the commission would be offset by a corresponding reduction in the charge per kilowatt hour.
Looks like that's not happening. And it's not like no one else is noticing. AARP:
Wisconsin: Xcel Energy is trying to increase its customer charge from $8 to $18 every month. In Minnesota, the company was ordered to keep the charge at $8 (instead of raising it to $12), thanks to the efforts of AARP. AARP will argue the arithmetic is no different in neighboring Wisconsin.
See the story about the expiring solar tax credit, that includes the graph above.   

Republican Rep. Joe Sanfelippo's GAB mind blower: "...the nonpartisan title actually promotes covert partisanship."

Orwellian politics is here at last, thanks to Scott Walker and his one party pirates!

Now that we're an angry and divided state, Republicans can now spend their time to try to redefine the ugly sounding word “partisan,” you know, make it into something honorable.  

The Government Accountability Board, our elections watchdog, was already in trouble for having the word "accountability" in their name. But add a few investigations into Scott Walker's campaign fund raising and illegal router? That was all the Republicans could bear, especially Rep. Joe Sanfelippo:
We have to put forward a reform bill that ensures the rogue GAB can no longer operate with a hidden political bias. The GAB is statutorily required to be nonpartisan, but we have learned otherwise with the agency’s involvement in the controversial John Doe probe.
Here's where Sanfelippo starts hallucinating on the GOP Kool-aid. Demonstrating just how bad power corrupts, Sanfelippo contorts and reshapes the negative influence of partisan politics into something wonderful:
The reality is partisanship exists whether a person is elected to government, employed by government or volunteers for government. But being partisan in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. 
Here's my favorite line:
It could be argued the nonpartisan title actually promotes covert partisanship by providing cover for those who intentionally abuse their power to advance their own political ideologies. 
According to Joe Sanfelippo, we've got to stop kidding ourselves. This too will blow your mind:
That’s why we need to stop kidding ourselves and finally accept that it’s impossible for the GAB to be entirely nonpartisan in its current form and make the agency completely partisan. Because four votes would be needed to take any official action, it would be extremely difficult for one side to have a distinct advantage.
Sanfelippo could have made it a 7 member board instead of 6, with one vote as the tie breaker, but that's not the point, is it? The real question is; why make the GAB partisan when it's already partisan? 

What, were Lex Luthor and Magneto too busy...?

Where's Team AmericaG.I. Joe or Salt when you need them:

I still can't believe someone thought this was a good campaign slogan.

Doh! After Killing State Funding for State Parks, Republican Lasee now begging for money, or lose $37 million in District Tourism Revenue.

If the Republican guardians of taxpayer money keep making ideologically driven "small government" spending cuts, they're going to find themselves in the same place State Sen. Frank Lasee found himself in recently. He's behind the eight ball with his constituents and business interests, who are hopping mad about the possible impact of losing tourism cash, $37 million to be exact.

Republicans went merrily along with Scott Walker's bizarre attack on our state parks, defunding them completely, and relying only on entrance fees. That hasn't worked anywhere in the country, and now, Lasee is finding out why.

But Lasee does mirror conservative voters statewide who hate to see the poor using their tax dollars to enjoy life just a little:

An "I told you so" is in order Frank, as you grovel for money to save Eagle Tower:
Peninsula State Park located near Fish Creek in Door County is one of Wisconsin’s greatest treasures. visited by approximately 1 million visitors annually drawing tourists to Door County and surrounding communities.

The park’s crowning jewel is Eagle Tower, a 76 foot observation deck located atop Eagle Bluff. 

I'm hoping Lasee succeeds in getting Eagle Tower rehabilitated, but I also hope he and his legislative plundering pirates decide to return public funding to the parks. Fat chance:
On May 20th the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources closed Eagle Tower following an engineering report that highlighted minor structural deficiencies. 

Over the past several weeks my office has heard from many constituents and business owners concerned about the DNR’s closure of Eagle Tower and future plans for this historic site. With an economic impact to the local community that totals nearly $37 million, it is essential that all park attractions at Peninsula remain open to the public. 

The DNR has not yet made a final decision on the future of Eagle Tower – their initial indications have been negative. To encourage the department to repair or replace Eagle Tower and to show community support, I have scheduled a public listening session I fully support the rehabilitation or, if necessary, replacement of Eagle Tower so that future generations may enjoy this historic site and share in the grandeur of Wisconsin’s State Parks. 

Having Eagle Tower closed is unacceptable.  With your help we can convince the DNR that Eagle Tower is an irreplaceable local treasure.

Unleashing the Scott Walker Stupid!!!

I'll just let Esquire's Charlie Pierce chime in about Scott Walker's latest and now classic non-answer:

Let us begin with S.W., the g-e h hired by Koch Industries to manage their Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin. Once highly touted by skeevy old bloggers as a real threat for the Republican nomination, S.W. has run a campaign that is a perfect reflection of the candidate himself – slow-witted, dumb as a sack of hair, and dull as a medieval butter-knife. He was asked the other day about what he would do, if he were president, about the refugee crisis exploding out of the Middle East. This is what the putative leader of the free world said.
"I'm not president today, and I can't be president today. Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical."- Scott Walker." - Scott Walker
Walker's word salad partner, Sarah Palin, also got the Pierce treatment:
There's Palin.  She took the stage at the ass-end of the Great Rally Against Unmongered War on the Capitol lawn the other day. She delivered a speech. This is part of what was said by someone who, in the year 2008, was one of only four people with a legitimate shot at being president of the United States.
Thank you. Man, I never thought I'd say it, but I think you all are a lot tougher than Alaskans, being able to be out here. I'm roastin'! I'm meltin'! I've always said, though, sweat is my sanity, so as I sweat, let's bring some SANITY to this discussion about this insane "treaty" that's in front of Congress.
"Sweat is my sanity"? Well, something has to be, I guess.
No, only in an Orwellian Obama world, full of sprinkly fairy dust blown from atop his unicorn, as he's peeking through a really pretty pink kaleidoscope, would he ever see victory or safety for America or Israel in this treaty. This treaty will not bring peace. You don't reward terrorism. You kill it. 

After College Earnings detailed at New Obama Website.

While Republican governors and candidates for president continue to find ways to make college unaffordable or outright inferior through funding cuts, the current system is still an essential part of earning higher incomes after graduation. This might change soon, but for now, the Obama administration has put together a college report card we can all check out now, or look back on with fond memories in the future.

Below are the charts relating to the UW system. You can dig deeper into each college at the government site:
Vox: At a quarter of American colleges, the majority of students who got federal financial aid end up earning less than $25,000 per year a full decade after they first enrolled.

That startling statistic comes from an unprecedented trove of data released Saturday by the White House. The Education Department and Treasury Department combined forces to link a huge database of all students who got Pell Grants or student loans since 1996 with their income tax records, producing the clearest picture ever of how students who received federal financial aid fared in college and after.

The numbers show which colleges are living up to their promises to students, and which are not.
Adding onto the economic benefits of a college education was this just release study:
In a study published by the Economic Policy Institute, researchers Noah Berger and Peter Fisher examined correlations between educational factors and economic growth between 1979 and 2012. They found that the highest incomes were in states with the most educated workers. "There are no states with a relatively well-educated workforce and relatively low wages," the report concluded, "and virtually no states with low levels of education and relatively high wages."
The numbers don’t reflect the entire picture, that’s why creating a ratings system wasn't possible:
Standard federal graduation rates exclude students who transfer without earning a degree, a problem that's especially acute for community colleges.

The earnings also include only information on federal student loan borrowers, not all students who enroll.

Some colleges argue that graduation rates and earnings don't just reflect whether the college is doing a good job, but the students it admitted in the first place. It's not hard to have a high graduation rate when you're enrolling academic superstars from well-off families; it's much harder to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve the same results.

Walker puts the power back into the hands of Washington Voucher Special Interests and hard working millionaire/billionaire taxpaying GOP contributors.

Scott Walker’s biggest con line, “It's not too late to take on those powers in Washington and put the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers," never points out who “the working taxpayers” are getting that power. Would you be surprised to find out they're billionaire contributors and “Washington” school voucher lobbyists? Funny, he left that out.  

Walker is just switching who those Washington special interests are, and the people getting all the power. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign details the grand shift in who gets the taxpayer cash:
The special interests behind school vouchers in Wisconsin have gotten a mammoth return on their electioneering and lobbying investments. School voucher program spending approved by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP-controlled legislature will total nearly $1.2 billion between 2011 and 2017. That’s a return of about 15,600% on the more than $7.5 million that mostly out-of-state millionaires and billionaires who support vouchers have invested in campaign contributions, outside electioneering activities and lobbying in recent years.
The numbers aren’t mine either:
A Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis shows … Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature have cut state aid to public schools by nearly $1.1 billion.
Walker is “taking on those powers in Washington he doesn’t like, and shifts that power over to a different unmentioned Washington special interest. Surprised?
The Washington D.C.-based American Federation for Children, a leading advocate of Wisconsin’s voucher programs, spent an estimated $5.4 million to support Republican candidates in Wisconsin elections between 2010 and 2014.
Walker’s putting “the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers” who likes contributing to Republican campaign coffers, many from out-of-state:
See, conservatives thinks this shift in power is just fine.
Nearly four dozen wealthy individuals or couples from mostly outside the state who support Wisconsin’s voucher programs contributed more than $1.6 million to Walker and about five dozen Republican legislators The top contributors among voucher backers to Walker and Republican legislators between 2010 and 2014 were Robert and Patricia Kern, of Waukesha, founders of Generac Corp., $235,000; Foster and Lynnette Friess, of Jackson, Wyo., owners of Friess Associates, $131,700; Roger Hertog, a retired New York City financier, $120,000; and Bruce Kovner, of New York, N.Y., chairman of Caxton Alternative Management, and his wife, Suzie, $120,000.
Not exactly your local superintendent, school board or group of concerned neighborhood parents.

43% of Republicans support a military coup in America!

With the memory of one candidate pushing 2nd Amendment remedies, it should come as no surprise that a huge percentage of gullible Americans now actually believe in an armed coup against the U.S. government. And these are the real patriots. What if these self-righteous conservatives were in charge? They would use the military to defeat the enemy within, Democrats, and whip these lost Americans into God fearing patriots. The Guardian:
The YouGov survey showed 29% of Americans could imagine supporting a coup. Yet, 41% said they could not imagine supporting such an event. They found that 43% of Republicans would support a military coup in certain instances, while only 20% of Democrats and 29% of independents would.
Here’s where Republicans like Scott Walker would go big and bold:
The overall numbers increased when participants were “asked whether they would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution.” 43% said yes to this, and 29% said no.

Fear not, online polls are very unreliable?
Abraham Wyner, director of the undergraduate program in statistics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that online polls were “worse than just about any other way you can put together a poll” because they were prone to selection bias, meaning proper randomization was not achieved and the sample was not representative of the population – since people can choose to participate.

Nope, that didn’t make the poll results any less unsettling. A few of the local pictures here support the poll results.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hillary's Speech Highlights in Milwaukee....

For those who missed it, here are a few of the better lines from Hillary Clinton:

Scott Walker to Wreak Havoc on Unions Collecting Political cash for Democrats.

Is he really a tough guy with big bold ideas?

On his first day as president, Scott Walker will make it difficult for unions to collect contributions for political activity, you know, and fund Democratic campaigns. Just more costly government regulation and red tape, Republican style, that would make "free speech" contributions harder to express:
Walker spoke in front of a banner reading "Wreaking Havoc on Washington." He said that starting his first day as president, he'd require federal employee unions to disclose and certify the portion of union dues used for political activity and prohibit the government from withholding that amount in paychecks of its workers. Doing so would protect workers from being forced to give money to political candidates they don't support, Walker said.
Repeating what they’ve always had to repeat about those contributions:
No political contributions are made to federal candidates from union dues, and forbidding workers from having dues voluntarily deducted is a "blatant political attack on federal employees and an attempt to wipe labor unions off the map," said J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees.
So will Walker’s first day basically be filled with political revenge to crush his opponents?

Heading off a possible double meaning to Walker's first day attack on unions, he might also be going after not just the political fund, but the dues themselves, for "issue advocacy."
While union gifts to federal candidates must be drawn from voluntary member contributions, compulsory dues can be used for political activities such as polling, voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts — activities that can often be steered to benefit favored candidates.

Is Walker saying “issue advocacy” (voter education) is also a problem? If he is, that would be a flip flop, running counter to his argument against the recent John Doe investigation. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scott Walker will bring destruction, wreak havoc, in Washington, like he did in Wisconsin. An honest political slogan for once.

First, what does it mean to wreak havoc?
Just checking.

So, presidential wannabe Scott Walker promised just that:
"To wreak havoc on Washington, it takes a leader who's got real solutions."
Walker's solutions will "wreak havoc," to inflict vengeance, punishment, destruction or damage...because it takes a "leader" to do that?

I'm clear on that now.

Walker...the Grinch that Stole Recess? Attacks Seattle teachers and union for demanding "More recess, less teaching."

With his poll numbers dropping off the chart, Scott Walker's going back to what made him a household name among low information tea party voters: bashing teachers. 

Clueless and uninformed, Walker's latest dig at teachers is coming across like a detached disciplinary 50's father, who never had any curiosity in his son's schooling. If he did any research at all, he'd know what his sons needed most besides great teachers in school, was a decent recess. 

Time for students to let loose has declined over the decades. Many educators feel the loss of recess effected boys the most, resulting in bad grades and low test scores. That's especially true if you compare rural/affluent districts with inner city schools. Why am I not surprised there's a racial component:

Proving he has no business shredding public education, Walker is now making fun of recess, blaming the teachers and their union for demanding more time in the school yard. Here's his bizarre tweet:

I went to Walker's link, where I came across his opinion piece on recess:
"More Recess. Less Teaching: You might expect to hear that from kids as they go back to school.  You probably don’t expect to hear that from their teachers.  But that’s exactly what we’re hearing out of Seattle as union bosses have called an illegal strike.  

The demands? More recess, less teaching." 
Besides asking for a cost of living increase after 6 years of nothing in the Seattle area, teachers want to help their students learn by increasing their recess time. Research backs up the policy as you can see by the charts above, but damn the brainy science behind education. We want politicians to make those decisions now.

Recess, really? Talk about picking the wrong issue. Teachers are not walking around with their heads floating in some kind of union bubble, they're too busy feeling responsible to their students. I saw that last night when I met my sons 11th grade teachers. I was envious in fact. Times have changed. Teachers are nothing like the image Walker has created to advance his career.
Walker: "The union bosses are betting that if they can make parents and children suffer, they can get what they want."  
Bizarre. Walker can’t get the idea of trashing teachers and squashing labor out of his heads for even a second.

He continues to brag about the great test scores coming out our public schools, as if his short time in office has inspired students to do well just for him, our charismatic unintimidated leader. Of course Walker won't credit 5 years of Common Core standards and the whole 12 years it takes to actually turn out great students. Sadly, all of that is about to change, slowly, unless something is done soon.

A quick Google by Walker's team might have changed their message, ya think?
Children today are likely to have 10 to 15 minutes of outdoor playtime during the school day, if they are lucky. No wonder there is an upswing in childhood obesity and an increase in childhood heart disease and type 2 diabetes. No wonder teachers are concerned about a generation of children who can’t entertain themselves, have social difficulties, and are fidgety and off task in class … there is considerable research to suggest that recess has many benefits for children in the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical domains. 
Or this:
In Minnesota, for example, lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit schools from withholding recess time as a form of punishment. At least 11 states have similar prohibitions, according to the Reston, Va.-based National Association for Sport and Physical Education. in 2012, when the American Academy of Pediatrics released a position paper saying recess "should not be withheld for punitive or academic reasons." 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all elementary school students get at least 20 minutes of recess time each day. The American Academy of Pediatrics position paper highlights research that shows young students have improved literacy scores and better cognitive functioning when they get breaks for physical activity.

And it was Republican George W. Bush who cut recess times while dramatically increasing the amount of testing. Want to complain about too much testing? Blame Bush's No Child Left Behind for starting all this.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Walker's inner sociopath rejects idea of helping Syrian Refugees as president: "Everybody wants to talk about hypothetical's, there is no such thing as a hypothetical.”

Scott Walker's sociopathic behavior has never gotten the kind of media attention it should have statewide or nationally. That I'm hoping will now change.

In one of the clearer examples of non-answer word salads, Walker's embarrassing and brutal disconnect concerning the plight of fleeing migrant families from Syria should scare the daylights out of every American voter. Imagine how he'll respond someday after a natural disaster, or when all our social safety nets have been repealed and the nation is faced with a dramatic increase in human suffering. Oh, sorry about that, hypothetical's don't exist, as Chris Hayes sarcastically laments following the clip below:

Reporter: “What would you do to address the migrants who are currently fleeing into Europe? Does (sic), should the U.S. accept some of those migrants into the country?”

Scott Walker: "Well, again the problem is we're ignoring the basis of the core of the problem. The problem is this president has had a weak stance in terms of taking on ISIS."

Reporter: “But to follow up, if you were president today, what would you do?”

Scott Walker: "I'm not president today, and I can't be president today. I'm going to be president in January of 2017 and I'm telling you what people need to do. Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals. There is no such thing as a hypothetical."

Reporter: “Governor, the fact that these refugees need a place to go is not a hypothetical, and Pope Francis has even come in and said that countries need to help them. I mean, should the U.S. play an active role?”

Scott Walker:  "Again. I'm taking about what I'll do as president ... that will be a year and half from now."
 New York Magazine wasn't about to let Walker's comments go unanswered, unlike the pass Wisconsin media would have given him:
Walker has avoided answering questions with similar evasions before — although "I'm not president, so I can't answer that" is the closest he has come to finding the secret cheat code that will allow him to advance to the convention without having to provide much insight into how he might deal with the types of difficult decisions a president has to make. 

When asked if he would have done the same thing as Obama during the auto crisis in May, he replied“That’s a hypothetical question in the past. We’re going to talk about the future." 
You really can't make this stuff up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Walker's campaign admits, "Gov. Scott Walker made a name for himself for wreaking havoc in Madison..." What a plan for America?

Holy crap, can Scott Walker's campaign for president be any more incompetent? According to Cap Times Jessie Opoien: 

Walker is scheduled to speak at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois, unveiling his plan to wreak havoc in the nation's capital. Yes, you read that correctly.

"Gov. Scott Walker made a name for himself for wreaking havoc in Madison, and he has a plan to do so in Washington. He'll discuss his plans during a speech at the alma mater of President Ronald Reagan, Eureka College," according to a press release from the campaign.

Power hungry Vos wants secretive, unaccountable one party Rule, no matter what the people want!

Bad ideas don't die in the legislature, they live on and get passed in secret by arrogant majority Republicans who keep grabbing for more and more power. 

Which immediately brings to mind Republican Assembly leader Robin Vos. Public opinion and the Fourth Estate be damned when it comes to being accountable to the voters. Republicans are redefining and expanding on the idea that power corrupts.  

Conservative voters really have to start taking notice, and soon. jsonline:
Just weeks after being forced to retreat from wholesale reductions to Wisconsin's open records law, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos put his aides back to work on elements of the same controversial proposal, new documents show.

The records released Tuesday by the liberal Center on Media and Democracy in Madison showed that an aide to Vos requested a new legislative draft on July 23, seeking a bill to give the Legislature a different status on open records from other government bodies in Wisconsin.
Give Vos credit for creativity coming up with an idea that boggles the mind:
Under the proposal, lawmakers could change the open records rules applying to them with a public vote but without the necessity of a public hearing or approval of the governor. That's because going forward legislators would only have to change their own rules to change their open records requirements rather than change state law, which is currently the case.

Blame Obama Syndrome: GOP Gov's failure to treat their mentally ill/enforce gun laws on the books reason for rise in attacks on Police?

The current crop of infallible “almighty Republican governors” is now blaming President Obama for the highly publicized attacks on police officers. 

It’s not about better treatment for the mentally ill, an excuse they always give when kids in school or people in theaters are massacred. 

And it’s not about their great leadership enforcing the laws that have now made it easier anyone to get guns. 

It’s certainly not about showing Obama how their state doesn’t need him or the federal governments intrusive mandates. No, it’s all about Obama effecting a select number of GOP states!

It's also all about race baiting:  

Recent violence against law enforcement is President Barack Obama's problem, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday, blasting the president for failing to lead and uphold the rule of law.
"This is the president's problem, because he has not allowed law and order to be the rule of the day in the United States. Lawlessness has been the rule of the day. And now the president says little or nothing about these police officers that are being hunted."
So how has the other 3 GOP governors tough talk and leadership prevented the "killings of police officers in Illinois and Texas, and another shooting in Nevada?" 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Washington and Wisconsin corporate special interests drag out failed Doom & Gloom "end of the U.S. economy" Warnings about EPA rules.

It's a marvel to watch grown adults in the business community act like whiny victims of a "bully" government unfairly looking out for the health and welfare of the American public.  

Industry and big energy even have the balls to use the same half century old failed arguments against the EPA's new standards. The heck with saving lives and keeping our food supply plentiful. And isn't it about time we question their corporate patriotism every time they threaten to leave and relocate offshore, running from their responsibility to pay for infrastructure, an educated workforce and maintain a healthy work environment? Heck, even in conservative circles, they would be called freeloaders. 

On WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, Greg Neumann's guests offered up a comparison; Tyson Cook of Clean Wisconsin pitting history and science against whiny Washington corporate special interests who wouldn't look out of place yelling from a city street corner about the end of the world. Take special note of these obvious contradictions:
1. While corporate opponents of the EPA's new regulations claim they want sensible cost/benefit considerations, behind the scenes in Washington, they're very close to a Republican majority that will eliminate the EPA and regulatory oversight of our environment. Snakes.

2. While warning how manufacturing will move overseas or go out of business with the new EPA rules, WMC's Kurt Bauer bragged about a company relocating from Mexico to Wisconsin. Huh?

3. While both Bauer and Jay Timmons of the National Assoc. of Manufacturers appreciated our cleaner air and environment, they also still oppose the decades of EPA rules and regulations that gave it to us. 

4. When confronted with their past failed doom and gloom predictions, both Timmon's and Manley changed the subject.

5.There's No Technology? "The EEI study proved false because it ignored the innovation and savings that occur … The EPA found that the Clean Air Act 19 prompted the deployment of new technologies to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, which are ingredients in acid rain and smog."

A few details from a quick Google search:
When it comes to air-pollution reductions, coal and utility companies’ objections to government protections feel like “Groundhog Day” moments. Recently, these industries have again predicted that government pollution limits would result in skyrocketing electricity prices. Their past predictions of doom were wrong, and so are their current claims that the EPA’s first carbon-pollution cuts for power plants would be disastrous.

Over the past 40 years, experience has taught us that industry predictions of apocalyptic costs from pollution-control requirements do not occur. In the 1970s, electric utilities and other industries forecasted huge utility rate hikes from the new clean air law, but in 1982, the CBO concluded that the changes in cost were actually low.

…helped safeguard millions of people from smog, acid rain, and soot particles. These contaminants can lead to respiratory ailments, trigger asthma attacks, and even cause premature deaths. The recent hyperbolic rhetoric around EPA proposals to finally control carbon pollution from power plants is simply a repeat of past hysteria.

An EPA assessment found that there were “net, direct, monetized benefits ranging from 5.1 to 48.9 trillion dollars, with a central estimate of 21.7 trillion dollars, for the 1970 to 1990 period,” due to reductions in diseases, learning impairments, and premature deaths … lower electricity rates in 2009 than in 1990—in 2009 dollars—even after complete implementation of the acid rain provisions of the Clean Air Act. 

Here they go again: Coal and utilities predict huge rate hikes from carbon cuts … keep in mind that utility rates will rise regardless of whether or not the EPA limits carbon pollution from power plants because utilities must invest in revitalizing their electricity delivery infrastructure. The National Journal recently reported that “Your Utility Bill Is Going Up (and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It).”
In fact, back in 1972 one economist predicted the fossil fuel industry’s plan of attack:
At a Senate Public Works Committee Clean Air Act hearing in 1972, Robert J. Rauch warned that polluting companies’ strategy: “An industry confronted with environmental regulations commissions an “expert” study to show that the costs of complying with the regulations would be prohibitive. These cost estimates are then highly publicized and used to generate public demand that the standards be relaxed. Once publicized these cost estimates take on a life of their own—mere repetition assures their acceptance.

[EPA press release - November 29, 1990]: The deplorable state of the environment enabled EPA to successfully argue that cost was not an issue. "Pollution was egregious. It would have been difficult to spend dollars unwisely.” The Agency's strong stand led to strict enforcement of the Clean Air Act … refused to grant extensions requested by automobile manufacturers to meet hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide standards … forcing the adoption of the catalytic converter. Many efforts to trim EPA's authority--to kill requirements for tall stacks, to curtail efforts to prevent significant deterioration of air cleaner were beaten back.
I wonder how many Republicans would react to this outrageous attack on the energy industry by…Reagan:
President Reagan in 1983 … established task forces to deal with such issues as ground water, risk assessment, dioxin, and acid rain. Enforcement was reinvigorated. Civil penalties increased in number and size. And 2,000 new employees were hired. President Bush in 1989 … the Montreal Protocol agreed to a full phase-out of CFCs. Most uses of asbestos were banned. Enforcement figures have been the highest in the Agency's history. Wetlands protection was significantly strengthened. Polls continuously affirm popular support for environmental protection and a willingness to pay for it.

American Conservative declares "nothing 'happened' to Walker" he's "just a weak candidate."

I would normally write some kind of introduction to clearly setup my point, but none is needed. Thank you The American Conservative:
Walker’s decline isn’t really all that puzzling ... Once he started campaigning in earnest, the actual candidate did not compare well with the imagined version of Walker that so many of his fans had created from what little they knew about him from his tenure in Madison. He failed to live up to a version of himself that never existed, and the reality of Walker turned out not to be very interesting.

In other words, nothing “happened” to Walker. His weaknesses as a national candidate were there for all to see, but most Republicans preferred not to see them until Walker made them impossible to ignore. Many of his fans assumed that Walker’s poor grasp of foreign policy issues would be remedied over time, but instead he has just adopted the most hard-line positions he could find with no sign that he has thought seriously about any of them. It is often said that he has been hurt most by Trump’s presence in the race, but that is mostly because he has responded to Trump’s challenge in the most ham-fisted and clumsy way possible.  
 I also couldn't resist this quote:

Speak American!!!

This nagged at me all morning, so here's Sarah Palin's ground breaking idea to bring us all together: